The Cobra Poison

Hmmmm hmmmm….. Hmmmm hmmm…

Moni hummed the tune of ‘darling aankhon se aakhen chaar karne do’ as she cooked dinner for herself and for Maya… She was really happy today as she was finally out of writers block and had written the last chapter of her first series, ‘The Chronicles of Maya’.

Suddenly she felt a hand around her waist…

“So, you did it…”, Maya said she hugged Moni from behind and kissed on her cheek.

“Yes, I’ll publish the last chapter of the first book tomorrow”, she replied as she grinned.

Both were silent for sometime and then Moni continued, “Maya, you know I should thank you… If it weren’t for you I would have never succeeded”.

As soon as she completed, Maya turned her around and said, “You’re my best friend, my sister… how could I see you in pain.”

Moni’s eyes were blurred with tears as she hugged her.

Maya was happy that she could help her best friend and hugged her back tightly and closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt a sharp object piercing her back, her hold loosened on her best friend.

Moni pushed Maya away from her and then she could see that Moni held a sharp knife. She fell on the ground and her eyes were filled with pain and dismay.

“Thank you for everything, but in order to bring life to my story, I have to kill you. But don’t worry you won’t suffer much as I had dipped the knife in cobra poison before stabbing you.” Maya lay on the ground with dismay in her eyes, dying at the hands of her best friend.


Suddenly, Moni woke up drenched in sweat and realized that it was a nightmare. She walked towards Maya’s room to check on with her. As she opened the door she saw Maya playing with a big knife in her hand.


The same knife that Moni used in her dream to stab Maya and beside her, on the table was a bottle of poison and on the lable it was written ‘The Cobra Poison’.


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23 thoughts on “The Cobra Poison”

  1. I am making an honest confession today… reading your nano tales I am actually learning how nano tales can be presented beautifully without losing charm or flow in any point. Thanks for this wonderful story.

  2. Oh My God! This was amazing. The way you write I feel like the short stories should be turned in a novel. Imagine having such dream in real and waking up to find it turning into realty but reversed.

  3. Oh my god, I absolutely adore your nano stories, and this one was no exception. So now I’m wondering how on earth people manage to write so eloquently without sounding pompous. You blow me away with your ability to craft such short stories.

  4. Moni, yaar kya likhate ho aap! Mind blowing. You are my favorite writer. Thank you Cindy so that I came across your blog. Love love live the story which gives me goosebumps. Keep writing such stories.

  5. That was some story! I went through it again to understand if Maya was her character or a reality. Wonder if writers have such blurred recollections from their stories?

  6. What a lovely, unique, and amazing twist! I didn’t see that coming at all! This story took my interest and got me hooked wanting for more or more of got me curious on what happens next. Why do you guys always right something like this and make readers hanging?! hahaha

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