Things to do before you turn 26

First of all, wish you all a very lovely Happy New Year, may all your dreams come true this year. Here goes my gift for everyone.

Please don’t laugh at the music.

My last 3 years have not been good but 2018 ended on a good note so I guess 2019 should go well but I am panicked too because I am getting one year older. I mean this year in May I will turn 26 years old, and I am afraid of that. I guess I am not yet ready to feel old. However, I have prepared this list of things you should do before turning 26.

Buy Dinner for Your Parents

I know you can do it after 25 too, but within 25 hopefully, you start working and taking them out will make them feel good. I do not have parents. I could never do it for my mother, but for dad I did it.

Party During the Whole Weekend

It sounds crazy, but it feels good because with time responsibilities in life increases. Doing an “all weekender” can be more difficult as you get old.

Start Saving for Your Retirement

It may seem a long way off still, but not a bad deal. your retired you will thank you. 😉

Go for an Impulse Buy

You may not use it but it can be a reward to yourself. Sometimes a little bit of craziness is good.

Go on a Blind Date

To be honest I have never done it and I feel bad now. I know I can do it even now but I do not get the thrill of doing it anymore.

Learn to Let Go

It can be anything, friendship, love, anything because nothing is permanent. Some people come into our lives and exist for different reasons at different times. Holding on to a relationship or anything that has run its course doesn’t do either of you any favors. So spare yourself.

Try Going to a Lesbian/Gay Club or Bar

I have many bisexual, lesbian/gay friends and they are way too good. I am also a member of some LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) groups and clubs and trust me in spite of knowing that I am heterosexual I am equally loved by them.

Learn to Live Alone

Our association with ourselves is the most vital one of our lives; we won’t invest as much energy with any other person! Figuring out how to appreciate our very own conversation and appreciate being separated from everyone else is precious on such a significant number of levels.

I love wolves

These are completely what I feel and think, maybe you think differently than I do as everyone’s thought process is not the same. Always remember in life even the smallest thing matters.

By the way, did I miss out on any point or idea? Let me know in the comments.

Hope to see you soon. Till then, Stay safe, Take care.

136 thoughts on “Things to do before you turn 26”

  1. Start Saving for Your Retirement – this is probably the most important one. Take a portion of your paycheck each month and make the older you happy. Best piece of advice on this entire post. That and sunscreen & hats. Every single day.

  2. Love this list! As a 30+ aged *gulp*, there are certainly a few things that i had taken for granted / probably should have done in my 20s that seem a bit out of reach now or done sooner. All the best for a fabulous 2019!

  3. Great post I’m turning 28 in May so I definitely understand how to feels to move later & later in your 20’’s. Everything you listed are definitely things I attempted to work towards around that age!

  4. There are some awesome tips here, my favorite being investing in your retirement. At such a young age, as you said, it seems so far off until it isnt as far off anymore.

  5. Saving is really a good point and i love the rest too, I wish I knew this before passing that age gap but always nice to remind myself what I didn’t manage to tick off.

  6. If you’re going to mention a gay bar, you’ve GOT to mention drag shows! They’re so fun! I had a girlfriend in my early 20s who used to perform in the drag shows and she was so great at it! I would bring straight friends just to show off what she could do! Alas, by the time I was 26 I had like four kids and that’s NOT something I recommend before you turn 26 LOL

  7. These are all great goals to have and I wish I had had them when I was in my 20’s. Everyone should save for retirement as early as possible because Social Security will be a thing of the past when most people in their 20’s retire.

  8. Great idea to kick the experience and have it all. I have never been on a blind date and I am little sorry I never did. But i hope will never need a blind date in my life so no regrets.
    P.S. Happy New Year! Best wishes!

  9. This is a great list! I wish had known more about saving for retirement when I was 26, but we got started a few years later. Learning to live and be alone is a great one as well. I think we learn a lot about ourselves when we have to be independent and that all makes us a better partner and friend to others!

  10. Happy New Year hun. Oh how I wished I was still in my twenties lol. But I think it’s never to let to try out what you have shared. I have definitely started saving in my twenties for my retirement age.

  11. As a 26 year old, turning 27 this year… I have hardly done any of these things. I did go to a drag show once, and bought my parents dinner… but not much else.. saving for a retirement is a truly amazing goal though, the future is never guaranteed, so having money ready to care for all the possibilities is a great idea

  12. These are great. Although I don’t think I ever bought my parents dinner. I still don’t I rely on them to buy me dinner. Will never cut that cord.

  13. Those are great things to do before 26. Looking back to the days before I had kids, I would do a lot more travel and adventurous things. I am not as much of a risk-taker any more because it is my personality, but also because I don’t want to take certain risks (for instance, roller skating and getting hurt).

  14. All good things to do, but starting to save for retirement is probably the most important! And the one that the least amount of people do.

  15. I’m turning a year older in a few months, ackkkkk! And I agree with what you said especially saving for retirement, we can only rely on ourselves and it’s our duty to save up!

  16. Turning 26 is still oaky. I was mourning this year when i turned 31 in September. But I am glad i must have done most of the above. Going to a gay or lesbian club would be fun but my work culture lets me interact & spend much time with them doesnt feel any less. 2018 resolution was learn to live alone & I am proud some how nature worked in my favor & i was home for 3-4 months while husband was working & that was it. I did not have a single boaring moment & yet again last 3 months I am home & I started blogging. Life has been great. Hope you achieve all too.

  17. Sudipta Dev Chakraborti

    This is a great list. I was 26 long time ago. Wish I had your wisdom. I am sure 2019 will be an awesome year for you.

  18. I’m 35 and haven’t done most of those things. I do love buying my parents meals. It makes me feel good to be able to treat them to a meal. Saving for retirement is super important. I think it’s also important to learn to like yourself. Go places and travel.

  19. If only I was turning 26 again! One more tip you might add is save for Emergencies! You never know when there will a catastrophic emergency. A hurricane, fires, tornadoes, or etc that you will have to evacuate and can’t return home for a while. Always good to have money stash you can grab quick and go!

  20. This is a cool post for anyone looking to add to their bucket list. I do think that the most important one on the list is to save for retirement. In fact at the age of 26 it would be really cool if you could afford to max out the contribution allowable for 2019.

  21. Wow, I’m nearly 42, and still not done some of those things, especially saving for retirement. Relying on state pension is a scary thought! :/

    Great ideas though, especially the one about living on your own. I think these are the only two I have never done.

  22. I wouldn’t trade my marriage for anything, but I wish I had gone out on a blind date and lived alone before I got wifed up, lol. Living alone sounds especially appealing to me as I always had roommates.

  23. Such a great list of activity to do before turning 26. I bet most of it is for curiosity, it is better to try something rare once in a while.

  24. I loved this list for the fact that it included both responsible and irresponsible items, but you really got me at learn to live alone. Such an underrated skill, but one that is so helpful, even later in life.

  25. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Honestly, I did some of these things when I was 18 but never tried to go in a blind date and I don’t have plan to try that hahaha! I think planning for my retirement is something that I need to do right now.

  26. I am happy that at the early age I was able to work and prepare a meal for my parents. You are to young to be worried about getting old you have a lot of time of enjoying your life and achieving your dreams but I like your tips.

  27. Looks like a great list for someone in late twenties. I just wanted to add one more point –

    – Make sure you have a stable job by 26 🙂

  28. Great list. I have done many on here but I am 40 so I have a few years advance on you! Good luck with trying to complete as many as you can!

  29. Jennifer Prince

    Ha! I am way beyond 26, lol. I think I’d skip a few of the recommendations. 🙂 But saving for retirement is super smart!

  30. Simple and good article. I am only 20 and still enjoying my youth. Some points u mentioned above were strange for me. But I can feel some points inside me…Good luck and keep going .

  31. Matija Antonić

    Oh boy, hmmm is this applicable on us who are close to their 30-ies, a few things I still haven’t achieved on this list , but surely I am getting closer to achieving those things, I partied all through my later twenties, and I almost died like a few weeks ago when trying to party the weekend away, I don’t know blind date I have done, it turned out alright, but then it fell through, but still it’s a valuable experience that I hope will help me later in life.

  32. 26 has come and gone for me lol. The only think I havent done though is go on a blind date haha Don’t see that happening as I am married but this is a great list! I still love buying my parents dinner whenever i can

  33. Wish you a very Happy New Year to you too. Good to know that your 2018 journey ended on a good note. Hope new year brings lots of success and joy in your life. Now talking about the article I always love your articles and this is one of them. There are few things which I missed in my 20’s but yes I can do in my 30’s. Thanks for the idea.

  34. Yay! I am turning 26 this coming April and this post is totally helpful to me! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  35. I think I ticked off most of these before 26 😀 I would add travelling… going to see another culture for yourself and having new experiences is so rewarding and helps you grow so much!

  36. For me, you are still young when you turn 26 and you still have a lot of time to accomplish those things that you wanted to accomplish in you life. Go ahead and enjoy your life, don’t be too worry for getting old you will be getting there someday!

  37. I love your list and some of the wish-list is cute 🙂 But yes, some of your points are really good one. Wish you success with it 🙂

  38. Great list! The 20’s is definitely a time to explore but I believe you’re never to old to have new experiences and explore, although admittedly it does take a lot more schedule shuffling ,haha.

  39. I am loving this list! While I have past the big 3-0 *gulp* there are a few of these on your list I will add to the ‘list of things to do before I’m 40’. Thanks for the great post!

  40. Life is all about trying new things, no matter the age. Because life is short and no matter how much you do, you can’t do it all. But we can try! xo, Suzanne

  41. For me, I love buying dinner for my family. This is a great list! I almost did it all but still have some things on my list

  42. I’m almost double your age, but I agree with a lot of the items on your list. Out of all of them, I think living alone is really important. It teaches you a lot about life. You sound like you are doing great!

  43. I think this is a very good list of you for things to do. Although I am not sure how well a blind date goes at any stage along the way. I think some experiences are just that. They are nothing more. Nothing positive. Nothing too negative. They just are. I think each person has their own list. Although the saving is a good thing as soon as you can start doing it.

  44. I think it’s important to learn to live alone too. I try to explain that to several young adults in our family who are grown and feel they have to have a s.o. but they’re not listening too well. That’s okay too. To each his own. At least, I said it so they could hear it and maybe consider it at some point. 🙂

  45. I think it’s important to learn to live alone. Too many people are jumping in the ‘let’s live together’ thing and sometimes that creates lifelong havoc for them. If they’d relax a minute…and learn to love being alone too, that’d help them tremendously with their partnering decisions.

  46. Saving for your retirement tops your list in my opinion! And if I may please add in learning about the different ways to invest because smart saving will go a long way in growing your savings 🙂

  47. Great post! Definitely a lot of fun things to do in this list. I like that you thought of the future and added to the list to start saving for retirement. That’s really important and unfortunately its something that its not taught on schools or college.


  48. These are some interesting things to do before turning 26. I am now in my ’30s and I hadn’t done a blind date in my 20’s which I also feel bad for lol

  49. I think these are great things to have done by 26! I must say I got married at 24, and have done most of these a bit earlier, except learning to let go, which I did when I was about 30, lol.

  50. Age is just a number; you have your whole life ahead of you with lots of opportunities to accomplish great things. Enjoy your life and the wonderful tips and gifts you offered us. Happy New Year!

  51. Starting savings for your retirement is one of the most important tasks in everyone’s life. This is a great post. Thank you for sharing.

  52. OK, so I did 6 by the time I was 26. Life really forced some of those on me, though, lol. Definitely did not end up in a place in life where I could start saving for retirement, but hey, whatever.

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