Jewelry Making: History and Sparkling Stories


Jewelry making, a timeless craft,
Where metals mold and gems engraft,
In delicate designs, where dreams take flight,
A world of elegance, sparkling bright.

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A Little Introduction:
Jewelry making, a labor of love,
Where hands create treasures from above,
In workshops small and studios grand,
Artisans craft beauty with skilled hand.

Jewelry making aims to adorn,
With pieces of beauty, from dusk till morn,
Each pendant, each ring, a story to tell,
Of love, of life, of where dreams dwell.

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Notable Artists:
Fabergé, with his eggs so grand,
Crafted jewels for royalty’s hand.
Tiffany & Co., with their iconic flair,
Created masterpieces beyond compare.

tiffanyco1_43997848552_o.jpg (1280×589)
Tiffany & Co boutique
images (225×225)
Faberge Egg

A Poem by Me:

In ancient times, so long ago,
Beads and shells, they used to show,
Adornments simple, but full of grace,
In jewelry making’s humble embrace.

indus-ornaments.jpg (800×562)
Ancient Indus Ornaments | Harappa

Then came the Egyptians, in 3000 BC,
With gold and gems, they crafted sleek,
Amulets and bracelets, for queens to wear,
Jewelry making’s beauty, beyond compare.

58a3cea485fb2.jpg (1140×760)
The History Of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry | Gem Rock Auctions

In medieval Europe, in the Renaissance’s bloom,
Goldsmiths labored, in dark and gloom,
Crafting intricate rings, with love’s design,
In jewelry making’s art, they found a sign.

Catalina_Micaela_Spain.jpg (525×599)
Renaissance Jewelry – Antique Jewelry University

The Victorian era, in the 19th century’s light,
Brought forth sentimental jewels, shining bright,
Lockets and charms, with secrets within,
In jewelry making’s tales, love did win.

victorian_hero_1280x458_cms.jpg (1280×458)
Victorian Jewelry

The roaring twenties, in flapper’s dance,
Art Deco jewelry, a bold romance,
With geometric shapes, and vibrant hues,
In jewelry making’s dance, dreams ensue.

lighter (500×500)
Art Deco Engagement Rings – Ken & Dana Design

Through every age, through every year,
Jewelry making’s magic, it does appear,
In beads and gold, in silver’s gleam,
A world of beauty, like in a dream.

So let us cherish, this craft so old,
In every necklace, every brooch we hold,
For in the heart of jewelry making’s art,
We find a treasure, close to our heart.

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das

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