The Vengeful Stranger: Unleashing Karma’s Fury

Note: Behold, dear reader, for this is the final chapter of “The Chronicles of Maya.” What the future may hold for this story, only time will reveal. If you have yet to embark on Maya’s journey, fear not, for the previous parts can be found here, awaiting your discovery. But now, the time has come for Maya’s tale to reach its climactic conclusion. Let us delve deep into her world one last time and witness the final act of her epic saga.

Mr. Ashwin Dhaliwal, the president of the GS political party, stood in front of a stranger who had a mild grin on his face. “So finally, the elections are here. I am very sure this time you’ll win,” Mr. Dhaliwal said, trying to make small talk.

“I know I will win,” replied the stranger, his eyes fixed on his mobile phone.

Mr. Dhaliwal attempted to engage the stranger in conversation, “I still don’t understand why you stood from Haryana rather than Maharashtra. You had high chances of winning from there.”

The stranger’s attention finally shifted to Mr. Dhaliwal. “It’s all about strategy,” he replied, his tone indicating that he wasn’t interested in discussing it further.

Mr. Dhaliwal’s phone rang, interrupting the conversation. He excused himself to take the call, leaving the stranger alone in the room.

The stranger began scrolling through his Instagram feed when he stumbled upon a reel featuring Lakshmi, a beautiful woman playing with her husband’s hair. The audio played, “he is the best man in the world and I’ll never part from him.” The stranger watched with amusement before walking towards the large window of the office.

“After ruining so many lives, you seem to be living a content life. But for how long?” he muttered to himself, staring out the window. “Let’s see for how long, Zan. You will run from your Karma.”

The stranger pulled out a wallet from his pocket and took out a passport-sized image of a woman. His eyes narrowed as he studied the picture.

Meanwhile, Zan, the person the stranger had been referring to, was a rising star in politics. He was known for his charisma and his ability to win over people. But behind his charming demeanor lay a dark secret, one that he had kept hidden from the world. His mother Alka Sehrawat, had been the powerful politician for a very long time and now she was said to have taken retirement.

Zan had a history of manipulating people and ruining lives to get ahead in his career. He had left a trail of broken hearts and shattered dreams in his wake, but no one had been able to catch him in the act.

The stranger, however, knew all of Zan’s secrets. He had been keeping a close eye on him for years, biding his time until the moment was right to strike.

As the election approached, the stranger knew that this was his chance to bring Zan down once and for all. He had a plan, and he was determined to see it through to the end.

The stranger’s phone rang, interrupting his thoughts. He answered it quickly, and the voice on the other end was urgent. “We have a problem,” said the voice. “The Sehrewats are on to us.”

The Sehrewats were a rival political family who would stop at nothing to win the election. They had a reputation for playing dirty and using underhanded tactics to get ahead.

The stranger knew that he had to act fast. He grabbed his things and left the office, heading towards his next destination.

As he drove through the busy streets of the city, the stranger couldn’t help but wonder what the future held. He knew that there was a storm brewing, and he was ready to face it head-on.


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23 thoughts on “The Vengeful Stranger: Unleashing Karma’s Fury”

  1. Therre is no doubt that politics in my place is similar to what the story is trying to convey. Well, I am interested to know what is the “storm” ? could be the election that will soon happen.?

  2. I`m happy I found your post. My brother wants to write a book about the future too. Ill send him the link, and maybe it will inspire his creativity.

  3. How intriguing! The title of this chapter alone is making me want to read how it ends. Thanks for sharing your awesome writing. I love reading and finding new talent!

  4. Oh no, I was getting into the story there and it ended. It’s really well written. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s going to happen next!!!

  5. I lost track of your story and I have a lot to read in order to catch up. I am skipping this for now and start reading the previous chapters first before I go through this climactic conclusion.

  6. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    I have been following the Maya story diligently. And I was waiting for the conclusion. But now you have kept me hanging… Can’t wait to read the end.

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