The End: Part 1

Previously on The Chronicles of Maya: Is This The End?

Maya’s unexpected pregnancy came as a shock to both her uncle and her fiancé, Manav. They decided to wait until Maya had regained her senses to discuss the matter with her.

It took four hours for Maya to recover, and after being discharged from the hospital, they all silently made their way home. Once there, Maya’s uncle broke the tense silence and informed her of her pregnancy. Maya was terrified and taken aback by the news.

Maya’s uncle and Manav both loved her and were supportive of her, and they asked her whether she wanted to keep the baby. They did not ask her who the father was, as they had noticed something was amiss with Maya since she had returned to Mumbai.

“I’m not sure what to do at the moment. Please give me a day to think it over, and I’ll tell you tomorrow morning,” Maya responded, with a weak smile.

“No matter what you decide, we’re here for you,” her uncle and Manav said reassuringly.

Maya knew she had to make a decision, and that it was a serious matter. She couldn’t sleep that night, and she felt unable to confide in any of her friends. She tried to contact her brother and Zan, but they had blocked her from all channels of communication. Finally, she contacted Anil, who provided her with Zan’s address in Rohtak. Maya made up her mind to confront Zan there, as she had photographic evidence of their intimacy that would prove that he was the father of her child.

Though it was a risky decision, Maya resolved to follow through with it.





to be continued…


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33 thoughts on “The End: Part 1”

  1. Can’t even imagine what Maya must be going through. Looking forward to the next post. I want to know how Zan reacts after hearing the news

  2. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay

    I was so eagerly waiting for this episode. Really love the supportive nature of Maya’s uncle and Manav. Let’s see what the future has kept for her to be happened.

  3. What is going to happen next? Can’t wait to know, but the best part is despite knowing all of that manav and uncle supported her.

  4. I was kind of expecting Manav and Maya’s uncle to support her. But the ending has me intrigued. I am looking forward to seeing how you take this story forward.

  5. The story is poised at an interesting crossroads. The climax of the plot is approaching and I guess everyone wants to know what happens in the end. Sandy N Vyjay

  6. I was eagerly waiting for this part . I love the character of Manav, such a wonderful and gentleman he is . Cants wait for the next part already

  7. It’s so hard to find a would-be life partner who will support so much. Happy to know that Manav’s character is so good. Looking forward to knowing what will happen next between Maya and Zan.

  8. Priyanka Nair

    Good, she has support but now facing Zan and how things will turn up is something I am looking forward to..

  9. Why do I have a hunch that Zan will not support Maya. She is better off with someone like Manav who is supporting her in spite of not being the father. Rare to find uncles being this supportive as well. The next post should be interesting.

  10. Fingers crossed! I hope Maya could meet the honest version of Zan, and the need for those intimated pictures wouldn’t happen. But, at the same time, I feel for Manav too.

  11. Interesting turn of events and it will be good to read the climax. I am happy that her fiancée and uncle were so supportive.

  12. Really love the supportive nature of Maya’s uncle and Manav. Waiting for the next part. What will Maya do? How will Zan respond?

  13. what new twists in this tale! omg! its lovely that her uncle and husband to be are supportive – i like this development of the story.

  14. Maya has to keep the child but going back to Zan is not such a great idea. She should maintain her self-respect and dignity, while getting ready to raise the kid as a single parent.

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