Is This The End?

Maya had recently moved back to her hometown of Mumbai and was facing unexpected pressure from her uncle to marry a family friend named Manav, who had been in love with her since childhood. However, Maya did not share the same feelings and was not ready for any kind of relationship.

In the meantime, a man named Zan kept messaging Maya, asking for financial help due to his poor financial condition. Despite having no job, Maya felt pressured to send him money, which started affecting her savings.

The constant pressure from her uncle, coupled with the financial strain caused by Zan, began taking a toll on Maya’s mental health. She eventually reached her breaking point and told Zan that she could no longer help him.

In response, Zan became angry and abusive towards Maya before leaving her completely on July 10th. This pushed Maya into a deep depression, despite her attempts to work from home and keep busy. Her friend Veer Pratap Singh tried to cheer her up, but to no avail.

On July 15th, Maya fainted and was rushed to the hospital by her uncle and Manav. There, it was discovered that Maya was pregnant.



to be continued…



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38 thoughts on “Is This The End?”

  1. Milan Singhal

    Love the way u have written it. The storyline of Maya is interesting. Would lie to know what happens next.

  2. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Feeling so sorry for Maya. Hope, everything will be back in track soon and she will get a supportive partner in her life.

  3. I was eagerly waiting for the part 2 .. I am glad that Maya didnt go back to Zan.. waiting to know what happened next

  4. hopefully the pregnancy can bring about some clarity in her or at least give her some perspective on whom she wants to move on with, or just get her mind off those negative characters

  5. You have so beautifully penned this story and have left your readers on the verge to know whats gonna happen with Maya and Zan,. I must say you do have an art of storytelling. Loved it

  6. Sometimes life seems to have reached a deadend. And there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. That is what is happening with Maya. But time is always there to heal. Sandy N Vyjay

  7. I loved reading this…. I was eagerly waiting for this part and still waiting for the next part….this story is very painful. But the positive thing is that Zan had finally left Maya… He was also a reason behind of her weakness

  8. Oh wow now this is a turn. And would like to know what will happen next. Just because she is pregnant, she shouldn’t move towards an abusive relationship.

  9. Priyanka Nair

    I saw this coming with waiting for what happens next when everyone knows about her pregnancy….

  10. Priyanka Chhabria

    The way you have beaded the whole story is commendable!! Waiting for the next part.

  11. Maya is helping though she left him, this lingering stage of relationship ruins many things. Waiting for the reaction of Maya’s uncle, Veer and Manav on this pregnancy disclosure.

  12. The Other Brain Inc.

    Now I can connect the dots about Maya and her life journey. Unfortunately, I read the second part before the first but nonetheless I am curious to know what happens next in her life.

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