Kita Kita: A Heartbreaking Filipino Love Story

Kita Kita is a heart-wrenching and emotional Filipino movie that was released in 2017. It tells the story of a woman named Lea who goes blind after discovering that her fiance is cheating on her. She isolates herself from the world and moves to Japan, where she meets a quirky and lovable Filipino man named Tonyo.

At first, Lea wants nothing to do with Tonyo. She is angry and bitter, and the last thing she wants is to make friends. But Tonyo is persistent, and he slowly but surely begins to break down her walls. He shows her the beauty of the world through her other senses, and he helps her to see that life is still worth living, even if she can no longer see it.

Kita Kita is a touching and powerful film that deals with themes of love, loss, and finding hope in the face of adversity. It is a movie that will make you cry, but it is also a movie that will make you smile. The chemistry between the two lead actors, Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez, is palpable, and their performances are both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

One of the most poignant scenes in the film is when Tonyo takes Lea to a cherry blossom festival. He describes the beauty of the cherry blossoms to her, using words and sounds to paint a picture in her mind. It is a scene that is both sad and beautiful, and it shows just how much Tonyo cares for Lea.

Kita Kita is a movie that will stay with you long after the credits roll. It is a movie that will make you appreciate the small things in life, and it will make you cherish the people you love. It is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is still hope and beauty to be found in the world.


My Verdict on the movie:

Personally, Kita Kita impacted me in a profound way. It made me appreciate my own senses and the beauty of the world around me. It also made me appreciate the people in my life who love and support me, and it reminded me to always be grateful for what I have. Kita Kita is a film that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to be moved and inspired by a powerful story of love and hope.

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25 thoughts on “Kita Kita: A Heartbreaking Filipino Love Story”

  1. oh my! The story is really heartbreaking but who doesn’t love a love story. Thank you for sharing, I love it.

  2. Jennifer L Prince

    Oh goodness! This does sound really sad in the beginning. I’d love to see it though! It sounds compelling.

  3. Loved your blog post on “Kita Kita”! It’s such a heartbreakingly beautiful Filipino love story. Your writing is so relatable and emotive. Keep up the great work!

  4. I’ve never heard of this but it sounds like a lovely watch. Well, lovely in the sense that it’s a heartbreaking love story for anyone who enjoys that sort of thing.

  5. Marie Cris Angeles

    I really loved this movie! It makes me cry, super heartbreaking story. I watched this movie 3x already and still crying.

  6. Oh I love this movie. Kita Kita muses on the power of love — once tasted, forever desired but never lasting.

  7. I lov ethe director of this movie. Bernardo’s third official feature confirms her stylistic penchant. Such an amazing movie.

  8. Maria Niezgoda Azanha

    Awww….I love these kind of stories. I didn´t read till the end in fear of spoiler, so I wanna watch the movie now!

  9. I’ve never heard of this film to be honest but it sounds like a wonderful, heartfelt film and I love movies like that. Will definitely be checking it out!

  10. This is such a good movie. Im a Filipino and I am proud of this movie. Thank you so much for talking about it on your blog.

  11. I can relate to the themes of love, loss, and finding hope in the face of adversity. Your review captured the heart-wrenching yet beautiful essence of the film, and I appreciate your recommendation. I look forward to watching it and being moved and inspired by its powerful story.

  12. Melissa Cushing

    I have never seen this film but will have to be on the lookout for it as I love a good love story! It is one of my favorites!

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