International Day of Education 2024: Learning for Lasting Peace

Mark your calendars for January 24th, because on that day, the whole world throws a party for everyone’s favorite superhero: Education! Started in 2018 by the United Nations 24th January is celebrated as International Education Day. This year, the celebration gets even more exciting with a powerful theme: “Learning for lasting peace.”

“The sixth International Day of Education will be celebrated on 24 January 2024 under the theme “learning for lasting peace”.  The world is seeing a surge of violent conflicts paralleled by an alarming rise of discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and hate speech.” – UNESCO

The Programe details of this years International Education Day is attached below:


This day is a giant reminder that school isn’t just about boring old tests and endless homework. It’s about building bridges instead of walls, you know? When we learn about different cultures, traditions, and even languages, those strangers on the other side of the sandbox suddenly become neighbors, friends, maybe even future teammates on a super cool space adventure! Think of it like this: instead of yelling “my book is cooler,” you’re saying, “Hey, yours has dragons too? Let’s blast off to another world together!”

Education can Spread Peace


This year’s theme takes it a step further: “Learning for lasting peace.” Because, let’s face it, the world’s facing some pretty major conflicts. But hey, education can be our superhero cape! My papa used to say, ‘The sweetest fruit comes from the most diverse orchard.’ Learning about different cultures is like exploring that orchard, tasting new flavors, and appreciating the richness of it all. Learning about different people is like exploring that orchard, tasting new flavors of language, customs, and perspectives. Every encounter expands our palate, enriches our understanding, and proves that together, we form a richer, more delicious tapestry of humanity.

Imagine students in India sharing their folktales with classmates in Kenya, kids in Brazil learning about the Great Wall of China, refugees teaching their native language to their new community. These are the everyday heroes, stitching together a tapestry of peace, one lesson at a time.

So, how can you join the party? Easy! Share your story of how learning opened your eyes to a different world. Read a book from a different country. Volunteer at a local school. Every little step counts! Let’s celebrate International Day of Education by turning our schoolyard squabbles into global handshakes. Because when we learn together, we grow together, and we build a future where peace doesn’t just win, it wins hands down!

Happy International Day of Education, everyone! Let’s open some books, open some minds, and open a world of peace, one page at a time!

Don’t hesitate to suggest any further tweaks or additions you think could make it even better! We’re in this together, building a world where education shines brighter than any squabble.

33 thoughts on “International Day of Education 2024: Learning for Lasting Peace”

  1. Peace would be nice. The world is such a frightening place at the moment. I do hope the next generation makes it better. And opening books is always a win!

  2. Education really is a great unifier. When we are more educated, we are also less afraid of things we’re unfamiliar with.

  3. I love the theme for this year! So many good children’s books came to mind. It truly is our job to build bridges instead of walls!

  4. Yes! I would love to join this party! Reading a book is always something special and yes we can learn together by this! Thank you so much for being an eye-opener with us! It was a great read!

  5. So pleased I found this article on January 24th! The article is enlightening. How will I participate in this day? I’ll read to the kids a children’s book from another culture – and perhaps find a foreign movie which showcases children from another culture.

  6. What a wonderful theme! We all know education is the key and reading is fundamental and today’s youth needs it. This is such a great way to help peace thrive and opening a book and learning can help us all achieve that goal of peace, lord knows we need it!

  7. I love the positivity and excitement in this post about the International Day of Education! “Building bridges instead of walls” is such a powerful metaphor, highlighting the transformative nature of learning!

  8. A lasting peace is certainly a goal worth working towards, every time! It’s a wonderful thing when better educating ourselves and our children help smooth out uncertainty and fear of the unknown and reduces the likeliness of a hostile response.

  9. Thanks for the reminder! Perhaps the best way I can contribute is to make a donation to a organization supporting international education in countries that need it the most.

  10. Reading opens up whole new worlds and also a better understanding of everything around us – what better way to peace than this!

  11. I never knew there was an international day of education! I will mark my calendar so I can help celebrate this moving forward. I agree that education will make the world a better place!

  12. The world can be such a harsh place, and and this is a wonderful initiative. Always good to hear of people supporting education and making the world a better place.

  13. This week, we started to read a big book about black history with our boys. Next winter, we plan to focus on how people celebrate the winter holiday differently. “Building bridges instead of walls” should be the slogan for 2024.

  14. Thank you for sharing this information about International Education Day. It’s great to see that this day is focused on promoting lasting peace through education. I completely agree that education can be our superhero cape and help us build bridges instead of walls. Learning about different cultures, traditions, and languages can help us appreciate the richness of diversity and create a more peaceful world. I love the idea of students from different parts of the world sharing their knowledge with each other and creating a tapestry of peace. I will definitely do my part by sharing my own learning experiences and volunteering at a local school.

  15. Education is so important as it does not only build up the future generation but it also helps in bridging gaps that are distancing people. A child dos not know what racism or terrorism is! It is fed to him and when education can be diversified, a child can get rid of misconceptions about other types, race and color of people as he has knowledgeable information about their culture.

  16. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    Oh, International Education Day on January 24th? Let’s celebrate and open books, minds, and a world of peace. Happy International Day of Education!

  17. Ideas of joining party are really amazing especially reading different country’s book to know about their culture, people and system is eally a good way to gather knowledge about the new country. Great informative post.

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