Renaissance Revelations: Exploring Artistic Awakening

In the time of Renaissance, when the world was waking up,
Artists painted and sculpted with a full cup,
They wanted to show the world around them,
In a new way, with colors bright and gems.

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A Little Introduction:
Renaissance was a time of great change,
From the 14th to the 17th century range,
Artists were curious, they wanted to learn,
And from their hearts, creativity did churn.

Renaissance art aimed to be real,
With people and nature, it wanted to deal,
They painted faces and landscapes so true,
Making art that felt fresh and new.

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Notable Artists:
Leonardo da Vinci was one such name,
He painted the Mona Lisa, a woman of fame,
With her mysterious smile and eyes so deep,
In every brushstroke, his secrets did seep.

Last-Supper-wall-painting-restoration-Leonardo-da-1999.jpg (1600×833)
Leonardo Da Vinci: The Last Supper

Michelangelo was a sculptor, strong and bold,
He carved David from marble, a sight to behold,
With muscles and veins, and a determined stare,
His art showed strength beyond compare.

Creación_de_Adán.jpg (4256×2843)
God’s creation of Adam by Michelangelo

And then there was Raphael, with his gentle touch,
His paintings of Madonnas meant so much,
With soft colors and faces so kind,
His art captured beauty, in every find.

Raphael_-_Madonna_in_the_Meadow_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg (6116×7832)
Madonna del Prato by Raphael

A Poem by Me:
In the world of Renaissance, we find,
Art that’s detailed, with a clear mind,
With every stroke, every line so clear,
Renaissance whispers, come closer, my dear.

Through da Vinci’s paintings, we explore,
In Michelangelo’s sculptures, we want more,
In Raphael’s works, we find,
A world of beauty, for all mankind.

So let’s journey through this time so grand,
In every painting, every hand,
For in the heart of Renaissance’s embrace,
We find a world of beauty and grace.


This post is a part of Blogchatter A2Z challenge 2024

Featured Image Courtesy: Mili Das

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