Skin Care During Quarantine

Who thought that this pandemic is going to change everyone’s life? The pandemic has not only changed our daily life routines but also our skin care and self-care routine. Just because we are stuck in home under lockdown does not mean that we will forget to take care of our skin. Today we have some time tips here about how to take care of skin when you are quarantined.




Getting Enough Rest is vital for Skin Care

By getting enough rest here I mean is getting enough sleep. We all know sleeping is good for health. Good skin care consists of good sleep too. Sleeping can help to heal your skin in a way which no skin treatment can do. Sleeping works like a repair process for the skin as said by Patricia Wexler, MD, a dermatologist in New York.


Drink Plenty of Water

Diane von Furstenberg in her Book of Beauty wrote: “You cannot have a healthy body without drinking a great deal of water. But remember, you can’t just drink a glass of water and tell a glass of water to please go straight to your skin and moisturize your complexion. Water has to be there all the time, doing what it does naturally in a healthy body.” This is no more a myth that drinking water is a bliss for skin. Water helps in your skincare in many ways. It hydrates your skin, it flushes out toxins for your system, leaves your skin glowing and reduces the acnes.


Eat Healthy Food

Now that you are stuck at home try to have home cooked meals. Healthy food always helps in good skin care. Foods like carrots, apricots, and other yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, fatty fish etc. are good not only for health or to keep illness away but also it benefits your skin.


Use Sheet masks for your face

Skin care is always important and sheet masks are kind of health resort for your face because it hydrates and heals your skin by bringing back its natural glow. Now during pandemic if you can’t but a sheet mask then you can make it at home. has perfect and simple tips on how to make a DIY sheet mask at home.


Don’t stop moisturizing your skin

Now that you are all indoors and you don’t have to go out does not mean that your skin is safe. Even if you are in an air conditioned room your skin is not safe because your skin is exposed to dry air. And even if you have windows with glass shield still your skin is exposed to sun’s UV rays. Apart from that there is also Blue light waves that comes from electronic devices which harm your skin in many ways. So for a good skin care moisturizing is always important, doesn’t matter you are home or out of home as it reduces skin problems.


Don’t give up on your skin care routine

Now just because you isolated at home does not mean that your skin is all safe and you will skip your skin care routine. Skin care routine is very important because it helps your skin to looks it best. If you want your can try experimenting with your skin care routine as well and get to know if it suits your skin or not.




133 thoughts on “Skin Care During Quarantine”

  1. I so agree with having skin care and self care, in general, during quarantine. I am so comfortable in my own home that I sometimes forget to think about skin care since I rarely go out. And yes, I definitely need some more beauty rest.

  2. Just because we are not exposed to pollutants and other dirts because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean we should not care less of our hygiene. I think following these tips will go a long way in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.

  3. Just because we are not exposed to pollutants and other dirt because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean we should care less of our hygiene. I think the best tips are rest and eating healthy food.

  4. Moni, some great tips and I need to drink more water as this is very good thing too for body to stay healthy. Beauty tips I was looking at K-Beauty to try it as its very trendy at the moment

  5. This is the best time to be conscious of our health and minding our skin is one of them. With all the negativity in the world, we should always have that positive attitude.

    1. Very good tips. My skin is acne prone so I have to be extra careful what products I use. I try to drink as much water as I can during the day and eat healthy. But in summer because of the heat and sweat my skin suffers.

  6. I’ve been really trying to focus on taking care of my skin lately. I have the water part down but my kids never let me sleep and I we’ve been eating so bad lately. I’ll need to listen to what your saying if I’m ever going to get my skin in check!

  7. The getting more rest and drinking more water points are so hard for me! I do watch what I eat and generally take good care of my skin otherwise. Now if I could get better at those two things.

  8. These are awesome tips. As someone who suffers from lupus, the stress of the past few months has really taken a toll on me physically and mentally. This has shown on my skin as well. I will definitely take these tips into account. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Melissa Cushing

    I happen to be a huge advocate of sleep being a huge part of your beauty and wellness routine as your body repairs and does amazing things to itself while you are sleeping plus add to that lots of healthy foods and lots of water and you are doing all of the required steps needed to ensure your best you! Love this and appreciate your sharing… if I do not get 7 or 8 hours of sleep I can feel it all day long.

  10. It is true that many of us have stopped our daily skin care routine because of the pandemic. It’s different when you stay the entire day at home compared with when you go out every day.

  11. I admit that lockdown or not I am a person who cares a lot about skincare, I have learned it in recent years. I pay attention to him, I work on it and I admit that with my Beauty Coach course I try to make my clients learn its importance by creating a personalized routine for them.

  12. do agree with you self care is the most important part over all…glad you shared this with us..great work though..healthy food and proper rest are the most essential part of self care..

  13. The self care routine shows how much you are really caring for Yourself in general. Thank you for your post, it’s always welcomed as a good reminder

  14. My skin has been fluctuating from glowing and flawless to a total wreck over the quarantine (likely because of the stress). I’m going to try and adjust to your suggestions… hopefully my skin clears up!

  15. Waren Jean Go

    You are right. Water hydration and eating skin friendly food is the best skin care. This is also what I have been doing during quarantine.

  16. I have only recently started taking care of my skin! Good thing my mamma blessed me some good genes, or else I would have been seriously behind the 8 ball at 52!!!!

  17. Don’t forget physical activities like sports or just cleaning the house, at least it helps to tighten the skin.

  18. I’ve personally not taken care of my skin in normal days , due to lock down seeing my mom and sister I’ve been concern about my skin soo much , reading this will help too Thank you

  19. These are great tips. I drink a lot of water every day. I’ve been experiencing skin issues since February, but I think mine is hormonal. The good thing about having to wear a mask when I go out if that I can easily hide breakouts while I try to get my skin straightened.

  20. Exercise, drinking plenty of water and having enough sleep are my absolute favorite addition to my skin care routine. We all need to take proper care of ourselves, in all areas.

  21. Skin care is important for me, one of the things I am grateful for during the (thankfully passed for me) lockdown is skin care importance felt through and through for me

  22. Having a good skin care is so important. These are some awesome tips and I would love to follow some of these. I am struggling a bit with a routine but hopefully I can get on to it soon.

  23. My biggest issue is always getting enough sleep. Since I started working from home during lockdown it has also been drinking enough water, because I tend to remember only when I get a headache.

  24. You are giving us a great and helpful tips. Drinking plenty of water and getting enough of sleep are necessary, and I think not wearing a makeup during this lockdown really helps a lot.

  25. Yes, Skin care is important in this quarantine. Eating healthy food and good sleep helps a lot. One should not avoid skin care and also follow all the tips which you mentioned above. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I must admit that since the lock down began, I have not paid much attention to my facial skin care. I just make sure I wash my face with soap and water, then use a night time moisturizer and that’s it. I should get back to my usual routine! Thank you for the reminder.

  27. My skin is terrible right now due to all the stress of kids at home, and I know I dont drink enough water. Thanks for the reminder!

  28. Bright snow Loveland

    Great Post. Drinking water is a great problem I used to face, but after my surgery I turn up drinking enough water and I can truly see the importance of drinking water. Thanks.

  29. I’m definitely not giving up on my skincare routine. It’s my one self-care thing I do for myself every day. Great list of ideas! I need to incorporate more orange foods into my diet though, so I’ll work on that ; )

  30. I feel like that’s one of the few things going well during lockdown LOL! I have not worn any make in months and have had more time to invest in my skin care routine which is nice and my skin is so clear!

  31. Yes girl, you have got to take care of your skin!! Drinking lots of water is so incredibly important for you skin, I notice a huge difference in my skin when I haven’t been good about staying hydrated!

  32. All these points are so true to get a healthy looking skin. Healthy diet and water intake is definitely a good habit.

  33. I think everyone has had issues with their skin during this time. Mostly due to their eating and drinking habits. It’s important to know that good nutrition makes great skin!

  34. You are looking beautiful as always. And yes, you cannot give up on your skin during this time. All of these things seem like good ways to make sure you take care of it. I think the hardest part has had to deal with the mask-wearing and how that seems to be affecting the skin in some interesting ways on the face.

  35. I keep forgetting to care for my skin especially this busy days… we moved house and I have an infant , all attention to them that I didn’t have the chance to take care of myself . Glad to bump into your site that reminded me to take care of My skin and myself .

  36. Skin care is a really good thing to pay attention to this quarantine!
    You’re either alone or with company, but skin care is still definitely a must!

  37. Totally agree with you and this is the best time to make our skin healthy and beautiful. Earlier I used to ignore my skin but with time I have realized that our skin also needs pampering.

  38. I’ve honestly been super slack with my skin care during quarantine, and today it’s REALLY noticeable! My work closed down three weeks ago so I’ve been putting barely any care into my appearance, so I stopped doing face masks and scrubs, and it’s not fair to my skin. Clearly, stumbling across your post is a sign that I need to look after my skin more, so I should start my routine back up, because my skin deserves it!

  39. My skincare routine was one of the things I managed to improve during lockdown. Cleansing, toning and using SPF really helped to improve my skin.

  40. I have totally upped my water intake during this time but as for rest, these kids wouldn’t let me have any and let’s just ignore the fact that my food hasn’t been the healthiest but I am going to be changing that.

  41. One of the things I’ve also been doing for my skin care is smearing fresh aloe vera all over my face. Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure it helps to rid the face of acne. It leaves my skin feeling supple! I’ve been neglecting sleep though lol

  42. I love, love, LOVE this post! So many posts like this talk about the right cream to use or the right serum. I love it when people remind us that diet, hydration, and sleep are the foundation of great skin.

  43. This is something I needed to read! My skin is horrible during this time. Mainly, because of my lack of sleep. Hopefully, my skin will return to normal.

  44. We always have to take care of our skin! This is also a good reminder for myself because I’ve been sleeping less during this quarantine. Thank you for sharing your routine.

  45. All these tips are so important to have a healthy skin and they are so easy to follow. I should really make it a habit to sleep properly as well as drink water.

  46. The Digital Vixen

    haha… i had t return to read your pointers again…. as always though, the body always reflect what you fuel it with so good clean eating and plenty of water is Key.

  47. blair villanueva

    The best thing that happened to me this quarantine period is that I got so much time to take care of my skin than ever before. Plus I eat healthily, more fruits and vegetables, and lots of water. Got so much sleep too and I love it.

  48. The pandemic has definitely forced people to learn to embrace and enjoy their own company and space… at least those folks who couldn’t do it before. My self-care, skincare routine hasn’t changed much because I have maintained a healthy, balanced lifestyle for years. That said, I am looking forward to seeing the end to the pandemic and that a cure/vaccine would be found.

  49. blair villanueva

    When I hit 25, I started investing to taking care of my skin, and now I am enjoying the fruit of my labor. Still will continue to do so, and help to slow down the aging process. All you’ve recommendations help so much.

  50. Great tips! Water and moisturizer are saving graces for our skin! Especially now! Saving your tips to improve my own routine.

  51. blair villanueva

    Having a good amount of sleeping hours helps to keep our skin healthy and stress-free. And drinking lots of water and staying away from artificial sweets.

  52. blair villanueva

    Yes for drinking loads of water and eating healthy foods. Also now that we are in quarantine, we avoid those smoke and dust from outside which are bad for our skin.


    I continued my normal skincare routine over lockdown. It sounds like you are looking after your skin well which helps keep it healthy and happy.

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