Google, Please Show Some Good Poems!


Hey there! Have you seen how we read poems differently now? It’s not only about books. These days, rather than buying a poetry book of a new poet and reading it we prefer reading poems on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s talk about why is this going on.

We all have come across this scenario where while we are scrolling either FB or Insta suddenly a short and sweet poem pops up. It’s quick, it’s catchy, and it fits right into your busy day. That’s the magic of social media poetry. We’re all about those bite-sized poems that you can snack on while waiting for the bus or chilling during a lunch break.

But why are we choosing our phones over books? Well, social media is like a poetry buffet. You get a variety of flavors, and it’s super easy to find something that clicks with you. Plus, these poems often come with cool pictures or backgrounds that make them pop on your screen. It’s like a poetry party happening right in your pocket!

Now, it’s not that traditional books are losing their touch. Nope, they’re just sharing the stage with our online pals. Poets are facing a challenge: how to say big things in a small space. It’s like fitting a heartfelt message into a tiny tweet or Facebook post. It’s a game of words and creativity.

And guess what? I recently had some of my poems published in newspapers, 2 poems in ‘The Hans India‘ and 1 in ‘The Daily Guardian‘. Yep, the old-school kind! Even though we’re all about the internet, there’s something special about flipping through pages and stumbling upon a poem. It’s like finding a treasure in a hidden cave of words.

So, whether you’re into books or scrolling through your social media, poetry is still rocking our world. It’s changing its outfit to fit our fast-paced lives, and that’s pretty cool. Whether it’s on paper or on a screen, poetry is finding its way into our hearts, making us feel things one tiny verse at a time.

P.S: I am attaching my published poems below:



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40 thoughts on “Google, Please Show Some Good Poems!”

  1. Interesting, I’ve never been much of a poet nor read them often, but it’s interesting to see how much as changed in that community.

  2. Richelle Escat Milar

    This is very nice because this is true that every poems are in different type of modes of how we should read it.

  3. It’s true, I think many do buy fewer poetry books these days as it’s readily available online. I see it quite often posted on Facebook. There is some great poetry out there.

  4. that is so cool that you had your poems in the paper! kudos to you!! as for me, you must already know that reading is my first choice of entertainment (including poems of course)

  5. Congratulations on having your poems published. I too have seen more quotes and I love them as it resonates with me.

  6. This is so very cool and congrats to you on having your p[oems published! That is amazing and I do love a good poem 😉

  7. I do search poems on google and indeed it offers some extraordinary poems which I never read before. Especially in the rainy months I naturally turn poetic when I actually do research on rain poems by different poets. Fortunately that time I write more poems. I love listening to poems in Bengalee more compared to English. Well, i feel a sense of connecting with the roots makes me nostalgic when I hear Bengalee poems. Its true countless reels and videos of recitation are floating across social media which indeed make your life shine even in the darkest moments of life. Congratulations dear Moni for your poetry publishing on newspapers. Keep going girl more to achieve

  8. Interesting thoughts Moni.. trust you to come up with things with a twist. Although I write poetry, I don’t read much… I prefer prose. Ofcourse I do like to read the likes of Rumi etc and like you said, the catchy short ones that we get as images or when we r scrolling on social media… I like those. So when it comes to poetry, I can say I am a phone poetry person but stories, totally paperback.

  9. Congratulations for poem published in newspapers. I am too old school. I choose book over phone. I love to read though on social media reading is catchy but I like to read by myself instead of listening to others.

  10. I’m not too much into poems. But as you mentioned, when a good poem pops ups while scrolling I do enjoy it. Congratulations on getting your poems published.

  11. Congratulations again, dear! I love reading from books and my daughter too loves to read from books. My husband and father-in-law are great at writing poems. They can just sit casually and start writing. I feel a bit jealous sometimes .

  12. I often say this to my girls nowadays, there’s a bad thing in everything, even food. So same does my logic goes with this. As long as you spend and mindfully do things, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a book or phone that you use/take. Both have advantages, and disadvantages, so it all comes to being able to mindfully use both.

  13. Poems on paper will always be beautiful however personally I think people prefer poems tru social media as they can read it on the go. There is no need to carry an additional book.

  14. Congratulations again, Monidipa. As someone who has more or less switched to digital reading, I do agree about the “Insta-ness” of poetry. And the popularity of a certain kind of one that makes you do a double take. That said, good poetry will always find its readers.

  15. Hey! Noticed how we’re all about those quick poems on Instagram and Facebook now? It’s like a poetry party in our pockets, easy to snack on during a busy day. Not dissing books, but social media’s where it’s at for those catchy, bite-sized verses. And huge congrats on getting your poems in ‘The Hans India’ and ‘The Daily Guardian’! Old-school print or screen, poetry’s still making waves. Way to go!

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