Affection is Important in Every Relationship

“You know, in any relationship, affection is very important,” Sienna said to Vinit as she continued cleaning the Victorian vase.

Vinit didn’t respond as he continued playing his video game. 

They had been married for six years, but it had been a loveless one right from the beginning. She was the one who worked and took care of household affairs, and all Vinit did was play video games and stay out with his friends until the wee hours. 

Suddenly, something hit his head, and he fell forward. Sienna stood behind the vase, which now had a blood stain on it. 

In her other hand, she held the proof of his years of infidelity.

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14 thoughts on “Affection is Important in Every Relationship”

  1. Why she hit him with the vase? What exactly is the moral of this short story or you can say inner meaning of it?
    Kindly elaborate with few more lines in the story.

  2. OMG! How do you come up with these gory tales 🙂 Gave me goosebumps just reading it. I actually imagined it happening like a reel in front of my eyes.You are too good at these nano tales.

  3. I read it twice. She took 6 years for this decision. The same way we woman continued our. Marriage for no reason..But I really shocked when the vase is satin with blood. Want to read the whole story. Please publish it.

  4. hmm…I was so ready to comment how true it was that affection AND RESPECT is very much needed to keep the love burning in every relationship…until I read till the end of the blog that this isn’t your typical article about relationship rather a short tale of a sad relationship.

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