Navigating the Hunger for Prominence in a World of Misinformation

Today I have a guest post on a very powerful and important topic whose moral is, ‘The pursuit of false fame and spreading rumors is a waste of time that leads to deviation from truth. Filter out the noise and focus on what creates real knowledge.’, this guest post is written by Ms. Nikita Rajput who is a budding author.


The only objective to write this article is to acquaintance you with the avoidance of false news, momentary fame & spoilage of your time. Because your own perspective matters. Where the crowd is, it doesn’t mean that it will take you in the right direction.

People can do anything for hunger. “ये पेट है साहब, ये कुछ भी करा सकता है”, translated as, “Sir, hunger can make you do anything”, you may have heard this platitude. If it were the subject of that hunger, believe me, I wouldn’t be here with my words. With the thriving era, people’s interests are changing and their demands are a necessity also. Nowadays, people are running after fame. They have the hunger of fame deeper than hunger of the stomach. Debating on political issues, commenting on all sensitive matters, and spreading the popularity of a false persona become the focus of their life.

They create videos which are redundant & have no fulcrum, just to make them viral. They just need any trivial matter just to malice their target. They thought, in this way, they could change others’ visions. Writing numerous tweets has become a fashion just to bring those frivolous issues on trend. It doesn’t matter whether those are eloquent, apt, obvious or not, they just need a crowd which can blindly follow them. Will they become demagogues by doing this?

No, I mean No. Then, what will it be called, wastage of time or hunger for being prominent? Yes, the answers could be different. Obviously, your views matter but when these are for a favorable change. You might have heard that rumors’ have the quality of being invasive. We should stop such things from spreading. We should avoid such asinine issues. Such matters don’t create knowledge, these just lead to aberration. These are a far cry from the truth. Turn yourself away from such false fame. Filter the matters & chase what act upon truth. I hope you know & understand well that there’s a yawning gap between being prominent and being real.”



Author Bio

Nikita Rajpoot continues to be recognized as a poetess from her debut Hindi poetry book, Goonj. Her creation Sangam, is a compilation of Hindi poetry and the first anthology by the poetess which proved a successful effort in making a contribution to Hindi literature. She published this book to enlighten Hindi literature and to encourage budding poets. Her interest and love for literature gave her a distinct identity of being the founder of a literary platform, Towards Literature, which is the first official literary platform of panipat. Her third book is noted as the second anthology of Hindi poetry by her. She envisions promoting literature to a great extent to explore its vast scope. She firmly believes she is nothing without the grace of God and seeks his mercy for advancement in her spiritual life. Her latest book, “Eternals” proved bliss in her writing career. It hit the Top #40 & #49 Ranks on the Amazon Kindle Store under the category Religion & Spirituality, which means it made space for itself in the Top 50 Bestsellers. Perpetual strides of Eternals are winning the hearts of readers.

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53 thoughts on “Navigating the Hunger for Prominence in a World of Misinformation”

  1. Blindly following someone without considering the substance of their message is dangerous, and can indeed lead to demagoguery. We should all be critical thinkers and take the time to evaluate the content we consume and the messages we endorse.

  2. Whitney Stewart

    A very interesting read! I like reading others thoughts! A nice change of pace! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. That is why we need to filter. The understanding to filter those stuff can be inculcated through being in positive enviornment.

  3. It’s pretty scary how much misinformation have been spreading, especially in the last 3 years. It’s so important to do your own research, instead of following the popular view.

  4. this was an interesting look at the increasing issue of misinformation today.. and thanks for introducing us to Nikita

  5. It is something that is going on more today sadly. Misinformation is getting everywhere thanks to social media.

  6. There is so much misinformation in the world it’s hard to know what is true sometimes. It sounds like Eternals was popular with readers.

    1. It’s honour if it’s true that Eternals is popular among readers. Popularity along with reality is always a great combination. If you have read the Eternals, you may have known the reason of its popularity till now.

  7. This is very relevant during this time of social media where it’s just so easy to spread false information. I hope that people verify if the things they read are fact. The truth shall prevail.

  8. Rhian westbury

    It can be so hard to know what to believe with the rise of false news out there. It can be tough to figure it out yourself x

  9. With the fast-paced internet we have now, it can be easy to spread misinformation. But yeah We should stop such things from spreading. Stay curious and know your facts.

  10. Sounds like a great take on the subject, I will have to look into their work some more. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Yes Nikita, thank you for this short but deep writing! We need to stop chasing after the short-lived fame of likes and focus on the things that truly matter to us all and connect our humanity.

  12. It is good to think about false information, especially in an age where we are constantly bombarded with social media. Everyone should be considering this.

  13. I do see where trends have become more important than facts. So many are doing what is popular instead of what is just. It’s an odd trend.

  14. yes! It’s crazy how much misinformation is out there today. And it’s so easy to fake a screenshot of what others have said. Thank you for this reminder!

  15. I completely agree with you! Hunger is a very real problem in this world but no one is talking about it any longer! or trying to do anything about it.

  16. That’s amazing! This is one of the most interesting topics! Thank you for sharing this information with me.

  17. Hunger can make you any damn thing. Nikita is so correct! The maligning videos needn’t have any real facts. They just need to go viral. That’s why it’s said to take everything with a pinch of salt.

  18. Today the hunger for instant fame through social media has spread its tentacles far and wide. For this people go to any length, misinformation is one of the byproducts of this misplaced hunger for fame. Sandy N Vyjay

  19. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    Laxman’s cartoons are my favourite. But your post is so deep. We too struggle with sifting fact from fake. As bloggers we have a responsibility.

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