“Parents are an integral part of our lives, they love us, they protect us and they nurture us. A mother is considered to be a best friend of a girl. What will you do if she is the reason for your lifelong trauma?” Preeti looked at Ditvi and asked?

Ditvi has been counseling patients for more than 10 years now. When she heard the sentence, she was dumbfounded.

“You can share your trauma with me to release the burden from your heart.”

“What good will it do? Will it give me back my childhood? Will it make me stop hating my body? Will the feeling go away where I was taken advantage of? Tell me, doctor?”

This wasn’t what Ditvi was expecting to hear. She couldn’t digest the fact that how a mother could…

“If you share your pain, you will feel less burdened and…” Preeti interrupted Ditvi in the middle as she said “… and what doctor?… you can’t give me back what I lost…”

Ditvi took a long breath but before she could say something but Preeti continued, “Yes, I killed my mother and those people too and I am not sorry for that. Now at least I have my revenge. I won’t go back on my words. Don’t try to save me, doctor. With this death sentence, I will be in peace now.”

Ditvi didn’t know what to say, for the first time ever she was out of words. She stood up put and walked out of the cell. As she walked, she couldn’t help but think that will Dipti’s death honestly give her peace?



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22 thoughts on “Traumatized”

  1. Oh this story is so mysterious and got so twisted. It’s engaging yet I don’t want to play much of those kind of stories in my thoughts throughout my day. ugh! Great story writing. Truly engaging.

  2. Wooooooah… so scary Moni… this is the kind of stuff my hubby loves to watch. I am a little confused tho’ with the names… in the ending who is Dipti?

  3. Parents not always do the best for their kids. Sometimes they can be very demanding & controlling too. Dipti must have been really traumatized to not even want to talk about it. Is there a full story in the making?

  4. A sad reality. Child abuse shakes the soul of the kid and most of the times the abused child becomes a offender or criminal because of the mental trauma. You have written on such a powerful topic in such simple words and a very strong depiction in just a small scene.

  5. This was really unexpected. Although killing is a very enormous step, often we tend to find flaws in parents especially after we grow up. We vow not to repeat those with our own offspring.

  6. That is a shocking tale indeed. If Dipti is the patient and murderer, who is Preeti then? I guess I got a bit confused here. Nonetheless, speaking to someone would never give her peace.

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