Siberian Husky in India

Hey lovelies, I know I am posting way too much since yesterday. But will you believe if I tell you that I met a siberian husky in India?

No… Right? As you know that a Siberian husky can live in 75 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, and right now the temperature in India (Kolkata) is more than 83 degrees Fahrenheit, now that means way too hot. Though he is kept in a air-conditioned house.

Now let me tell you, I came back to India today and as I am a restless soul I got back to my regular stuff. I met this 6 months handsome guy while I was waiting for my uber. 

Now those who know me well and my love for these sweehearts, before you ask me, let me tell you I didn’t let this sweetheart come upon me because of only one reason I needed a shower and it was way too hot and I was sweating like hell.  All thanks to Mr. Pallav Mitra and Mr. Biswarup Dutta for these amazing clicks.

That was a lovely meeting I will say as it took all my tiredness away. Now at least I know one thing I can get a Siberian husky too or wait, maybe a wolf… Yaaaaaay!!! You never know….! As I am way too unpredictable. Lol!

By the way in other news on 17th and 18th November I will be in L.A, U.S.A for some meeting, I hope to visit some paranormal places too, obviously for my paranormal niche.

So that’s all from me today. See you on Sunday.

119 thoughts on “Siberian Husky in India”

  1. we’ve got siberian huskies in the philippines to and even alaskan malamutes. i think they’ve acclimatized and some are island born so they’re used to the tropical weather. their coat is not as fluffy as those who live in countries with winter though and very high maintenance.

  2. Siberian huskies are so adorable, I love their eyes and how some can have two different eye colours. They are also nicely fluffy and would just want a cuddle with them.

  3. Huskies are so adorable! They just look so soft and you just want to cuddle them when you see them. And wow it sounds absolutely boiling there! I could not cope.

  4. I love huskies! Too cute. Hope their thick coat won’t be a bother in the Indian tropical climate. Humans don’t think of these things when they remove native species from their natural environment.

  5. AWWWW! What a lovely big fella! I had a Siberian Husky that I had rescued, we had him for years, and he only passed away a few months ago 🙁 They really are the most beautiful and loyal dogs. I don’t know how that big fella managed in the heat 🙂

  6. This is amazing! It’s hot in here too but having a Siberian husky is common now. I have friends who own one and I love how adorable they are!

  7. You’re correct, that sure was one beautiful dog. I’m not a dog lover but with beauty such as that, I can see why so many love that breed of dog.

  8. You should be able to find some great paranormal places in Louisiana. It is pretty amazing for that. I have heard of some great ones in New Orleans, so be sure to go there if you can. As for the husky, it’s a beautiful dog. But I see why you were questioning why it would be in that kind of weather. That would be way too hot for the husky I would think. But it is a gorgeous dog.

  9. My love for dogs got me wishing to have one. Trust me when i do decide to get one. This Siberian Husky tops my list.. There is this class and charm it has that stands it out from other dogs..

  10. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    That husky is so adorable. I love the color of his coat! I wish we could have one, but where I live is not a suitable place for that breed. Unless of course, he stays indoors and I drop the air-conditioning thermostat to levels that would be comfortable for him.

  11. That dog is absolutely beautiful. We used to have a husky but she started going blind when I was little. I was so sad when she had to go to the “big farm.”

  12. Oh my, He is absolutely cute. I have a Siberian husky and I always make sure not get her into hot places. Too sorry for that dog ;(

  13. Oh my, I love Siberian Husky. I had 2 before. It was really sad seeing them in a hot place. They were not meant for that.

  14. Not your ordinary day in India, I love Siberian Husky. It deserve a good walk and from the looks of it. She really enjoy there.

  15. So you’re taking pictures of someone else’s dog? I’m sure they were fine with that, and the fact that you’re criticizing someone for having a husky in a warmer climate. It is doable and not that much of a shocker… he is awfully cute.

  16. What a gorgeous dog! My aunt has a Siberan Husky named Snow Dream lol we just call him Snow. He loved to Dig and escape. Which I’m told is one of the challenges of the breed. It’s funny to see how breeds make their way around the globe.

  17. I like to have dog like this Siberian husky so pretty. They are enough medicine to carried out all of your tiredness.

  18. What an awesome Siberian Husky you have there. Who doesn’t loved this breed of dog, their very insanely cute.

  19. Look at that four legged beauty, Siberian Husky’s are my favorite breed of dogs, and I would love to get one in the future.

  20. I love Huskies. They are beautiful animals!! Can’t believe you saw one in India. That’s mad lol.

    A wolf would be cool. Like Game of Thrones lol.

  21. Aww I love huskies, we have a chocolate lab full of love, but huskies are such interesting dogs. Thank you for sharing.

  22. You can’t dispute that this is the most adorable dog in the world. It is pretty amazing to have this. I am sure you will get along.

  23. Siberian Husky are one of the cutest dog I have seen so far. They are elagant, smart and witty too. Our neighbor has kept one and look stunning whenever he walks the dog out.

  24. Oh, I barely see huskies in the South because it’s so hot. What a cutie! I think it’s so cool that he can handle such high heat (I’m sure the air conditioned house helps…)

  25. Sheena Moncatar

    Ah such pretty dog. I can hug this husky all day long, play with it, hug it again. Just too adorable! Goodness! But I am from a tropical country so Siberian Huskies need to stay inside all the time in an airconditioned room.

  26. As long as they are usually indoors with air conditioning—or outside and they can get at lots and lots of water–At any rate that Siberian looks like a sweety and obviously is loved by his humans so he is probably perfectly happy!

  27. Wow, a bit too hot for this breed of dog in India I think – though he is gorgeous! I have been on a huskey safari in Finland, when it was -15c, and it was too hot for them then x

  28. Siberian Husky is one of the cutest dog. And I wish I can able to see this dog in Delhi or somewhere near to Delhi. You are lucky enough.

  29. Konstantina Antoniadou

    These dogs are by far my favorites !! So beautiful and clever. I know quite a few people that own huskies and I have only heard great things.

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