Its Time to Let Go

“So, finally it’s time to say goodbye then…”, Dhairya said with a smile on her face. As she started sitting in the cab, Aksh held her hand and said, “Can’t you stay back?”

Dhairya looked back at him and nodded. She still had that smile on her face. Aksh was out of words, and he let her go.

As Aksh was walking back to his house, he remembered how Dhairya left her parents and moved to his city to be with him. He recalled every torture he had done on her. He recalled how much he had hurt her for years because he was engrossed in his memories of the past.

But now that he loved Dhairya, she left him alone. He realized, as usual, this time too, he was late. As a tear trickled down on his cheek, it suddenly started raining heavily. It seemed as if the sky was sad too.

Dhairya, sitting in the cab on the way to the airport, encountered the rain too. Her eyes were heavy with tears as well, but she knew it was time to let go.


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26 thoughts on “Its Time to Let Go”

  1. Moniiiii… forguve me for saying this nI feel so bad to say it but somehow I didn’t quite understand the essence of the story. It doesn’t have any twists or hidden meanings right… its just what it is? I read it several times to see if i missed any line or word.

  2. Hey Moni, I believe that you mastered the art of Micro story writing and i appreciate that because very few can do that and the person I saw so far is my elder sister. I am always a short story writer and at least I need 3000 to 4000 words to draft a complete story going in my mind. Micro story writers are pretty talented and you are definitely one. I can feel the separation pain of the characters. I liked the acceptance of Aksh about what wrong he did with Dhairya . The boldness of Dhairya to never return was well presented. Bang on creation by you.

  3. This is a different one from you but it has a very strong message. Most victims keep giving their husbands that one final chance. Sometimes it is time to let go. It is a difficult decision but the best one.

  4. This was one sad love story. Something so typical yet a lot don’t do and realise the importance of. Though how it was written can be quite confusing (must agree with the lady who comment first) but I got the message of letting go and felt how sad the feeling is but also the happiness it brings for oneself and the other person as well.

  5. I really admire your art of spinning a nano tale. In a few words, you tell a powerful tale. I actually could imagine the toxicity and how both might have felt. It is never easy to let go but you have to.

  6. She did right by dumping his sorry behind and walking out. I love the range of your writing, Monidipa. And how you manage to bring across the motions in such a few words. Would love to read a full length book from you.

  7. Love the story ! Yes, it is true the girl always take a time to quit from the toxic relationship. Still many woman live in such kind of marriage even they are financially independent. We woman should learn to let it go.

  8. She did right. She should had done it earlier but it’s never too late.
    This quote suits this story – It’s better to be alone than being with someone who makes u feel alone.

  9. What a poignant story. I think love has 2 sides. A sense of beauty and a sense of unreasonableness. I had a pull at my heartstrings towards the end.

  10. A difficult thing is to let go, people don’t realize what they do at the very moment and its later when everything is lost they sit and think, aare what I did. Such people must hv an alert alarm in their brain to tell them their doing something wrong

  11. The ending was sad but beautiful. When a person is in a relationship that does not hold any love or respect they must let go. As always your writing was beautiful and I could picture the whole episode in my mind.

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