Quilling Quest: Journeying through the World of Paper Artistry

Quilling, a delicate craft,
Where strips of paper, so fine and soft,
Are twirled and curled, with skilled hands,
A world of intricate beauty, where imagination expands.

 quilling-paper-flower-designs-isolated-on-white.jpg (612×408)

A Little Introduction:
Quilling, also known as paper filigree,
Where artists create, with patience and glee,
In this ancient art, with roots so old,
Paper becomes a canvas, a story to be told.

Quilling aims to adorn,
With coils and scrolls, so meticulously formed,
Each piece a masterpiece, so precise,
A testament to creativity’s endless guise.

1-abstract-quilling-suchita-babar.jpg (688×900)

Notable Artists:

Sena Runa: With a modern touch, Sena Runa’s quilled art is a sight to clutch. Her vibrant designs, so full of life, Bring joy and color, amidst the strife.

art-sena-runa-feature.jpg (1400×988)
Quilled Paper Creations by Sena Runa

Yulia Brodskaya: A master of paper, Yulia Brodskaya’s quilled works taper. With intricate details and graceful curves, Her artistry captures what one deserves.

24e386_216e21cf2af94381ad7e13c90c37485e.jpg (560×420)
PORTFOLIO | artyulia

Ann Martin: A pioneer in the field, Ann Martin’s quilled pieces yield. Her blog, “All Things Paper,” shares, Techniques and inspirations, with gentle airs.

All+Things+Paper+Header+2011+High+Quality+White+15+contrast+resized+600+250.JPG (600×250)

A Poem by Me
In the world of quilling, we find,
A symphony of shapes, so refined,
With every curl, every twist we see,
Quilling whispers, come and be free.

Through scrolls and spirals, we dive,
In colors vibrant, we come alive,
In every piece, every creation,
Quilling sparks our imagination.

So let us admire this art so grand,
In every coil, every strand,
For in the heart of quilling’s embrace,
We find a world of beauty and grace.

3d-rendering-spring-wallpaper_52683-110400.jpg (626×417)


This post is a part of Blogchatter A2Z challenge 2024

Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das

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