7 Apps to Relieve Anxiety and Find Inner Calm



In today’s fast-paced world, anxiety has become a common experience for many of us. The good news is that technology can also provide us with tools to find solace and regain inner calm. In this blog post, we will explore seven remarkable apps that can help you manage anxiety and stress, and the best part is that they are available for both Android and iPhone users. So, let’s dive right in!


1. Calm (Android, iPhone):
Calm is a highly popular meditation and relaxation app that offers a wide range of soothing features. It provides guided meditations, relaxing sleep stories, breathing exercises, and calming music to help you unwind and reduce anxiety. With its serene interface and personalized options, Calm can become your ultimate relaxation companion.

2. Headspace (Android, iPhone):
Headspace is a user-friendly app designed to introduce meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine. It offers guided meditation sessions, mindfulness exercises, sleep sounds, and mini-meditations for quick relaxation breaks. Headspace’s colorful animations and simple instructions make it suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

3. Pacifica (IPhone):
Pacifica is an all-in-one app that focuses on managing stress, anxiety, and depression. It combines cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, mood tracking, relaxation exercises, and supportive communities to help you build resilience and find emotional balance. Pacifica’s beautiful design and comprehensive features make it a valuable tool in your anxiety-relief arsenal.

4. MindDoc (Android, iPhone):
Moodpath is a mental health companion that allows you to track your mood and emotions over time. This app employs clinically validated questionnaires to assess your mental well-being and provides detailed insights and recommendations based on your responses. Moodpath’s goal is to help you understand your emotions better and find effective strategies to cope with anxiety.

5. Sanvello (Android, iPhone):
Sanvello is an inclusive mental health app that aims to provide support and guidance for anxiety, stress, and depression. It offers various self-help tools, such as guided meditations, cognitive-behavioral exercises, mood tracking, and peer support groups. Sanvello’s holistic approach empowers you to take charge of your mental well-being and work towards a happier, calmer life.

6. Happify (Android, iPhone):
Happify is a unique app that combines science-based techniques and fun activities to boost happiness and reduce stress. It offers engaging games, gratitude prompts, mindfulness exercises, and positive psychology activities to rewire your brain for positivity. Happify’s vibrant visuals and evidence-based approach make it a delightful choice for tackling anxiety and fostering emotional resilience.

7. Breathing Zone (Android, iPhone):
Breathing Zone is a simple yet powerful app that focuses on the therapeutic benefits of deep breathing. It guides you through breathing exercises to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve focus. With customizable settings and intuitive visual cues, Breathing Zone helps you achieve a state of calmness whenever and wherever you need it.



In the digital age, we are fortunate to have access to a multitude of apps that can aid in alleviating anxiety and stress. Whether you prefer meditation, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, or a combination of strategies, there is an app out there to support your well-being. Give these seven apps a try and discover the one that resonates with you the most. Embrace the power of technology as a tool for relaxation and embark on a journey towards a more tranquil and anxiety-free life.


(Note: Please click on the app names to download them from the respective app stores: Calm, Headspace, Pacifica, Moodpath, Sanvello, Happify, Breathing Zone.)

77 thoughts on “7 Apps to Relieve Anxiety and Find Inner Calm”

    1. Amidst the life’s rat race we badly need these apps which help up get through the stress and pressure to keep up with the competency. Thanks for sharing. I am downloading calm right away

  1. Now, these apps are very timely and essential to one’s being! Definitely a big help to any person to help relieve anxiety and find inner calm! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. I have to say, Calm sounds like an amazing app for anyone looking to unwind and reduce anxiety. The variety of features it offers, from guided meditations to calming music, really seems to cater to all different relaxation preferences. And the fact that it has a personalized interface just makes it that much more appealing. It’s great to see technology being used to help people find peace and calm in their daily lives.

  3. Oh I should download a few of these and try them with my son who gets anxiety. I think it could be a great help for him, especially if I load it onto his iPad.

  4. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for these. I have been feeling stressed for many different reasons so I am hoping these apps can help.

  5. These are apps that I need to check out. My anxiety has been hard to handle the last couple of months.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking for apps or podcasts that will help me sleep or just make me stop and relax for a while. I will definitely give some of these apps a go.

  7. I get anxiety out of the blue on occasion. I’ll have to remember to try these apps next time I have a panic attack. I usually have to shower, get a snack, or get up and move around. But sometimes those tricks don’t help.

  8. Nice list. But these apps can be used only if there is no other help available at the moment. I would personally always go first with some proven ways for calming like positive thoughts, gratitude, prayer, nature, exercise…

  9. I have used Headspace till now, but haven’t heard of others. I am sure this will help me. Will try and let you know…

  10. Breathing Zone has helped me through so many anxiety attacks. That or simply watching breathing videos on you tube – like hold your breath until the circles close etc.

  11. Marie Cris Angeles

    Never heard about all these apps. But seems like this was great and helpful to us. I will check this out later.

  12. I’ve heard so much about headspace. These apps sound really great and are honestly worth the subscription I think. Even the free limited exercises they offer have helped me.

  13. Rhian Scammell

    I’ve started putting time limits on certain apps (mainly social media) to stop me from spending more time on my phone than I should as it’s so easy to get distracted. These sound like great apps for those who need them, I do some meditation through my fitness app which I love for relaxing x

  14. Richelle Milar

    These are all really great and very helpful apps that I need to check out! These apps are worth installing

  15. I like the apps that offer exercises in gratitude. I think a huge part of anxiety is looking at the problems we’re facing and letting them overwhelm us. When we focus on the good things we have to be grateful for, those same problems aren’t so overwhelming anymore!

  16. What a great list of apps! My bestie uses Happify app and often praises about it. Now I know the real reason . I’ll definitely download one for me and my husband and use it right away to calm our mind and release stress. Thanks for the compilation ❤️.

  17. Wow, that’s amazing! It’s one of the most interesting topics I’ve ever heard about! The information you provided is beneficial. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  18. The selection of apps you provided, with your personal insights, is inspiring me to explore them and incorporate them into my daily routine. Thanks for sharing these valuable resources!

  19. I didn’t know all of these existed. I’ve only heard of Calm and Headspace. I really like how Pacifica sounds. My daughter could use that one.

  20. Jupiter Hadley

    I had no idea there were apps out there that help you stay calmer! Thank you for this list – it’s very helpful.

  21. Melissa Cushing

    Sio many great app options here for anyone that needs them! Technology can be a good thing too…and the convenience of apps for doctors visits and therapy sessions…….like this list of apps provide are pretty amazing!

  22. Catherine Shane Nava Cabuhat

    These are awesome apps! I’m not aware that these apps exist literally! Thank you for sharing it!

  23. I think the best thing about having apps like these is that they’re with you anywhere you have your phone. So if you have a panic attack on the bus or at work or whatever, help is close at hand.

  24. Wow! I had no idea that there are so many apps like this available already. I could definitely use one and will start with Happify since it has quite the variety of games, prompts and other fun activities.

  25. Jennifer L Prince

    I’m so glad that there are apps to help! I totally need to download the breathing one. I’ve learned to work on breath by doing yoga, so that one would be especially helpful to me!

  26. These are some good and helpful apps. I didn’t know about them. I will have to download one of these.

  27. Marie Gizelle

    Thank you for listing this. I will try some to calm myself…I always wake up in the middle of the night – I take some melatonin but I think these apps would help more.

  28. Post the pandemic cases of anxiety have increased many folds. just today I was recommending the App Calm to a young patient. I have found it helpful myself. Thanks for sharing about more such apps that can help in inner healing and peace.

  29. Great list. among all these, I have used calm and headspace and had a great experience with it. I want to add boho beautiful to this list. I am not sure they have app or not but their youtube channel is a great source for practicing mindfulness and calming meditation.

  30. I so loved your choice of topic Moni. I am into meditation and mindfulness for over a decade and when I started they were these honest guys guided meditation videos on youtube with which I devised my own ways, now I am so enticed to try these apps.

  31. Incorporating technology into our self-care routines can be a powerful tool, and these recommendations provide a range of options to suit different needs. Would like to check out Headspace.

  32. Thanks for sharing about these apps. On one hand the advancement in technology and use of internet and social media is becoming the major reason for stress and anxiety while on the other hand the same technology is helping us fight them too.

  33. I used to think how an app help in improving mental health but after meeting one of my friend who was dealing with chronic pain and could recover by using an app, I actually started believing in them. Thanks for sharing such an exhaustive list.

  34. I’ve never tried using an app for anxiety before. I think this would be something my friend could really benefit from as she is going through a messy divorce. I’m sure she will find these suggestions very helpful and try one to see if it can help her.

  35. These are some great apps and to be honest I really need to download a few for myself. I think I’m going to download the calm app first..

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