Kinetic Art: Dynamic Delights



Kinetic art, a playful dance,
Where sculptures sway and colors prance,
In motion and rhythm, they delight,
A world of movement, ever bright.

A Little Introduction:
Kinetic art, a modern thrill,
Where sculptures move, at their own will,
In galleries grand and outdoor space,
Artists create, with boundless grace.

Kinetic art aims to surprise,
With forms that move, before our eyes,
Each piece a marvel, a sight to see,
In motion’s embrace, it finds its glee.

flat-design-spiral-circle-background_23-2150351288.jpg (996×664)

Notable Artists:
Alexander Calder, with mobiles so grand,
Crafted sculptures that danced on command.
Jean Tinguely, with his playful machines,
Created wonders, in motion’s scenes.

287_15123859106Dw6s.jpg (743×483)
Alexander Calder
Jean Tinguely and His Metamechanics

A Poem by me:
In the world of kinetic art, we find,
A symphony of movement, so kind.
With every spin, every twist we see,
Kinetic art whispers, come dance with me.

Through Calder’s mobiles, we feel,
The breeze of motion, so surreal.
In Tinguely’s machines, we find,
A whimsical world, in every grind.

So let us revel, in this art so fun,
In every sculpture, every run.
For in the heart of kinetic art’s embrace,
We find a joy, that never does race.

1.jpg (640×826)
Jean Tinguely: Machine Spectacle

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Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das

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