Our First Meeting This Month – Jab We Booked (Bookclub Meet)

This was out first meeting of this month. Today at Third Wave Coffee our usual place was taken so we found another but it had a nice view. Today 4 of us were there Ankur, Bhavik, Nirav and Me. Rajeshwari, Meher, Dhwani, Vikram and Pritam couldn’t join due to work and other commitments.

Bhavik having return from his trip to Bangalore shared his experience with us and also, he got book Before Sunrise before Sunset by Richard Linklater. So, this story is about two people Jesse and Celine who meet each on a trip to Vienna, they spend good time together but never exchange number but decide to meet each other again. 9 years later Jesse, now a writer, sees Celine in a Paris bookstore. They don’t have much time, but they reconnect and remember the special connection they felt when they first met. The stories are romantic, touching, simple, and meaningful, and they are likely to become timeless classics. The story was interesting and dreamy.

Ankur got Elon Musk by Walter Issacson. The book was big, really big. It consists every thing right from Elon Musk’s past to present, all the failures, all the success’ he had been through. I am very sure it must be an interesting read.

Well, I tried to recall hard Walter Issacson’s name and when I came home and searched, I found a book that was gifted to me years back ‘The Code Breaker’ by him and it was the biography about Nobel Prize winning scientist Jennifer Doudna. But I never read it.

I got Ghost in the Dark Silence by Anita Krishnan, this is inspired by real incidents and had 4 stories which are bone chilling. Fun read though and will have a psychological effect on you.

Nirav didn’t get a book as he had been very busy but we saw his art work on for the book Gold and Shadow by Madeline Eliot. It was my first time meeting him and he is a very good artist I must say. His book cover art works is so beautiful and realistic.

Next, we are planning to do a Secret Santa among ourselves may be on 24th or on 25th, the date isn’t fixed yet but I am sure it would be fun. I am looking forward to meet everyone. As they are the only ones I socialise with.

It was a good meeting. Although I didn’t have any food for thought this week as I was eager to run back home as I had a work meeting but yeah, I am sure the Secret Santa is going to be eventful.

On my way back home, I was relistening to The Picture of Dorian Grey, you know my obsession about the book and again felt bad for Basil, and couldn’t stop wondering how much he loved Dorian. Not friendship-love; love-love I mean. Anyways, that’s a story of some other time.

In this gap of 3 weeks I’ve also read:
Agnes Grey (Its one of my old favourites and it was a re-read)
What Happened at Hawthorne House
Book of Fear;
Final Girls;
The Surgeon
The God of Endings

And on Spotify I am re-listening to:
Good Omens: Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
The Picture of Dorian Grey

30 thoughts on “Our First Meeting This Month – Jab We Booked (Bookclub Meet)”

  1. All of them sound like very interesting books. I plan over the holiday season to sit back and get some books. Maybe I’ll order a few of these. Thanks.

  2. I love this! My local town has a book meeting every month, and I keep meaning to check it out and maybe join (I am a wee bit nervous). This post makes me want to really go do it now.

  3. That cover art by Nirav sounds good. will be sure to check out more of his work on his instagram if that’s public.. and Anita Krishnan’s book sounds intriguing..

  4. I love Before Sunset book and movie, what a girly story! Also, The Picture of Dorian Gray is amazing. I wish I had more free time for reading. By the way, this weekend I’m going to join our monthly book club to discuss a new book. It will be Atomic Habits.

  5. All these books sound so interesting, but one that sticks out for me is Before sunrise Before sunset. I will be kicking back this holiday season with books that are added to my collection. Thanks for sharing

  6. I love how diverse the titles are for the book club meetups and that there’s something for everyone or sometimes a title you would’ve never otherwise considered if there wasn’t someone talking about it! I’d be most interested in reading the titles “Before Sunrise and Before Sunset” and “Gold and Shadow”.

  7. I love a good book club! It’s so cool you each bring a book to discuss. Every one I’ve been a part of reads one book a month – this is a fun twist on that. And so many fabulous reading suggestions!

  8. Sounds like your book club meetings are filled with intriguing tales and camaraderie! I’ve heard about ‘Before Sunrise before Sunset’ and your description makes me eager to add it to my reading list!

  9. Thank you for sharing all of these great book recommendations. We just started a book club a few weeks ago, so I will send this list to our members! Great variety!

  10. Looks like a great list of reads here and I love reading. I may have to join a reading club as this sound like something that I would enjoy 😉

  11. Williams Melanie

    Ooo sounds like you have a lovely little book club here. I’m actually going to try a few of your suggestions out x

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