Say No to Suicide

Lots of people, about one million each year, do something really sad – they end their own lives. This is called suicide. Sometimes, people feel so much pain and sadness that they think dying is the only way to stop hurting. They might not ask for help, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it.

When someone is really sad and doesn’t want to live anymore, it’s not because they want to die. They just want the pain to go away. Even though they might seem like they’re sure about ending their life, these feelings don’t last forever.

Most of the time, people who are thinking about suicide are not crazy or out of their minds. They might be really upset or unhappy, but that doesn’t mean they are crazy.

There are signs that someone might be thinking about suicide:

  1. They talk about it, like saying they wish they were never born.
  2. They try to get things that can hurt them, like pills or guns.
  3. They can’t stop thinking about death and write about it a lot.
  4. They don’t see any hope for the future and feel really trapped.
  5. They don’t like themselves and feel really guilty and sad.
  6. They start giving away their things or making plans for after they’re gone.
  7. They say goodbye in a way that makes you worry.
  8. They don’t want to be around people anymore and want to be left alone.
  9. They do things that are really risky, like using drugs or driving recklessly.
  10. They suddenly seem really calm and happy, which might mean they’ve made a decision.

If you think someone might be thinking about suicide, it’s important to talk to them about it. Even if it’s hard, you could help save their life. You can also help them by getting them professional help, like seeing a doctor or therapist. It’s also important to keep them safe and be there for them.

Remember, if you’re worried about someone, it’s better to ask them and get help, than to ignore the signs. You could make a big difference in their life.




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  1. You say no to suicide but then sometimes you say you struggle to find inspiration to wake up alive and to want to live another day. I hope you get clarity in life and recover if you’re suffering. Do speak out if you need any help.

  2. It is definitely important to speak on this topic. I will add that my cousin always spoke of suicide, but no one paid attention to her until last year that she actually did it. I was not close to her and since I truly struggle with depression I wish I had been closer. I have been able to manage my depression for years now and I have a strong handle over life. But, I do have some days that are tougher and I have learned to reprogram my mindset on those days. It has taken time to do this, but I am glad that I have. The meds suck! Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Very well expressed have done a fine analysis of the reasons leading to’s so India itself one student commiylts suicide every one hour..
    This has to be taken seriously at all levels .
    God bless you

  4. Thank you for sharing this honest and important information. So important to practice self-care and be open to reaching out for help.

  5. Sometimes, so many feel helpless and don’t know there is help out there. It is very important to listen to the unspoken word and be there to our loved one who is silently suffering.

  6. Thank you for taking the time to write about this subject. Suicide is not an easy subject. Paying attention to some little signs can help to save a life. Everybody deserves to live, be heard, be loved and happy.

  7. I was at a suicidal point in my life a few times which people didn’t know of and I can only thank God for healing me as he was the only person I could speak to as I was afraid of what people might say if I reached out to but going through a phase like this is never easy. thank you for sharing this.

  8. Hi I am so glad that you have written about this topic. There are probably so many people who feel this way and suffer in silence. And one day it is too late. I feel that the support of the public should increase instead of society just making people feel worse about themselves and their live. We really need to stand together.

  9. The high rate of suicide every year is really alarming! The most surprising of all is that people who look happy and rich take the suicide route.

    When I found about Robin Williams and Kate Spade, I was shocked to the depths of my soul. They looked like they had everything but sadly, they weren’t very happy.

  10. Thanks for raising the awareness to the public to this topic. My sister in law was suicided many years ago due to depression and it is really sad to bring up this topic again. I hope more people will read this post and be aware and help out to those who are in need.

  11. It’s not easy to find the good words to
    1- talk about this and 2 – talk to a person who wants to end its life.
    Thank you for writting about it!
    It was interesting and can help several people!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have never been personally touched by suicide, but people in my area have. Everyone always says they never saw any problems. I think it’s important for us to always be on the lookout for any signs we might see.

  13. This is a good post on the ways to help someone who is feeling like they can’t carry on. It it such a hard situation to be in and I think people need to realise, suicide is death from an illness, it is an illness killing people not their own hands.

  14. This is such a detailed article and will hopefully be helpful to anyone familiar with friends or relatives suffering from difficulties that could result in the state of mind to end their lives. Although I have never considered ending my life, I do understand ‘they need the torment to stop’ which I experienced in the worst period of my life after my Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis.

  15. In the modern world where everyone prefers to show off with the positive and superficial things there is no place for the honesty and real feelings. People don’t want to bother others with their “scary” thoughts and emotional discourage. Nevertheless I do believe that some people are born with self-destructive button in them.

  16. This has been the best post that I have read for a long time. Focusing on and highlighting such a serious issue and also giving information on what to look for. Thank you for writing it, its fantastic.

  17. I find this post very confronting as I lost my 17 year ols cousin to suicide not long ago. I hope talking about it helps others to seek help and get out of this state before it’s too late.

  18. Jennifer Prince

    These are such important things to be aware of. Sometimes those closest to the person are completely unaware of what is going on.

  19. Suicide is indeed prevalent nowadays and the topic that must be addressed to provide the proper mental health care to the people. It’s so sad when people can’t get the help that they need to they resort to just ending their lives. 🙁

  20. I have a good friend who lost a son to suicide. Yesterday they held a Suicide Prevention Walk. I was unable to make it this year but I have participated in the past. It’s such an important topic that needs more attention and people involved.

  21. Mental Health is indeed a very sensitive topic. People must be aware on what to do when their friends are facing depression. This is very informative. I’m sharing this with my other friends.

  22. Wow! This was very…enlightening. I’ve always wondered how people even begin to consider suicide let alone have the mental strength to carry it out. Something needs to have snapped. They need to be so far gone,no help is possible…and that gives me very cold shivers. Mat we never encounter the level of hopelessness that pushes us to such an unspeakable act.

  23. This piece does a great job of high lighting the different stages and signs to watch for when identifying suicidal plans or thoughts of an individual.

  24. Suicide is never the answer. I have been confronted on how to bring this topic up in my community as it has become rampant. We need to play close attention and be there for our loved ones.

  25. Self-hatred, self-loathing. This really stuck out to me. I suffer with these emotions sometimes. It’s always good to have a friend remind me of my good qualities and how they offset the bad

  26. Suicide is a topic that needs to be addressed. This post is very relevant is this time, and its extremely important to share the signs and how to help someone.

  27. Suicide cases have reached an alarming rate. It is very sad to see soo many young people are facing depression and are ending their lives. As family and friends, we play a big part to reach out to one another and not just let the signs of suicidal fall on deaf ears until its too late.

  28. 1 million people per year? That’s so sad. I just wrote a post about normalizing mental health talk. something we need to do! Good for you for writing this.

  29. There definitely needs to be more suicide awareness out there. It is so sad that people think there is no way back from their dark thoughts.

  30. blair villanueva

    This is something that is been for many countries, and triggers anytime. If you know anyone close to you suffers on depression, all we can do is have an open mind and let them express.

  31. Thank you so much for sharing such a post with suicide. This is a serious matter that everyone should really be aware of.

  32. It’s a scary thought isn’t it that you can’t quite predict who would commit suicide. Well, not if the person doesn’t give any indication about it. I feel sad about the person who commits suicide and also the people he leaves behind.

  33. Indeed a great and informative post, suicide is a thing now many people as an option to end there suffering and frustration. Am bookmarking and sharing this great piece

  34. This is a very important and informative post. Suicide is no joke and what scares me it sometimes can’t be seen or you can just miss the signs and end up finding out too late. Thank you for this post.

  35. Jennifer fashion help is very important. There is nothing you can do sometimes no matter how bad you want to… For another person in such a situation… but those trained to do so can help

  36. I like how you have included the suicide cautioning signs in your article. These are certainly signs to help people to be aware of people around us who has such behavior.

  37. This is such an interesting read. It’s kinda depressing to know more and more people, who don’t look like suicidal, decided to commit suicide. This is such an important topic to pay attention to. Thank you for sharing this.

  38. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Such a nice and very informative post to read. Now, I am not aware of those signs that a suicidal persons have, thanks for sharing!

    1. I have an uncle who did too. He was so fun-loving and happy. I was a kid (many, many years ago) and it still affects me if I think about it. He had three kids of his own too, who ended up being split up afterwards because he’d been a single (widower) dad. So horribly tragic and sad.

  39. I think that sometimes is very hard to spot the signs of depression on someone, especially if they put on an appearance. There were big names that we were all shocked when we heard that they committed suicide, like Robin Williams for example. It’s important to ask our friends from time to time how are they.

  40. This really hits home to me as i’ve lost a dear friend from suicide. We were just teenagers and i didn’t know the signs.i felt both sadness and guilt from it.until now i really wish i could’ve known.

  41. This topic is definitely one that needs to be addressed. So many people silently struggle, but don’t seek help.

  42. This definitely needs to be taken on a serious note. There needs to be more awareness of suicidal behavior. It’s our responsibility as a friend, family member or loved one to support and facilitate person to get a professional help. It’s a great post to be shared around.

  43. Geraline Batarra

    Suicide is now a big issue in our society nowadays and we really don’t know they reasons why they are doing this but thanks to you at least we do now have a knowledge about this matter, thanks for sharing!

  44. I haven’t really contemplated suicide and I can’t imagine what others are feeling. Someone cares, and I hope if a person needs help, they find it. It just breaks my heart that anyone would choose to end their life.

  45. I believe that suicide could be prevented if people were actually paying attention to each other and treating each other like humans. Someone can collapse in the street and no one saying anything… It’s crazy.

  46. Such an important topic, that so many people don’t want to talk about. I am a licensed clinical professional counselor and this is something I address with clients all the time. It is so important to have support if you are struggling with any of these thoughts

  47. It’s great to spread awareness about suicide prevention because a lot of the times, helping someone feel heard and loved can save everyone a lot of heartache.

  48. THANK YOU for this post. I lost my aunt to suicide it was so incredibly tragic. To think of how much pain she was in still makes me feel so lost even today. But I know she’s no longer suffering, and I’ve made it my mission to never overlook someone’s pleas for help in even the smallest way.

  49. Amazing info. It is so hard to talk about suicide. It is hard and raw… wish everybody could read this so there would be less people thinking about it.

  50. The current suicide rates are astounding. I think people really underestimate depression and how many people struggle with suicidal thoughts daily.

  51. Very powerful and informative post. Suicide awareness is very important. Truth is most of us have thought of committing suicide at point of our lives.

  52. Suicide is something that needs to be talked about more. It’s great that you wrote this out as sort of a guide for people to spot some common behaviors.

  53. It’s so important to be open and compassionate. It’s even more important to recognize warning signs and step in when help is needed. Thank you for this post.

  54. Early this year, I was going through something and as a result, started having suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, I had my sister around and she helped me through that phase. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  55. This brought back some memories of my college years. The first time suicide hit close to home was when a friend’s brother took his own life. It was tough to see her in class day after day.

  56. Good things to think about when it comes to people in your life who are showing signs that they might be suicidal. Supporting positive life changes is so very important. In addition, you are right when you say you need to exercise more. It does bring on those positive endorphins making you feel like you can handle more things in your life.

  57. Depression is the main cause of suicide I guess. We all need to be positive in our lives. I believe that the world is changing a lot every day. I mean there are so many things happening around the world which is quite disturbing and maybe that is one cause of depression. The second thing is music and movies is also causing the bad influence on people.
    Nice post… Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  58. This post breaks my heart. We all have had down moments but its serious downhill spiral if anyone ever actually contemplates that and I hope this helps people really check for signs in their love ones considering this and stop them!

  59. This is such a huge issue going on right now! It’s so important that awareness is brought on this subject. I just experienced the loss of 2 people due to suicide within a couple of months of each other. Tragic.

  60. This is a great awareness post for suicide. You also offer great tips for how to go about someone that may be suicidal. Thank you for sharing this very important post

  61. Suicide is not always the answer. We all know it’s not easy to live in this kind of reality. Thank you for this wonderful post. This is very deep..

  62. Life is so beautiful that no matter what we do we all have the solution in all that we do. We all have the option to be motivated in all the hardship. We may no longer have a choice we all have the state of constant to control over your responsibility to think.

  63. This is a brilliant post bringing awareness of suicide and some of the reasons behind it. I love that you’ve included ways to help a suicidal person, that’s very helpful and extremely important.

  64. A very poignant and helpful post. I can’t even imagine the depths to which a person falls when the idea of suicide becomes more appealing. So many suicides we see in the public eye are of people we never would have expected it of.

  65. The pictures choosen and used in this article are really impressive. The hand picture showing someone is seeking for our help to save them from drowning into deeper of depression.

  66. This is such a great and informative read. Suicide has always been timeless. Many people turn to this so called “resolve” for many reasons. Life has always been unfair for everyone, but that makes it more mysterious, fun and beautiful for us to go on and continue living despite the problems we encounter. Thanks for this really nice share 🙂

  67. As someone who lost someone to suicide, blame ran riot initially, “how didn’t we notice”, ” what kind of friends are we that we didn’t notice him suffering”, but alas it was his choice and his pain, and he didn’t let us in to his world so we could help.

    sadness is so isolating, I think being kind and compassionate is the only way to show people suffering that they have a friend.

  68. Suicide is something I would never in ten million years consider. I love life way too much. But it’s sad to hear about it happening to others because those people thought it the only way… Yet it’s not 🙁

  69. This is such an important and powerful post. Suicide affects so many people and we all need to do better to help those going through a difficult time. A great read.

  70. This touched me more than you know. 5 years ago, 2 weeks after my daughter was born my cousin and life long friend took her own life. It was a dark time, and I had cut her out of my life years before due to choices she made and drugs and such… her mother, to this day, blames myself and our other friends for “abandoning her” when she needed it most and that hurts because I know we all did what we could and had to eventually do what was best for us.

  71. Beautifully written, and thank you for sharing and expanding on this difficult topic. I think that suicide awareness is something that we do not speak of enough. I have actually started to blog about depression and mental health – specifically targeting moms. I just hope that it sparks up conversations with other women and that we are able to speak of difficult topics.

  72. It is such an important subject! Suicide prevention is so important. Taking your own life without real reason to it (Idon’t mix suicide and euthanasia) is stupid, people really need help. Awareness in suicide subject is super important

  73. The suicide rates seem to be increasing over time and that is a real worry. I know in our local area there have been far too many, all young men, all with so much to live for.

  74. You provided a great lists of signs in recognizing a suicidal person. You always hear the phrase, “there were signs” but it is typically after someone has harmed himself or herself. We need to take this seriously as people are increasingly experiencing more pressures in life. We need to be ready to help those we love and come in contact with daily.

  75. My best friends partner of 7+ years passed away for this reason and it’s a shock when someone puts on a face which makes you not realise the pain they’re in. Not enough people (especially men) talk about their feelings x

  76. This is something that I care deeply about. I work in the mental health field, so I know the struggle all too well.

  77. I appreciate that you give us so much information about suicidal people and how to handle of course this is a growing problem in our society and we need to address it seriously!

  78. Committing suicides is a serious problem among people of all ages. That’s why, it’s really important to provide such people with the right help. I love this text, it can help a lot of people! 🙂

    1. blair villanueva

      No matter how busy we are, we should not forget to give hug on our love ones, family and friends. It gives assurance that they can always open-up for help.

  79. When I was in high school, several people committed suicide. It was very shocking and saddening. It’s so hard to learn that someone has committed suicide when people didn’t realize how much they were suffering.

  80. I want to thank you for posting this. It is so important for all of us to be aware and for us to normalize conversations about mental health.

  81. Thank you for such an important post. I have lost two people I love to suicide. It’s heartbreaking, but looking back the signs were there. We never want to believe someone will take their own life. Such a tragedy.

  82. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is a sad reality nowadays, that people have turned to suicide to end their misery. I am a parent and I stay as attuned to my children’s behavior as much as I can. Open communication is key, and we have to be able to truly listen to what they are saying (or doing). Thank you for sharing this post.

  83. I believe it’s everyone’s personal decision – and unfortunately I’m not so convinced that things will always get better. I’m having a very good, fulfilled, happy life – however, I can imagine being in a situation where I think there is no way out – no way out off misery and dispair.

  84. What an amazing read! Thank you for opening my eyes with this post, I feel I am more educated on the matter and could maybe do something to help a suicidal person.

  85. I’ve definitely felt this way before and it is not a great feeling. If it weren’t for my friends and family, I may have spiraled more downwards which is why I think it is so important for all of us to reach out to someone who might even seem remotely suicidal. It could make a huge difference.

  86. I was suicidal for years. Thoughts and plans sort of leaned towards suicide and if I’m honest the thought does go through my head still to this day at random moments. I am so happy that I had enough will power to resist my thoughts.

  87. I’m happy that you’ve enlightened this fact. There is no point in killing oneself, the only problem with those people is the lack of guidance and motivation. Time never remains same, they should believe in its transition.

  88. Such a important topic to talk about. I come from psychology background myself and in my class I raise awareness about the same. Awareness will definitely help. More and more people shld talk about it.

  89. This is such an important post. Suicide seems to be such a common issue these days. I try to watch out for signs in those that I am close to.

  90. This is such an important topic to discuss! Unfortunately, not everyone exhibits signs of depression, withdraw or wanting to self-harm… I have lost two friends in the past two weeks to suicide and no one saw any signs, not even those that were the closest to them. Everyone that knew them was completely blindsided and still has no idea why they did it…

  91. Suicide is a very sensitive yet extremely important subject to be discussed…especially if someone sounds suicidal…It’s helpful to know the signs to look out for.
    – Nandita

  92. Suicide is the worst and devil option that anyone can take as a decision to make. I hate to say this but suicide is not even an option to choose. People should live and be contented of what God has given to them. I hope all those people who do this will realize that they just wasted their life and hurt those people who love them.

  93. This post is very timely considering it is mental health week. Suicide is a growing concern, helplines are getting more funding and I think we even have a welfare role. now in government. Mental health is being taken more seriously which is great. Your post contains a lot of useful information. Thank you for sharing.

  94. Thank you so much for this! Awareness is so important. I used to really struggle with suicidal thoughts and all of these tips are so right on

  95. Life so precious, i would say that people who are committing suicide does not feel the love and worth they have in this world. I highly recommend for them to undergo counseling.

  96. Suicide can come as such a shock to people around that individual. It’s important to remember that people might seem ok on the outside but are struggling inside.

  97. This is such an important topic to discuss. There are so many people suffering in silence and with our super crazy fast paced society, we often overlook their needs. This is good information for everyone!

  98. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Suicide is now a big issue in our society most especially during these days. Thank you for sharing this information with us at least we know how to handle our loved ones who are facing this kind of struggles.

  99. Beautifully written. It’s never a weakness to ask for help when you are hurting; it only takes bravery to seek support when you are challenged. I pray I never turn a deaf ear to someone at their time of need. This was a good read.

  100. Such a great article to read, giving the information that is really happening in our society, I hope we could stop those people who have to think to kill themselves.

  101. This article is so perfect into this month as we are celebrating a mental health awareness. It is important to talk about this matter that mostly happens nowadays.

  102. The people who go forward with such a devasting step has already been through a lot. We can only imagine their state of mind. It’s the responsibility of each one of us to keep a check on the mental condition of our loved ones and help them whenever needed.

  103. It’s such a difficult subject sometimes for people to talk about but we have to start doing it, so I for one am really glad you wrote this. Losing someone close to you to suicide is a hurt that stays with you for a very, very long time

  104. Suicide is the easy way out of a “horrible” life. When I was younger, I wanted to take that way out. But something pushed me to continue on. It is hard to move out of those thoughts at time but thankfully, I have a great family who are here for me!

  105. Thank you for sharing this post. I’ve had family members who committed suicide and for them I think that family just didn’t believe that it would happen because they talked about it and never did anything about it. I think they grew more skeptical about it and that makes someone feel even more lonely, more depressed, and more isolated. It’s important to empathize with someone who is feeling suicidal and let them know that you’re there for them, but also without suffocating them with too much negative or even positive attention.

  106. Thanks for sharing, this is definitely a topic that needs to have awareness spread, this was a great step!

    ~xo Sheree

  107. Depression always precedes suicide and it doesn’t take long to go from low righ to high risk of suiciding if depression is not dealt with. The problem is most people fail to realise they are depressed until they reach a breaking point.

  108. Great and interesting post, really thought-provoking and sad too. The stats and facts on suicide are crazy aren’t they and so sad. It’s great more people are talking about mental health difficulties and suicide now to break that stigma and give people a chance to be heard.

  109. Suicide and suicide actions are always something quite hard to understand. I know when you face a deep depression period, lasting more years, life is actually what scares you more and it’s so frustrating when non depressed people tell you to look at the bright side of life, and at all the people who love you: the only thing you see… is one day they’ll all die. And you can’t stand it.

  110. a little less than a year ago my good friend came back from overseas (he’s in the army and was in combat not once, not twice, but about 5 times) He suffers from PTSD because of war, and came very close to ending his life. He is continuing to get professional help for this and I am thankful he’s still around (as his kids are too!) Being there for a suicidal person can help, but professional help is a MUST!
    great topic!

  111. “Most self-destructive individuals don’t need passing; they need the torment to stop.” This really stood out for me today. We have this idea of what suicidal people should look like and what they’re feeling. I’m really going to be more mindful in the future.

  112. I lost a good friend to suicide. We were all shocked. We saw NO signs. Or at least that’s what we all said. And at the time, believed. Reading your powerful article is an intense but needed reminder that there are nearly ALWAYS signs. It is an incredibly useful and accurate post. I hope others who spot these behaviors, thoughts or tendencies, take your information and suggestions to heart. Because sometimes, there is no chance to go back and do it right the second time.

  113. Mental health is an important issue in our society and it’s important that we talk about it. We’ve lost so many great people due tsevere depression and being surrounded by family and friends that didn’t recognize the warning signs. Thank you for writing about this important issue.

  114. This is really useful and informative post, Yes we have to say no to suicide. I know that thoughts happens in everybody’s life at some point . But need to face the problem and move ahead, for that we need help.

  115. Thank you for writing about such an important topic, and also one of the top 10 causes of death for men and women. Suicide is still a very taboo subject, and hopefully we can all become more comfortable discussing it. I recently lost someone in my family to suicide a few months ago, and I only wish she knew how much she meant to all of us.

  116. Thank you for sharing! This is a very important topic. My first exposure to suicide was in high school where we had multiple upperclassmen commit suicide. One of the young me had called all of his friends to find someone to talk to before he did it — no one had the time. If we had known the info in your article even though we were teens, things might have been different.

  117. A friend of a friend just committed suicide. She was holding her two year old trying to take him with her, but he survived. It is such a sad thing. 🙁

  118. What a great article to read! Nowadays, young people are attempting to commit suicide. Most of the time are the youth! And this article are very helpful.

  119. This is why it is so important to be kind to everyone. We never know what they’re going through. Smile to strangers; say hello. It can make a huge difference.

  120. There are more and more of such cases, and I’m ad to say some are not aware that they are suicidal. And some are not willing to look for professional help. Others will be using that as a way to seek for attention, taking attention from those who are truly in need of help~

  121. It’s so sad to think someone could be having suicidal thoughts. These are excellent tips to help those in need, will remember them for sure.

  122. This is such a sensitive topic but very important. We might ignore of miss the signs but it’s about time that we spread awareness so that we can help prevent this. Thank you for writing about this topic. It is very helfpul.

  123. Great article… it’s always good to talk about these things so people know it can happen to anyone and they can try their best to help out.

  124. This is such a powerful subjet to discuss, and it’s often not discussed enough. I, personally, have never met anyone that has committed suicide, and honestly didn’t know much about it or what signs to look for. I am thankful for people who share their knowledge with us to help us prevent this from happening. I like the show 13 Reasons Why as it has taught me a lot about the subject.

  125. Monique Cláudia

    I think mental health is not taken seriously nowadays. Last year my friend started a moviment called “eu tu e a depressão “ meaning me, you and depression, to help everyone that suffer with any mental problems. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  126. When I am angry I scale to the lower level I guess. But I have seen many of my acquaintances to suicide without any prior noticeable changes in the outward behavioral aspect and that is more dangerous.

  127. All your posts are so inspirational, but I especially love the approach in this one! I wish more people talked about this problem more often

  128. Your post is such a reminder that it’s always good to seek help and do not think that whatever you are going through can’t be resolved.

  129. It breaks my heart that anyone would feel this desperate. I read recently that suicide accounted for 1.4% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 18th leading cause of death in 2016. Shocking.

  130. Mental Health is a serious issue which should be included in textbooks as well . Many people doesn’t even consider it as an issue despite they use to make fun of victims . Gladly many people are coming ahead and started spreading awareness regarding this including some big famous faces . They shared their own story just to clear the misconception about this . You covered almost every aspect and it was worth reading .

  131. Suicide and mental illness is something that should not be taboo and should be spoken about openly. There is a lot of shame around suicide and mental illness. The more we all communicate honestly about it, the more people can seek/receive help.

  132. #SayNoToSuicide That’s really heart touching story you have shared. Let’s share more awareness about this so that everybody should not take this step

  133. This is so well written. But I need you to know and everyone else incase you are going through any depression.. you really should talk it out. there is help where you look at. Regardless lovely article.. an issue which is less spoken about.

  134. One of the most important and heartbreaking issues nowadays and the saddest part is the ration of suicide is increasing day by day. More people need to talk about this and spread awareness about this. I think hopelessness is one of the biggest reason behind many suicides.

  135. Suicide is the worst reality that can be stopped if figured out at right time. I think a good communication is very important with family or friends or anyone reliable (counsellor) to deal with difficult situations in life.

  136. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thank you for this post. It is very important that we offer our help to those who are suffering from mental illness. We should not wait for them to reach the point of contemplating suicide.

  137. This is such an important topic, and we need to bring it out of the darkness and into our conversations. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  138. suicide is such an epidemic. There needs to be more awareness and discussion about it. thanks for the info about it

  139. So glad you shared this information! This topic really should be covered more often, as it really is decently common and so heart breaking!

  140. The suicidal rate in some part of the world is so alarming… Thank you for the posts.

    Will share with my audience on twitter. It’s needs more eyes

  141. Mental health is a very important topic people should talk about openly. Most people try to hide it or change the subject when its brought up, but I feel if it were talked about more they could get the proper help needed.

  142. Very powerful post, a few years ago my husband lost his cousin to suicide. It’s so important to know all the signs.

  143. This is a must-read! I have not known of other facts that I have learned from here. Mental health is always an unnoticeable issue and suicide is the worst outcome of any one who seems to be suffering inside their minds and emotions.

  144. A topic that is now being herd of more often, but still not talked about enough. I’m glad you have this post. It’s so packed with valuable information. It saddens me to hear about someone that’s taken their life because of depression.

  145. A topic not talked about enough. I’m glad you are using your platform to spread awareness. It’s super important to know how to help someone with suicidal thoughts.

  146. This is such a great post! Suicide has started to become a more prevalent issue lately, and people need to know that there is always another way. Knowing the signs to look for in those close to us are very hekpful. Thanks for sharing!

  147. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    This post could save a life . . . thanks so much for this! Reaching out to friends, no matter their mental state, can have such a huge positive impact on them.

  148. Yeah, say no. I have attempted in the past though, whenever I had a fight with my mother. I always felt like everything is my fault. But I was such a coward to finish it off.

  149. Such great info for everyone to be aware of. It’s so easy for someone to end up in a downward spiral, especially if they already suffer from depression. Hopefully, the people around them can help see the warning signs as well.

  150. I, too, can never support suicide. But I don’t judge the people who commited to it neither. We all need a strong support system in order to discourage such act. Thank you for writing about this.

  151. I have never know that there are level of risk of suicide and I agree with others that everyone should have a very strong support system that will always be there to listen and to help us in times of tough situations.

  152. I will right away grab your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me recognise so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  153. Glad you shared such valuable topic with us…Suicide has just become common nowadays and most of depressed people just think that commiting suicide is a simple solution of every difficult thing..indeed this isn’t right..great work though..

    1. See, a person just doesn’t go ahead and commit suicide, they commit suicide when they can’t find a way out from his miseries. We need to make them believe that there’s a way out of there problem. We need to make them believe that we stand with them in their time of miseries. Anyone can become a sympathiser but it is very hard to empathise with people.

      1. yeah completely do agree with your point but the reality is they have just set their mind on one thing that there is nothing which they can do…and in that situation our single given hope plays really vital role…

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