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This is a guest post by a creative entrepreneur Jael Perkins. She is currently based in Minnesota. She is also a fashion and cosmetology student. She has been blogging since 2014 and has successfully worked with over 40 brands.


Jael Perkins


Want to do something special for your lady this season? Change up your style. In this post I am going to share some styling tips that will be sure to impress your woman. 

Casual: When you’re planning a casual look it is best to keep it simple. A button down shirt and a pair of jeans can never do you wrong. T-shirts are acceptable if paired with either boots or some sort of outerwear. 


Jamie Dornan in Casual clothes. Image courtesy: Google



Formal: A formal look doesn’t have to be the norm (tuxedo). You can always spice up your look by wearing a button down shirt and dress pants. A light but fancy outerwear is sure to make you stand out. I especially love when guys risk it all and wear colors that are considered feminine like pink, red, orange and so on. Those colors make you stand out because it’s not very common to see a guy wearing them. Accessories also play a very big role in the look being complete. Wristwatch, chain, necklace or even rings add a little bit of jazz to the look.





Fragrances: A nice scent is an attention grabber, not only does it secure the attention of the lady you’re trying to talk to but it makes others feel like you’re important. Researchers in Europe published a study about personality and individual differences of journal about men and women’s mate selection factor and scents were top of the list.



Well fitted jeans: Jeans are timeless clothing items. Any guy regardless of age or body type needs a good pair in his closet. The versatility of jeans is what makes it very important. It has the power to dress up or dress down a look and can take you many places.  


Shahrukh Khan.
Image courtesy: Google



Stylish footwear: I have always said that shoes are the window to your style. Based on your shoes women can interpret a number of things before you even start talking. Flimsy shoes make you look cheap, worn out shoes seems like you don’t care about yourself but stylish Oxfords, Monk Straps and Italian leather shows that you’ve got a good taste. And they are worth investing in.





V-neck sweaters: V-neck sweater has an edge over crew neck because of the versatility. You can wear a plain white V-neck and it doesn’t resemble an undershirt. The shape makes your cheekbones appear wider than your jawline, which gives you an athletic look and stronger appeal.


Shahrukh Khan.
Image courtesy: Google





Last but not least, confidence. You can wear the fanciest of clothes and have all the money but a woman will always know when you are insecure. Accept who you truly are and understand that no matter how you present yourself you’re still the best. Own your look, own your style and own who you are and everything else will fall in place.



My Point of View

Though I like men in formals because they are absolute turn ons, but still, I liked whatever Jael suggested. Confidence for sure makes a man perfect. For more on fashion, you can check out Jael’s blog Simply Jaelicious. 

So what are your thoughts on Ms Perkin’s suggestion let me know in the comment below.

See you soon again. Till then take care.

118 thoughts on “Clothes Men Can Wear To Impress Ladies”

  1. Great post and very informative as well. Love every outfit / dress feature on this post, all looks very good and stunning clothes for men.

  2. Very true. I love well fitted jeans with a button down shirt – it’s that whole ‘I didn’t try that hard – but can look good’ look that works so well for most men. Especially when teamed up with something a bit unusual in the boot or shoe department.

  3. Confidence is #1 for me; it draws me in and clean attire keeps me. I am not a huge fan of the deep v neck tops but a small one or t-shirt style that complements the arms are a favorite

  4. Thanks for sharing these outfits. I never know what to buy for my husband. I know my husband likes to dress to impress!

  5. Can we just talk about the fit of the sweater on Shahrukh Khan. Fit is so damn important…so regardless of what a man wears, he needs a good tailor to make it fit right.

  6. Those are some nice pieces. It’s good to have a variety of items in your wardrobe. I think a natural look is the most impressive, like you aren’t trying too hard.

  7. As any options to wear it is base you have to start working from. The ideas are nice but I wish there was a little more creativity in it. V-neck is perfect on men

  8. It’s true. The dress is a monk. As far as we say it’s not true, let’s leave a person’s clothing to influence what we think of him or her. We take men. When I see them compressed in tight-fitting suits or with the moccasin without stockings already crooked the nose xD

  9. Good selection of clothes and yes scent or smell is very important and as you said and confidence is truly the best thing that men can wear, I agree with that. I liked the fact that along with the guest post you added your own point of view that in what clothes you like your men. Many men I guess are going to notice it, young lady.

  10. I love button down shirts! I like how you offer a variety of options to best suit someone’s personal level of comfort in being dressed up and that included pictures of what a put together casual look can be!

  11. Sudipta Dev Chakraborti

    I am not a Shah Rukh Khan fan, but do admire his confidence and sartorial elegance. The article was made reading.

  12. My husband is completely in to fashion. When he gets dressed up it’s hard for me to stand next to him because I’m more of a sweatpants and hoodie girl. I have to say he’s obsessed with really good quality shoes.

  13. Ohhhhh my goodness, thank you for these photos, I mean this post… who am I kidding, the photos haha!! Seriously though, a well dressed man can be hard to find, I definitely realize I often underappreicate my hubby and his sense of style!! Love him!!!

  14. I don’t really care about clothes, honestly. I mean, I don’t want him wearing a wife beater and such, but my husband mostly wears t-shirts with funny sayings on it, which amuses me!

  15. Rachael Eberhardt

    Yes, you were so right, whatever you wear, as long as you are confident about the way you look. Every thing else will follow.

  16. Such good tips, but like you said it doesn’t mean anything unless you are confident in yourself, clothes make the person but confidence makes you the center of attention, although I might just give a few of these tips a try. thank youuuu

  17. I love these suggestions. My preference is for a man to smell good, wear nice shoes and the outfit can be Jean’s and a button down or Jean’s and a sweater or jacket

  18. Oh i will definitely love that casual look of Jamie for my man. This outfit will never get out of style. Simple yet classy.

  19. Confidence (not arrogance) is very sexy. It seems like most men tend to dress casually, so I don’t really mind it. There’s nothing hotter than jeans and a white t-shirt. I do prefer well-fitted jeans to baggy jeans.

    1. Blair villanueva

      My boyfriend prefers cardigan and jeans for a smart casual looks and he looks so posh. I guess many French people knows how to dress well.

  20. This is a great post… I need to pass it on to my hubby for sure 🙂 I love when my hubby wears nice jeans with a button down! it makes him look so strong and confident!

  21. Well fitted jeans and confidence is a must 😛 I like when my husband wear casual clothes and when he changes it for suits etc for some occasions

  22. Blair villanueva

    I like Jamie Dorman style. A simple casual wear but not baggy and loose is good for men. No ripped jeans please.

  23. In all seriousness and honesty, I don’t think I’d ever date a man who was willing to wear a V-neck sweater. That would be a classic, “No.” The other picks I probably would let slide.

  24. Love this blog post and how you picked out clothing items for men to wear that we would like. I’m not sure about the V-neck sweater, but everything else was spot on!

  25. This is such a nice post! I love the first one very much. I love the casual looking dressing for men than formal. SRK outfits are very nice.

  26. This post is so refreshing! I often see fashion posts for women however i think this is the first i have seen for men. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Oooo, I love a man in a suit. I work in a law office, so I’m in heaven 24/7! You also can’t go wrong with a well-paired shirt and jeans/tailored pants though. It is ALL about the fit!

    xo, Victoria

  28. When I first met my husband he was just wearing a plain black tshirt and jeans with a hat worn backward. That definitely impressed me. As our relationship went on, I got to see him dressed up and dressed casually. My favorite way to see my husband dress up is in a suit and tie. Of course, he doesn’t wear that every day, but when he does for dates or special occasions, it definitely blows me away.

  29. blair villanueva

    I like men who know his personal style however, men wearing super baggy and low-rise jeans, and wearing very low V-neck top[ is a no-no for me. Simplicity is good.

  30. style advice for men is always useful to find new inspiration for what to wear for all occassions. I look at Celebrity trends too for inspiration now and then as a reference point

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