Is Your Desk A Paper Graveyard?

My desk! Oh boy, it was a wild jungle made of paper. Mountains of receipts, rivers of notes, and maybe even a fossil of last week’s coffee somewhere under there. But today, I was armed with a giant trash bag and a whole lot of bravery. Time to tame the beast!

As I dug through the piles, papers flew like leaves in a storm. Old movie tickets, forgotten letters (oops!), even a drawing of my dog with three eyes (he only has two in real life, I promise!). But then, something shiny caught my eye. A dusty folder, hiding in the shadows like a forgotten friend.

Inside, wasn’t just junk. It was treasure! Important papers, like the magic ones that make you laugh when you pay taxes (okay, maybe not, but they were important!). Bills I was sure had run away forever, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. And guess what else? A crumpled note with a super wise saying: “Cleaning your mess frees your mind!”

Boom! Like a lightning bolt to my messy brain.

So, with my heart full of inspiration and my desk full of empty space, I decided to share this adventure with you all. This wasn’t just about conquering clutter, it was about finding freedom! Like clearing a path through the jungle, organizing your stuff can open up amazing things you never knew were hiding.

So, dear reader, next time your desk looks like a paper blizzard, remember my story. Grab a bag, channel your inner explorer, and dig for the hidden treasures! Who knows, you might find more than just old bills – you might find a clearer mind, a lighter heart, and maybe even a three-eyed dog drawing (but probably not, haha!).

Happy Cleaning, Happy Discovering!


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36 thoughts on “Is Your Desk A Paper Graveyard?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this experience! I am feeling encouraged to find all the hidden treasures in my desk – I can see myself reminiscing finding old ticket stubs, birthday cards from years ago, etc…

  2. My desk is absolutely a paper graveyard! It looks like you could actually hear the death cries of all the trees that died to make the mound of papers I have lying around. LOL

  3. I don’t have a desk but I have a roller cart thing. It does get quite cluttered and I think that I need to clean it soon.

  4. I’ve been avoiding the chaos on my desk, and reading about your paper jungle made me feel like I’m not alone in this struggle. The way you described finding hidden treasures among the clutter was so relatable – it’s amazing how much history accumulates on a desk!

  5. Beautiful Touches

    Sometimes I like to think of it as “organized chaos”, a lot of the time (even if it looks like random stacks) I can find exactly what I’m looking for it when I need it! I do love it though, when I re-sort my stacks or actually put use to my filing cabinets, when I find little treasures that slipped my mind!

  6. I don’t like clutter at all so I make sure my desk is always organized and clean. But the hubs can be messy so there’s that. LOL.

  7. I have a desk and since it’s after Christmas already, I need to get an inspiration on how to decorate it to inspire throughout the year.

  8. A paper graveyard is definitely at the top of my desk right now! I will definitely start to clean my desk! Thank you so much for sharing this! It was a great read!

  9. To answer your question, YES. It is a paper graveyard. I think it is a graveyard for more than just those- I once found 2 flies and 1 flower crushed to their deaths. I do not take full responsibility for that

  10. I try to keep my desk super clean since I think a clean mind comes from a clean space, but I admit this post made me get up and shuffle some things around to make sure it looks tidy! Good luck with your guitar playing (based on the book on your desk :))

  11. Your post about desks turning into paper graveyards hits close to home! The question you pose about whether our desks are organized chaos or a paper graveyard really got me thinking. It’s a daily struggle to maintain that delicate balance, isn’t it? Your practical tips on decluttering and organizing are super helpful. I’ll definitely be implementing some of them to rescue my desk from becoming a paper graveyard. Thanks for the inspiration and the friendly reminder to keep our workspaces in check! Here’s to a clutter-free and productive desk!

  12. My desk is NOT a paper graveyard. I can’t stand paper so I scan everything and shred it. My husband’s desk on the other hand…. yeah, it drives me crazy but it’s his space, not mine. At least he isn’t the one who keeps track of important paperwork!

  13. Do you write music? It looks like music compositions on your desk. I cleaned off my desk for our New Year’s party so that our guests could peek in the office if they wanted. It did feel good to get it sorted.

  14. Haha! I love you positivity and outlook on clutter. I def need to clean off my workspace and I love the idea of “discovering” things.

  15. I have the same thoughts about my ‘junk drawer’ as you have about your desk. I find little hidden treasures whenever I go to clean it out – usually I can’t part with the memories!

  16. My desk used to be like this before but now, I try to keep it clean as possible. Having tray organizers are a huge help though.

  17. We don’t have a former desk but use our big dining table. This week, my youngest son is obsessed with cutting paper, and my oldest one has remote learning due to a severe cold. I clean up the dining table every hour now! I hate cluttered tables and desks.

  18. Mine wasn’t necessarily a paper grave yard, but we had packets due and as students turned them in late, they started to get put in wrong piles. I sorted yesterday and it took a good 20 minutes to get them organized right. Now I can start grading. 🙂 No 3-eyed dogs in there, lol, or at least as far as I know. 🙂

  19. Oh, I thought you were going to discuss decluttering and going paperless. How beautiful that it’s really all about finding clarity!

  20. Ha, great post. I must confess it was pretty much, but I did work through the pile a bit the other day so have cut the amount of paper here dramatically. Fortunately there wasn’t too much to start with. It’s easy to let the papers pile up though.

  21. Hihi….no, it isn’t but my room is kind of a paper graveyard! I tend to hold onto so many paper documents that I don’t really need it.

  22. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    Interesting article about desk organization. It’s a topic many overlook, but your insights shed light on the importance. A well-organized workspace indeed contributes to efficiency and focus.

  23. I have been cleaning and purging quite a bit lately. It is nice to get rid of things and have less clutter. Otherwise I feel like I’m going crazy trying to find things all the time. It is a refreshing feeling!

  24. My daughter’s desk also looks like a creative tornado – she loves to write and draw and because of that papers, and drawings are everywhere like confetti on her study table. When I clean it, I find these precious little drawings and keep them as my treasure.

  25. My desk is absolutely a paper and gadget graveyard at the moment! But you’ve inspired my inner pioneer! I will make time this weekend to clean my desk, I know I will feel much better afterwards!

  26. Not only my desk, but my dining table, night stand, kid’s bed and almost every table in the house is a paper graveyard. Maybe this is what happens when there are 2 drs and 2 school going children in the house.

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