Most Common Bad Habits That Almost Everyone Has

A bad habit is a negative conduct pattern. Well, everyone has some or other habit which is not good, neither good nor bad. Here I will list out 5 most common bad habits, which almost everyone has.





1: Using “umm”, “uhh” and “like” often while speaking.


I have this habit, I often use ‘umm’ while speaking and yes this is a bad habit and many as per research have this issue. We psychologists call these words “disfluencies”. It is mostly used when we have trouble expressing ourselves. It is a characteristic response to go after one of these words in our stock when we’re deficient with regards to the correct expression.

The only solution to resolve it is, give careful consideration to your sentences, take one moment to recover your contemplations and afterward proceed with the right words.


2: Skipping out breakfast

I had this habit. I often used to skip breakfast. I knew that it was harmful to my body but still I could not get accustomed to it unless I fell very sick last September.

Now not only me but many have this issue. What we tend to forget is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To stop this habit you can do what exactly I did. You can set your alert a couple of minutes sooner to cut out some time for a snappy and nutritious breakfast like eggs and entire wheat toast, Greek yogurt or oats.


3: Playing with hairs

I do not play with hairs, but this habit I have seen in most of the girls. For a few, playing with hair is an apprehensive or on edge propensity that gives a wellspring of solace. For other people, it turns out to be a greater amount of rash conduct and emerges out of fatigue. Part deadlocks are really unfortunate for hair since it harms the strands and disallows hair from developing. Extraordinary compared to other approaches to bring an end to this propensity is to give your hands a diversion —, for example, a pressure ball or senseless putty — with the goal that you don’t want to naturally go after your hair.


4: Biting Nails

I do not have this habit and neither do I like it but obviously, nail-gnawing is anything but an unsafe propensity, yet it isn’t especially engaging either. What’s more, nobody needs to be 30-years of age and as yet chewing without end at his or her fingernails. For some unending biters, nail-gnawing can turn out to be relatively similar to a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-“neurotic groomers” — is the term used to depict individuals “for whom typical preparing practices, similar to skin picking or hair pulling, have turned out to be for all intents and purposes wild.” There are a few traps to get out from under this negative behavior pattern. For one, take a stab at keeping your nails short with the goal that gnawing loses its allure. There are additionally severe nail coatings that dissuade gnawing. You could likewise take a stab at wearing bandages or gloves to abstain from yielding to the propensity.


5: Avoiding eye contact

It might sound weird but I absolutely hate those, who avoid eye contact while talking. Yes, I know that at a certain point or another, we’ve all been liable of shying far from looking while at the same time having a discussion. For a few people, be that as it may, maintaining a strategic distance from eye to eye connection can turn into an awful propensity; without monitoring it, the non-verbal communication flags awful habits and a lack of engagement in the discussion. Moreover, looking away is regularly a pointer of uncertainty or nervousness. It might appear to be irrelevant, yet thinks about propose that individuals who look at others while talking are seen to be progressively amicable, affable, gifted, reliable and sure. Essentially being progressively aware of your non-verbal communication and attempting to keep your look amid discussion is the initial step to get out from under this propensity.







So what is your habit? And how do you plan to get rid of it?

Let me know in the comments and for any mental suggestion or help you can contact me anytime.


35 thoughts on “Most Common Bad Habits That Almost Everyone Has”

  1. Thanks for pointing these things out! We may not be knowledgable of these things until someone acknowledges them. Good points, I do have poor eye contact and that I have to really get myself the hang of doing! It just make things awkward among colleagues haha

  2. I learned at a young age to look people in the eye when speaking to them. It is hard when you don’t have confidence in your self or what you are saying to do it but sometimes you have to force yourself to just look them in the eye and say what’s on your mind.

  3. You nailed it with the first two habits. I am horrible when it comes to saying ‘like’. I always skip breakfast. You have reminded me that I need to work on these. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Guilty with Avoiding eye contact haha, I can’t explain why but its hard for me to looks for someone that will last 3 seconds.

  5. Because I’m not a morning person, I’m always tempted to skip breakfast but I’ve made more of a conscious effort to make it a part of my daily routine. I tend to gravitate towards smoothies most mornings or grab a protein bar if I don’t feel like busting out the blender.

  6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I am guilty of skipping breakfast. I rush into the day the minute I wake up in the morning. I try to get stuff done so I could have some relax time later in the day. It is usually at 2 pm that I remember I never sat down to have breakfast!

  7. Very true. Using filler words is a common problem for even very articulate people. It takes practice and mindfully focusing on it to stop the habit 🙂

    1. I’m guilty with all these.. Especially the umm uhb and like while talking.. It’s like grabbing what you’re about to say.

  8. I used to bite my nails a lot until I was probably around 25. I finally managed to get rid of this habit when I started painting my nails with shellac. I don’t think that skipping breakfast is a bad thing, I think it;s just a myth. I never eat breakfast and I am healthy and full of energy.

  9. I’m a nail biter. It comes and goes with stress, but right now their down to nubs. I’ve tried to get better about it over the years, but it’s a tough habit to break.

  10. hahaha I only have one …. but it’s not a bad habit. I feel so much better without breakfast. Actually I do eat breakfast, but around 6pm. Meaning of the word is breaking the fast…

  11. Very interesting topics to read on and knowing and correcting ourselves. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we harm ourselves.

  12. Wow..this post is really amazing..i totally agree with you..even though i have these bad habbits too..especially of skiping breakfast and biting nails when i am depressed..

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