The Mirror

I never lose in a staring game. It is very hard to make me blink. But this time I lost. I blinked, but my reflection in the mirror didnt.

It also smiled back at me.


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21 thoughts on “The Mirror”

  1. Kaveri Chhetri

    Ufffff!!! Moniiiii… too nano n toooo good… the tiniest so far I think n the one with the biggest punch.

  2. I think I am dumb or the story is too short. I actually didn’t understand the context. If I blinked and the I in the mirror didn’t blink, what does that mean?

  3. Its really scary when reflection in the mirror smiling at you. Mirror is haunted or your house. I guess your house is haunted from last two post. And so mirror behave like this. Right?

  4. The first horror show that I remember back in my childhood was Ahat on the Sony channel. The episode with a story on mirror-ghost scared the hell out of me and till now that is super crazily scary to me.

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