Why do Millenials deserve a Chance


I needed to compose this article since I get extremely steamed when individuals adversely remark on our age. They say that we come up short on the fundamental conduct, we are into ourselves, and we do not have the eagerness to change the world. Presently, a portion of the things that individuals say has some reality, however on the off chance that anything we have been the most comprehensive age to date.

At the point when twenty to thirty-year-olds were growing up there would have been a more liberal way to deal with financial matters and legislative issues than in earlier decades. This age is suspected to be antagonistically influenced by the Great Recession and the monetary and social harm caused by it. Twenty to thirty-year-olds are frequently referred to as being more confident than past ages, they will likewise have a solid feeling of urban duty, a sound work-life balance and have socially liberal perspectives. This gathering was portrayed by the moving societal estimations of their chance; more separations, more ladies in the working environment, anyway when the age was in its early stages it was known as the MTV Generation and were said to be skeptical and lethargic. They are described by their nature with correspondences, media, and innovation, they would have experienced childhood in a more liberal political and financial world than previously and survived the Great Recession. This age would be described by their mass use of the Internet since early on, they are alright with innovation and associate via web-based networking media, growing up through the Great Recession may have given the age the sentiment of unsettlement or frailty.




Advantages of Millennials:

We feel entitled.

I went to my neices senior high school function, and an educator there communicated how this age feels just as they are qualified for everything. That’s true! As recent college grads, we have been pampered by our friends and family and instructed that we merit the world. We even got investment grants for losing an opposition! Like, what is that? On the off chance that anything, the world does not owe us anything. Keeping in mind the end goal to win something, we should work for it.

We as a whole need approval.

We go via web-based networking media and we look for consideration. On the off chance that we don’t have “x measure of preferences” on a photo or “x measure of devotees” we naturally accept that we are not commendable. For what reason would we say we are continually approving ourselves by the number of preferences we got on a tweet or a photo? It doesn’t gauge how astonishing our identity is. That is to say, probably the most persuasive individuals had a little gathering of devotees.

We need conduct.

This announcement is a cream. I realize that there are a few people in this age who are helping people. They hold entryways open for individuals, and on the off chance that somebody requests enable, they to offer it to them. Be that as it may, I do see when others around my age don’t hold the entryway open for outsiders, say thank you when an outsider accomplishes something pleasant for them, or say howdy to the individual sitting alongside them. It is basic. Treat others the manner in which you need to be dealt with.

The main way we are straightforward is through a screen.

At the point when is the last time, you told somebody the amount you acknowledge and love all that they do? When we converse with our smash, that is the main way we will admit to them the amount we like them. Or on the other hand, when somebody says something we don’t care for, we consequently assault them through web-based life since we won’t have the guts to state it to their face. In the event that just we were as overcome face to face as we are through a virtual world.

We have such a large number of assets to change the world, however, we come up short on the eagerness to do it.

Keep in mind when we were little and said we needed to be the President of the United States. Despite everything we can change the world regardless of whether we can’t really move toward becoming president. We have innovation that empowers us to impact others in manners that individuals couldn’t before. We simply need to make the decision to our objective and overlook things that keep us from improving the situation.





Disadvantages of Millennials:

We are comprehensive.

We have been the most tolerating age that has existed. We beat the individuals who victimized minorities, and we are tolerating to the individuals who recognize as cross-sexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender. We take everybody as they may be.

We adore being assorted

Regardless of whether we are Hispanic, Asian, White, or Black, we as a whole battle for one another rights. In the event that one side is assaulted, we protect one another. We are joined when we are looked with difficulty, and we join to battle the shared adversary.

We appreciate assisting

Regardless of whether it is the issue with Syrian evacuees or battling against third world destitution, we need to guarantee that everybody out there is equipped for being as fruitful as we may be. We comprehend giving back. Has that, as well as organizations can imagine Toms offer shod to those in need with each buy. We tend to help those organizations more.

We have huge objectives

A few people will take a gander at this badly, however, I feel that it makes us extraordinarily one of a kind. We realize that we as a whole have it in us to decidedly affect the world, and that is an astounding thing! We set up every one of these objectives in our mind since we realize that we are fit for achieving them.

We know how to cooperate

Let’s be realistic! In the event that we as a whole felt like a test was hard, we as a whole energize one another and say “On the off chance that you go down, I am running down with you!” We look for profound associations with each other and endeavor to communicate with one another at an individual level.

We know we have the ability to change the world

Regardless of how negative the more seasoned ages see us twenty to thirty-year-olds, we know we are the ones slice out to spare the world. We need to help the individuals who aren’t as special as us, and we know we have the answers to fix things like environmental change. With our basic reasoning and imagination abilities, we have the ability to affect the world to improve things.





Six thoughts upon Millennials



David Elliott from The Single Dad’s Guide To Life: I think you summed up a lot of them. I also think they aren’t as interested in marriage. Many feel like marriage doesn’t work and they don’t want to start a family when all the families they see around them are crumbling. I think they suffer from depression more than other generations but that could either be a cause of better mental health care recognizing issues or over-prescribing drugs that have negatively affected them. These, of course, are generalities and not specific. Millennials are very passionate as well. I see that you feel millennials have things going for them positively and negatively. You need to sum up what you are trying to say. I know you have a lot of opinions about the topic. I think this is the most I have seen you write on anyone issues so I know you feel strongly. I would take the negative stuff and try to frame it in a more positive light. It’s just that you value yourself and those around you more. That way you take the emotion self-worth and put a more positive spin on it.

David Elliott


Cannot mention name: I feel that millennial have a sense of entitlement. They don’t know what it is like to have to earn privileges. They don’t know what it is like to have to actually DO the things that need to be done in order to have. They expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter and spoon fed to them directly.



Dalene Ekirapa from Dalene Ekirapa: Millennials are not useless, their thinking is just so much different as compared to the older generation. Take the example of any work environment. It’s common to see many millennials who don’t love the job not doing it to their level best. At the same time, for one who loves it pushes for success so seriously. And also, we are so keen on our skills and talents these days thus can be termed as ‘foolish’ by the older generation especially over here. Mind you, while I do blogging, I also do Quantity Surveying. Not that I don’t like it but it’s something I wouldn’t want to seriously do in the near future since I plan to go into my passion for blogging fully. Now, this can be termed as ‘useless’ by the older generation. As well, as technology takes up almost every space making work easier, it’s common to see many Millennials laying back and not having to do anything, unlike the older generation who back then would have to do it all. So I won’t blame them if they consider us to be lazy. Look at Facebook, developed by a millennial, all these apps, tech work… Most developed by Millennials. So we aren’t useless at all. And for the guys of the older generation who incorporate and work together will Millennials, we’ve seen them become a force to reckon with since for sure, we should move with trends. So above all, I’d say that we aren’t useless. We just need to be challenged, nurtured and given that space to show what we can do. And we do it better!

Dalene Ekirapa




Salona Surjoo from Love in Abundance: Millennials, in my opinion, have a totally different perspective on life compared to their elders. This can be great when we look at those who have made a positive impact in their communities or society at a larger scale. While not so great when we look at those who have just destroyed their youth or were a cause of pain and suffering to themselves and others. In my opinion, I think that us millennials have a different perspective on life, which is rather carefree and unbound by the social conditioning and restrictions of society before them. We see things from a point of experience rather than accumulative items to ‘show wealth’. And in my opinion, that is fantastic. Perhaps that also means that we might not have assets or are in a positive to grow a family. But I feel that having a carefree mindset, can attract abundance and in attracting abundance we a can create stability.


Salona Surjoo



Crisly Zerrudo from Empowering and Uplifting: I think other people call us lazy because generally speaking, millennials are lazy. Because we have the choice to be so. We are living in a world where digital is a big part if our lives. Do we need food? We don’t need to cook or go out of our house to get food, just a few clicks and food will be delivered at our doorsteps. On the other hand, in some part of the world, there are millennials who cannot enjoy being lazy, especially the part where digital doesn’t exist. If you think about it, it’s not really about the generations, it’s about technology. Millennials are using the technology to make lives easier. Why would you want to spend hours, days, and months going out, looking for a job if you can spend a few minutes every day working on creating an income digitally? Technology is a big part of our lives where we can do almost everything without leaving the comfort of our home.

Crisly Zerrudo


John Sallie from Doyen Digital Nomads: Well, all my four children are all millennials so I may be biased but one thing I do feel is that the cause of much of the youth’s depression and anxiety is a result of the overuse and electronics and resulting disconnect from nature. At our base level we are animals and yet we ourselves have removed ourselves from our own habitat. A simple walk in the forest can prove this point.


Author John Sallie



I would love to know your thoughts too. So see you soon again. Till then Stay safe and Take Care.




102 thoughts on “Why do Millenials deserve a Chance”

  1. This makes an interesting read about how we position ourselves, preferences and abilities because of the type of technology provided to us.

    Thanks for so beautifully constructing this piece. And adding my say as well lol.

  2. I’ll agree with David Elliot! Instead of having to spoon-fed millennials, let them do it! And also, instead of depriving them, give it to them and let them do it. Millennials have huge potential and trust me, with the way the world is rapidly evolving, you’ll need some millennial minds for an inflow of current ideas.

  3. Konstantina Antoniadou

    I am not considered a millennial(I think I am a little older) but I can definitely see how all millennials get treated differently. Sometimes people feel entitled to judge cause they are plder. I agree.

  4. What it really comes down to for me is that no one should be treated as part of a group. You are all individuals with your own longings, goals, desires, etc. And everyone behaves differently. You might be able to make generalities, but the truth is, no one should be treated a certain way because they belong to a group of which they had no choice in. They are all individuals and we should view them how they treat us.

  5. What bothers me the most is seeing articles in the media such as “Millenials don’t think about buying houses, they just want to travel ” or “2 Millenials got killed while travelling to x country”, etc. The generation before “millennials” acted irresponsibly sometimes as well, and the generation before and so will the future generations.

  6. Sadly, we like to put the blame and labels on everything which shouldn’t be the case at all. Each generation have their negatives and pluses. If we were all alike, where’s the challenge in that? I think everyone needs to put our blaming finger down and just accept everyone as they are. Don’t you agree? 🙂

  7. Oh I think it’s just the same as for all generations – the older people always think it was better before and the new youth is sooo bad and so on… but really, they’re just young and trying to figure shit out!

  8. As with anything, this applies to some millennials but not all of us. (Yes, I technically qualify, even though I deny it most of the time.) Some of us are just trying to raise our kids and pay our bills!

  9. I think this generation in particular is one that gets a bad wrap. Millenials are seen as lazy and entitled, but every millenial I know is hard working and driven.

  10. This was an interesting look at millennials. I am considered a millennial but don’t fit a lot of stereotypes. Nevertheless, it was intriguing to read the advantages and disadvantages give to us!

  11. Elizabeth weitz

    What an awesome read on millennials! They have to be tough with all the criticism they face from other generations.

  12. Great post, a very interesting read. I think every generation has to deal with this honestly. When I was growing up the generation before didn’t understand our generation and now I struggle with millenials. I think it’s more of a right of passage honestly.

  13. I think that it’s inherent for each older generation to give a hard time or razz on an upcoming generation to some extent. The whole has been changing for centuries and as new ideas and ways of doing things and looking at the world emerge, there’s usually always some kind of a pushback.

  14. For those who listen to older people saying how bad millenials are, just remember that their elders also said similar things about them. This has been going on forever where older people will always say that the current generation has it ‘too good’ and always ‘takes things for granted’ and ‘don’t understand how hard life was in their time’ etc etc. Ultimately if the current generation is no good, the older generation has to shoulder much of the blame as well. It would be much better if we just shared our knowledge in a productive way without judgement.

  15. I love millenials. I have two! I believe the self-entitlement thing can occur with any generation! My son feels self-entitled and my daughter doesn’t. I grew up feeling self entitled and I’m a Gen X’er

  16. Good write up. In my opinion, all generations have their goods and bads. We cannot put everyone in a box or add a label. And the ones that criticize today were criticized in their younger years too.

  17. Maybe it’s true Millennials deserve a chance, but I’m really a lost generation. Confused. A generation that does not have a goal and a hope. A generation that should first find itself and the contact with reality to take flight.

  18. I wouldn’t generalise and put all millennials in the same “pot”. It’s the same as stereotyping a country, you can’t say that everyone is the same and is driven by the same desires. There are huge differences between millennials who grew up in different countries, who are driven by totally different things. Saying that everyone who was born in a 10 years period is the same is a stereotype.

  19. I’ve always liked millennials. I might be one. It depends on the day. Sometimes they give a certain time period and that changes. But anyway, I’ve never had a problem with them. Sometimes they can be whiney, but we all can, once in a while.

  20. I personally think that every generation has their thing. I mean we had the baby boomers, the gen x and then now the millennials. It is the same issue arising from a different time and name.

  21. I don’t subscribe to attributing behaviors or thought processes to any group as a whole whether it be positive or negative. The world is an ever-evolving place to which we all respond to differently based on life experience, beliefs, and our personalities as individuals.

  22. I did my student teaching when millennials were in preschool and these kids were raised differently as parents wanted them to have things that they did not. So that may be the reasons to this but hey we are individuals and dont have to be put in a box.

  23. I think we were different raised differently to previous generations but we have also have a huge change in technology around us which is still on going. So much has changed and we’ve had to try and adapt with it and work it all out.

  24. As a millennial, I think people have this stereotype in their mind that we are entitled etc, but I’m finding a lot of people who are older than me are suddenly discovering that the world has changed in ways that are scary and uncomfortable, ways that they would never have seen coming. Then they understand why we are the way we are.

  25. I agree to many things in your post, but also disagree to some-and that’s okay! We are all different and technically I am labelled as a Millennial based on my age, but I do not whatsoever identify as anything the media describes as such. Good post!

  26. This was such an interesting read, especially with the perspectives from other people too. It does seem that milennials often get unfairly judged sometimes but I think most generations tend to judge the one below.

  27. My kids are millenials and they have so many advantages that we just didn’t have and I think the frustration is they often don’t appreciate it. My main frustration is the want it now, buy now pay later thing……..they end up getting into financial trouble

  28. Great Post and they are all right. Mostly when it comes to marriage its like it’s non existant and nobody wants to hear about kids either. Also depression is at a high and so is mental health.

  29. I am technically a millennial but it is such a wide range. I am a older millennial and have some key differences from the younger ones. I have see Millennial do great things and I have seen some be entitled.

  30. We called the current generation “strawberry generation” meaning they are easier to get hurt and damage, kind of like the protected animal species. This is mainly because they did not have any hardship like the generation before them.

  31. I think every generation has a “bone to pick” with the previous and the following generation. I am a millennial but I already feel surpassed by the next generation, who I feel is even more entitled than we are considered to be!

  32. One thing that no one speaks about is how kids nowadays believe they are the center of the universe with so much laws that makes no sense and that somehow gives them the “right” to believe they can manipulate their parents to do whatever they want. They want everything handed without contributing to the house they live in.

  33. I completely agree that we have the opportunity to change the world. Literally it is a turning point and millennials are there at it.

  34. Catherine Santiago Jose

    This is such a nice article to read and very interesting topic. Everybody should given a chance to prove themselves whatever generation they are in. Totally agree with everything you’ve cited here.

  35. I think even if we are a Millennial or not, it really still depends in our personal attitude and personalities. We can’t blame who we are based on what Generation you are included. We all have positive and negative traits and we are specially unique in our own little way.

  36. Catherine Santiago Jose

    This is such a very interesting article to read. I still believed in the words that ” All His creations are good “. I think we sometimes misunderstood each other because we were born in a different generation or era and aside from that we are raised by our parents differently depending on what they want us to become. I guess we should allow Millenials to do it for themselves and let them prove that they can.

  37. I am the parent to two millenials, and I can honestly say that no two are the same. I do see that there are negatives in every bracket, but which the negatives will always be spotlighted and be heard louder than the positives. With that I don’t feel that any bracketed age group can be boxed completely as there is no absolute mold that encompasses all of us.

  38. I think the entitled stereotype is the one that really gets me. Like no, living at home because it’s financially smarter than being in poverty in an overpriced apartment is not entitled. Neither is the desire to work at a company that pays a fair salary and doesn’t require you to sacrifice your life to it.

  39. I agree with the strong pull for entitlement and that is it something we all have to fight against. Staying humble but still chasing for your dreams is so important!

  40. I think it’s unfortunately common for older generation to look down on younger ones. I think the millennials are incredibly mistreated. The millennials I interact with are intelligent, empathetic, and motivated to bring much needed changes.

  41. I think there is no difference between the millennials and how we used to be before. It is just a matter of misconception.

  42. This is such a great post. I do love how millennials live today. I just love them dearly. People nowadays are trying to give bad feedback because of their behavior. We cannot blame them. People change, time goes by. Everybody changes whether it’s millennials or not.

  43. Blair villanueva

    We millennials got spoiled by our parents and mostly not given chance to discover and experience ups and downs. Its not too late, we can still have it.

  44. I feel like there’s a real distortion between how millenials are represented in the media and how they are in real life. No generation is perfect and we have our flaws but we don’t just live for mashed avocado

  45. Kristen Frolich

    I am a millennial and I hate it when people of a different age try to put me down. I have worked hard for every single thing I have and I will continue to do so. I think classifying people by generations is foolish.

  46. I think this is a great read for people who are looking for opinions on millienials. I believe we get really bad views while also having huge expectations held of us

  47. This is such an interesting post ! Here in France things are not really different. It’s just a matter of generations and also evolution, I think !
    Thank sfor sharing !

  48. What a great article! I think in the past 10 years there has been a bog shift in technology and the way we relate and interact with each other, it is a tipping point that will determine our future.

  49. Oh gosh. I really don’t know what I can add to this. I do, however, think it’s important to remember that we are all individuals. There are plenty of people that like to make sweeping statements about different generations… but there is so much more beneath the surface that triggers different strengths, weaknesses and ideals.

  50. As a millennial, I get so frustrated when we’re called “lazy” or “entitled.” I’m neither of those things – I’m a full time student working full time for what I want!

  51. I’m a millenial, however I’m an old millenial. I’m 31 and was born in 87. It’s such a weird generation to be from because I remember life without social media and the Internet. I definitely identify with some of these. I definitely don’t live my life by what society wants of me. I’m living in Spain working as an English teacher and a blogger. I’m not married with kids, and I don’t care. I know that if that’s meant to be, it’ll come into my life. Right now, I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing and that’s all that matters.

  52. To be honest I hate generalizations like this. I stopped using labels a long time ago so I don’t go around putting people in a group just because of their age. Everyone is different. There are entitled people in all ages!

  53. I hate generalizations like that to be honest. I stopped using labels years ago. I don’t think it’s right to judge someone because they belong to a specific age group.

  54. I am not a millenial but I love them. There is nothing wrong with them. The problem is how people judge them and didn’t know what they’ve been goinh through.

  55. I have to admit being a typical millennial. Almost everything you generalize about them is valid for me. I think there is nothing wrong about it as long as you know your forte and not

  56. I agree with the comments as well it’s not uncommon for the older generation to look down on younger ones. I’m a millennial and although we all ain’t bad. I feel like there is a problem of entitlement.

  57. As an “older millennial” I definitely think we have gotten the shaft on a lot of things. We also are judged as a whole for a few.

  58. Most Millenials are lazy, selfish and entitled because of the abundance within them, I still believe in the few who are extraordinarily creative and can stand up for things that don’t align with their beliefs or morals compared to the bloomers. We need to keep actively teaching them and stressing on the need to be selfless, talented, confident and above all to be the change they want to see.

  59. I love this! My husband and I are both Indian, I was raised in the US while my husband was raised in India. Our son will have the best of both worlds

  60. We have to support all generations, including the younger ones. They are the future for us!! Hurrah for the millenials. 🙂

  61. I honestly think it all goes in the person’s character. I know many millennials who are hard workers and want to earn what they get. While others are intitled and feel too good to even do over time at a job to help the team out. Then there are others who refuse to even get a job and are almost in their 30’s and still live at home with their mom. I’m sure these situations have happened throughout every generation too!

  62. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I have three children, all young adults, all millenials. I sometimes compare my life as a youth to the life these millenials live today. I think we are basically the same, it is just the circumstances surrounding our lives that are different. Either way, we all went through similar learning experiences, just different in the ways we achieved it.

  63. Whether we are different but all have ups and downs in their life. Everyone has different perspective on this point but I think everything is alright according time to time.

  64. Millenials are the hope of future as well as present. Whatever is happening in the world right now or going to happen in near future will affect millenials a lot. They deserved a chance to build the future.

  65. Although in my opinion, millennials do act entitled, I still think that in every age groups there are differences. Not all millennials are the same, just like not all baby boomers are the same. A lot of responsibility still lies in the form kids are raised and what they learn at home.

  66. The second comment or so that says that Millennials are entitled and don’t have work ethic is just so silly. I’m an older Millennial and we’ve definitely seen and come through a lot economically, financially as well as the switch from analogue to digital almost immediately. We’ve strong work ethic, are mostly assertive, don’t want to experience the negatives that previous generations went through and so strive to make more, do more and be more. Yes, we’re more socially liberal.

  67. Millennials are the best! But we’re not perfect. Nor was the generation/s before us. We have different goals and ideas than previous generations. I don’t see why that’s a bad thing.

  68. Many so called millennial stereotypes are sadly true! The main one is that millennials feel entitled. They need to learn to work hard to earn their way and not feel like everything is owed to them.

  69. This is such an interesting post. I am not really considered a millennial. I do have some younger friends that are. They think it is unfair that older people lump them all together. Not all of them are lazy. There are many that I know personally that work hard. Millennials do have a lot more resources at their hands and I think that is awesome. I do look forward to seeing them rise up and achieve things that older generations haven’t thought of yet.

  70. Oh I love this, how very interesting it is so read all of these opinions. I guess some millennials do feel entitled, im just the same way others in this world do! It’s just the same!

  71. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I sent my children the link to this post. They are all millenials and they totally relate with the article. My daughter said, “compared to your growing up years, Mama, ours is more complicated that you think. Sure, there are conveniences offered by technology, but that does not make life “easier.” We have to be more competitive, more learned, and think two steps ahead of everyone else. The pressure to succeed is so great it stresses us out. I think she is right.

  72. Jennifer Prince

    Oh wow! Everyone definitely deserves a chance – no matter their views or when they were born. This is a fab post to let others know!

  73. This is certainly an interesting read but I would have to say that I disagree that millennials being entitled is an advantage. I teach millennials and sometimes it is very difficult to motivate kids that decide they are entitled to a grade whether they do the work given or not. Don’t get me wrong I have some very hard working kids and they certainly shouldn’t be grouped as one, however, the mentality of the students is ‘Google It’ everything will be done for them and they don’t have to figure things out themselves.

  74. Geraline Batarra

    This is really a hot topic, but what do i say.. Ahmm wime shouldn’t just judge anybody just because of their age and knowledge and perspective. Even though millenials prefer traveling than building their own house. It still an investment though. Just a different kind of investment.

  75. Times are different now to when I was that age range, but I can see it from both sides. I also am able to judge people for who they are age taken out of it, there are just as many older people who act like they are entitled too x

  76. I think it’s so tough because like every generation there are some positives and some negatives. I think milleniums are super hard working as we all know a normal job won’t pay enough to get us what we want, but some milleniums do have a feeling of entitlement x

  77. blair villanueva

    We millennials are the generation were we received a lot of pampering and safety from our parentals, we are used to a buffet-concept where everything is laid in front of us. Yes there is still a chance to fix it, by teaching the new generation what to do.

  78. An interesting read but many misconceptions about millennials are debatable. I fall within the millennial age range but I don’t consider myself to be one based on the perceived attitudes of this group.

  79. Listening to the different perspectives was very insightful. I’m a millenials and I feel that we definitely have valid opinions.

  80. this is very interesting to read. I believe that all generations are different. Maybe, we , millennials are pampered by our parents and society. what we have today, we owe it to prev generations. thanks

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