Top 5 Books For the Month of January – 2024

Hi everyone, its me, Chinmayee (Tina) and I am back again this month with Top 5 Books (Editors Choice) for the month of January 2024. As usual, we take a collective feedback and then make the list. So, lets go ahead.


Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller

You should read this book as that will set you up for other reads. This book will teach you how your attitude works on your mind and body. This eventually plays an important role in creating your destiny. This book will help you to carry on with your resolutions. Click through the image below for more details about the book. Swipe up and down for more quotes on the book and do not forget to like and comment if it helps you. 

Investment principle by Warren Buffet

Everyone be it our parents, teachers, family, friends everybody teaches how to earn to become rich but this book will teach you how and where to invest to become rich. It is equally important to understand the market and invest wisely. A small quick read with a lot of wise ideas. Click on the picure below for more details of the book.

Teens Guide saving the World by Aditya Sengupta Dhar

The author is a teenager but the kind of vision he has is amazing. This book will introduce you to children who are barely 12,13,14 years old but brought changes to thousands of lives, yes you heard it right. They followed their instincts and took action without waiting for others. This is apt for school-going children and their parents. This book would help to shape young minds and help parents to understand them. I loved the language neither they are simple nor they are difficult but higher than average and would be a great learning experience. 

Leap Frog by Mukesh Sud and Priyank Narayan


This book is about the habits you need to develop to thrive in the workplace. This book will tell you how to be creative, how to be organized and how meeting people from different fields will make you more creative and innovative, yes like learning music and maths, this person will bring a lot more innovative ideas than an only math student with a lot of examples. Click on the image below for more details about the book and please share your thoughts. 

Ladies Tailor by Priya Hajela

This book had been a new experience for me because it’s my first read about the partition between India and Pakistan. It’s about families leaving their kids sometimes old parents in the middle of the road because they can’t carry them and walk long distances, it’s about leaving your belongings and trying to accommodate in a foreign land with foreign people with nothing in hand, but still in some cases humanity exists people from different backgrounds help each other to survive. The best part was earlier people were more tolerant towards different religions Hindus and Muslims were like brothers. This can be a leisure read for many but it kept me on my toes. Click on the image below for more details.

So, there you go, these are our ‘Editors Choice’ top 5 books to read for the month of January. Have you read any of them?


What books are you reading this month?

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Books For the Month of January – 2024”

  1. Ladies’ Tailor looks interesting to read, would be so exciting to learn more about India and Pakistan. I am so left behind in reading a book.

  2. These books sound interesting and I love that there are a range of topics that they cover. The Teens guide sounds like it would be interesting and motivational.

  3. I’ve read “Investment Principles” by Warren Buffett, and it’s truly a gem. The insights and wisdom shared by Buffett in this book have had a profound impact on how I approach investment decisions. It’s a timeless piece that continues to be relevant, making it a must-read for anyone interested in mastering the principles of successful investing!

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