This is one of my favorite horror myths. In the early 20th century, a young woman named Martha started college at the Woman’s College of Alabama, complying with her fathers’ will. Martha’s favorite color was red, and she decorated every surface of her dorm room in Pratt Hall in the crimson shade. Because she didn’t make friends easily, Martha lived alone on campus, and she was very unhappy. She retreated to her room, living in isolation, and only left her bed in the middle of the night. One evening, after failing to attend classes and dinner, Martha was found lying on the floor in her room, dead. To this day, generations of Huntingdon students have claimed to have witnessed Martha’s ghost – the Red Lady – roaming around the halls at night, emitting a strange, red glow.


Picture: Wikimedia


I know this is short but next time I will be back with short horror stories. As for now, I would love to know your thoughts on this.

So, see you soon again. Till then, Stay Blessed, Take Care


  1. I’ve read about different kinds of ghost story, never encountered this one. Well, here in my country, these kind of stories are actually real.

    1. I am a fan of ghost stories. I find it mysterious and interesting. Maybe it is so because in our culture we believe they are real. Cool post!!

  2. It was an interesting but scary campus story. If I am one of the students living in that campus I would never allow myself to be alone when I am going outside of my room. LOL!

  3. I’ve heard so many stories like this, especially about colleges that are found in New England states. I’ve often heard that many of the universities and colleges were built where psychiatric hospitals used to be. This story is especially creepy!

  4. Alexandra Cook

    I love reading ghost story. and this seems to be really scary. This is my first time to read this.

  5. This sounds really mysterious. Never heard of this story and it is always inetersed for me to hear such a mystery.

  6. Erik the Hungry Traveller

    I would love to read more! I love me a good horror story. I wanted to know how she died. Looking forward for more of your posts.

  7. She lived a sad life..If students are still seeing her – maybe she just need 1 friend in her life so she could rest forever..

  8. I found this to be such a sad story more than horror, except that I will have to look into what some of the sightings were like. I had not heard of this one before though. Thank you for sharing!

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