Pregnancy Claim Dismissed.

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Maya was taken aback by the opulence of the Sehrawat house. She had no idea that Zan’s family was so wealthy, given that he had always portrayed himself as the breadwinner of the family. As Maya entered the house with Sopan Ahluwalia, she was warmly greeted by Zan’s mother, Mrs. Sangeeta Sehrawat, and his sister-in-law, Komal Ahluwalia.

Sopan shared with the Sehrawat family how he had met Maya. While he was speaking, Maya noticed that everyone in the room had an odd expression on their face, but she couldn’t quite discern what it was. Suddenly, Maya blurted out, “I am pregnant with Zan’s baby.” Mrs. Sehrawat’s eyes widened at the news, but she quickly composed herself and asked, “How much money do you want?”

Maya was outraged by this response. “I don’t want your money,” she shot back. “I want a father’s name for my child.”

Mrs. Sehrawat didn’t believe Maya’s story and accused her of being a scammer. “My son dates beautiful girls, not ugly girls like you,” she sneered. “Now get out of here. Go somewhere else and scam someone else, you ugly whore. Who knows whose evil seed you are trying to pin on my son?”

Maya was taken aback by Mrs. Sehrawat’s hurtful words. “I came here seeking justice,” she said tearfully, “but clearly you are all the same. As a mother, you should know that it is your son’s responsibility to take care of his child. You cannot just brush this off and blame me.”

Sopan suggested that they ask Zan about his relationship with Maya, but Mrs. Sehrawat dismissed Maya as a lying bitch and refused to involve her son. Maya was hurt by their lack of concern for her and her unborn child. “After hearing your filthy words,” she said, “I refuse to give my baby the Sehrawat name. I will not raise my child in a family where everyone’s mind is filled with hate and negativity. I am leaving.”

What Maya didn’t realize was that Zan’s elder brother and Anil had entered the room and overheard their conversation. Before Maya could turn around, someone hit her from behind, causing her to fall and hit her head on the ground. She was bleeding and losing consciousness as several people began kicking her, including Anil and Ryan.

Maya was in excruciating pain and felt her unborn child dying inside her. She opened her eyes one last time, hoping to see Zan, but he was nowhere to be found. In her last moments, Maya realized that she was slipping away and took her final breath. The attackers continued to beat her even after she had passed away, and Zan’s mother could be heard telling them to dispose of her body far from their home to avoid any negative publicity during the upcoming election.

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