How does Heartbreak Affect a Girl?


Heartbreak is painful because when your heart is broken, it can feel like the apocalypse. No measure of torment has ever felt so anguishing or thought. It resembles a monster opening was pulverized into your chest, with no expectation of fix. A lady who once had her heart broken can figure out how to pardon, truly, however, she will always remember how a broken heart feels. I was recently talking to some good friends of mine Dalene from Dalene Ekirapa from Dalene Ekirapa and Karen from Karen Monica with whom I have done certain previous projects earlier about it and I asked about their input on it and what they said was interesting.


Dalene says

For first lovers, upon suffering a heartbreak, you may find yourself disliking men, most men of the same niche as your ex boyfriend. A case where a boyfriend cheats on you, going to the next relationship, you will have this prior suspicion the guy will also do the same to you.

Most times we lack appetite for food, we feel we’re good, we deprive ourselves food, my advice, eat, even if you don’t feel like, don’t trust your guts, you know the importance of healthy eating and drinking of water. Remember life has to go on. You’ll soon get over it and you’ll need to be healthy to do your routines.

Sure, you may feel like you deserve to die, like you should kill the nerd, don’t trust yourself again. Seek advice from the few you have around.

If you want to get over it quickly, be as much open about it, to anyone you feel like, care less about who they’ll tell, be intentional, your aim is to get over it. Talking is by far the best therapy ever. You may shed 2-4 tears if you feel like. But never cry alone in a lonely room, it’ll dehydrate you.

Dalene Ekirapa




Karen Says

To me, every heartbreak sucks at the beginning. It not only drains you
emotionally but it hurts you physically as well. You are at the point
where you feel that you have just lost everything (that may not be the
truth in reality) but that is how the mind reacts when you get rejected.

You feel so unmotivated. It is like the world has shut you out. You look around and you feel that everyone is happy except you. You just want to be
by yourself in a room and cry your heart out. And that gets you down even

Heartbreak is an emotional chaos. Your stress levels starts to soar high.
You would avoid looking at yourself in the mirror because you look like a

But all that usually happens only at the beginning phase of a heartbreak.
Once you get to overcome that roller coaster period, you will start to see
a newer you.

Slowly the emotional and physical pain will start to heal. The stress
levels will go back to normal. You will feel emotionally stronger. The
world will start to look like a much better place. You will be inspired to
improve your life.

I believe that each heartbreak will nurture you to be a better and
stronger person. You are still smiling and standing after all that
emotional chaos, aren’t you?

Karen Monica




Well, to be honest Karen’s question made me question myself and then I came up with ideas how to deal with it, of course we all handle our heartbreaks in our own way but the one I am about to mention here are the one which will help you with the grief of heartbreak.

Take it each day by itself.

Or on the other hand, hell, one breath at any given moment. One minute on end. When I was down and crushed, I couldn’t envision how on the planet I would endure, not to mention do basically everything that I knew was coming. Contemplating what’s to come was completely overpowering. I couldn’t do it. Rather, I simply focused on single days. The present was excruciating, yet I remained there. I remained with the agony as it ebbed and moved as the days progressed. What’s more, the days crawled by, everyone a little triumph.


Web stories can be great, yet it’s your friends and family will’s identity a gift from heaven during melancholy. Try not to delay to contact your loved ones quickly when something disastrous has happened.

During my first break up (the only break up which hurt me) my mom was already dead so I talked to my dad, and a few of my close friends soon after my break up. They couldn’t influence the agony to leave, yet they tuned in and said what they could. I realized I was thought about. I realized they were concerned. Feeling that adoration advised me that I wasn’t useless. I was as yet the same me.

Discover comfort in music.

After the split, I sat in an airplane terminal, tuning in to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, crying discreetly to myself as neglectful individuals strolled by. It felt great to give it a chance to out. It was a piece of my recuperating procedure. Music was another consistent, something that wouldn’t disappoint me. I think I presumably tuned in to each tragic melody I’d at any point heard. It wasn’t an approach to feel frustrated about myself (OK, perhaps a bit) as much as other methods for realizing I wasn’t the only one. It was a method for feeling all the more powerfully the torment in the tunes and verses of others, a method for sympathizing with them and realizing they saw how I felt as well.

Keep up your daily routine

This was maybe the hardest activity after what occurred—come back to my everyday practice. Truly, I had a craving for securing myself a dim stay with ten pounds of dessert and sucking my thumb for the following couple of months. It didn’t appear to be conceivable to come back to my everyday life. In any case, I did, and sooner or later, I understood that it was my standard that was restoring my feeling of direction. In reality, doing things took my psyche off of the gap in my chest and helped me to remember my esteem.


It takes a specific proportion of confidence to fall into a dark opening of torment, grab around carelessly for some time, and in the long run develop. My circumstance felt without anything positive. It appeared as though there was nothing to hang my cap on. However, someplace, profound inside me, I figured out how to discover the mettle to trust that things would be better once more. I trusted that life would not neglect me. I trusted I could endure the hardship, and following a couple of months, the skyline didn’t look so distressing any longer. I started to leave the past where it was intended to be—behind me—and to discover fulfillment in the present.

Well at the end, I would just say that maybe it is hard to move on but not impossible.

I would love to know your thoughts too about this so let me know.


121 thoughts on “How does Heartbreak Affect a Girl?”

  1. “Once you get to overcome that roller coaster period, you will start to see
    a newer you.”

    I so love this line because a break up makes you so much stronger after you pick yourself up again!

  2. Heartbreaks can be so fatal so the best thing is to learn how to accept the situation and move on. From my own experience, it’s even better on this other side where you can get to develop and learn to love yourself.

  3. This is an empowering piece. Heartbreak can be soul crushing. This post will be the shining light that anyone suffering from heartbreak will need to get through. Thank you for sharing

  4. I think it is important to give it time. Everything seems small in perspective. That is a bit more difficult in the moment, but the bottom line is, as you said, take it one day at a time. Also, finding an escape in music, or even a book or a TV series is a great idea, you can live through somebody else when “you don’t fit in your own skin anymore”.

  5. Heartbreaks are tough and hurtful but we need it to become stronger and whole again. You will find it very helpful in a long run.

  6. I remember my first major breakup being completely devastating (I didn’t see it coming at all). It ended up being the best thing for our relationship in the end. A few months later, after we both had time to grow independently, we got back together and are now married and expecting our first kiddo! I think the most important thing you can do in a break-up is lean on the people who are around you, be sad when you need to, and then pick yourself up and find out how strong you actually are.

  7. If I could go back to the first time I had a broken heart, I would tell myself to delete my ex’s phone number from my phone and to never pick up the phone again when he called. In other words, don’t be friends with someone who breaks your heart. They are not worth it and don’t deserve your kindness. This might sound harsh but in the long run, you have to put yourself first to truly heal and be ready for the right person.

  8. Ultimately, acceptance is the only thing we can do with heartbreak. It’s the only position we can find ourselves in if we wish to move on from the end of a relationship and to build something better. But everyone’s road to acceptance is almost never the same. It’s truly about going to find yourself once again. The you which existed before your partner was there. Find that you and you will find yourself in a better place.

  9. These are great tips to help with heartbreak. We all have some loss that is painful to recall. I clearly remember my first real heartbreak and sadly have more than one experience. You’re absolutely right about the emotional chaos but over time it feels like a more manageable pain.

  10. Gotta tell you, that’s one of the best things about being a grown up. It is so much easier to deal with heartbreak once you have gone through it once…or twice…or…well, you get the drift. Adulting ain’t easy, but it is much easier than teenagering.

  11. I believe heartbreak can make one stronger. But everyone handles it differently. Me personally when I felt heartbreak I surrounded myself with positive people in my life and kept myself busy. The more I kept busy the less I thought about things.

  12. I don’t think anyone understands how heartbreak effects the other person. It can be devastating especially if the person has no support system. It was great seeing it from a woman’s perspective

  13. These are all so true, you do end up hating men for a while until you notice that they can’t own you and that there’s more to life than crying over a heartbreak.

  14. Heartbreaks are hard, but I beleive everything happens for a reason. You may not understand it now but there are better things to come.

  15. Any woman going through a heartbreak needs time to herself – to heal, to re-focus and regain confidence. There is no definite timeline to this, but just give her the time she needs and she will be fine. I went through one major heartbreak before and I shut myself in a cocoon. Fortunately, I was able to accept and more forward!

  16. I’ve had only two heartbreaks in my life and I can say they really changed me but also shaped me into the woman that I am today. It’s really important to take each day as it comes, not forcing anything but just letting it happen.

  17. I had a relationship of 6 years with my first boyfriend ever. When we broke up it was really disheartening. I found great comfort in music and friends. after couple of times I went out by myself to hang out with friends I started enjoying my independence. I agree at the beginning it sucks, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

  18. What a great post. It’s always so uplifting to read posts like this, and see that we’re truly never alone in heartbreak, as much as we feel we may be.

  19. “Hearts are breakable, and I think even when you heal, you’re never what you were before”
    – unknown
    Heartbreak is one of the most painful that you feel, you feel dying on it, you feel alone, and you feel something that you wish that hurts is not true. Oh my! I love this post!

  20. heartbreak is painful. I think each person went through it and I consider it an experience we all should have. Not that I like it or ever want to experience again

  21. This entry is wonderfully written. It takes a LOT of acceptance, a LOT of courage, and a lot of understanding to really develop that sense of “moving forward”. This is one of those entries that you will never get tired of reading, and will be really helpful to those who are undergoing some pain or challenges in life. Lovely post!

  22. What a list of wonderful tips to deal with heartbreak. I found it hard to accept back then, but I have to admit now that time does heals. Thus, while waiting for the healing to work (which can take some time) I agree that you should focus on other things like music, books, or other useful activities. What you focus, expand; and if you don’t do anything, you will be focusing on the pain, which will not lead you to anything good.

  23. Unfortunately everybody goes through a few heartbreaks until they find their soul mate. They are hard, but it’s important to move on, and continue with your life. Otherwise how else would you find the one?

  24. Great tips and advice for overcoming breakups. I think it’s important to have close people around you. Friends and family can play a helpful role in these times. That and your own strength. People underestimate how strong they can be when they really need do be. Great blog.

  25. I think we all have experienced heartbreak one way or another. It’s extremely difficult and near impossible to get over but you’re right, it is possible!

  26. Heartbreak is something that is so difficult to get through and it often seems like there isn’t light at the end of the tunnel but there is, eventually. These are some great tips to help deal with heartbreak.

  27. If you experience heartbreak, it can feel like the end of the world. Most people would rather get physical pain than get their hearts broken. This blog is really helpful for those people suffering from heartbreak. Thank you for sharing this.

  28. I can still remember my last heartbreak. It was really painful. But instead of crying. I tried my best to move on and make myself stronger than I used to be.

  29. I never forget an heartbreak! I remember it all, in all the daily feeling and circumstances that followed them as it was yesterday the last time. I don’ know if it’s a good thing or not because it makes me live in the fear to live it again. Nothing is worse than the feeling of being abandoned.

  30. The most difficult for me was accepting. My first emotion was anger. I could not believe that a relationship that long would end up ugly. However, locking myself in my room did not help at all. When I learned to accept, things were a whole lot easier and I slowly crawled out of my shell. Thankfully, it is all in the past now.

  31. Each heartbreak we go through helps mold us and make us into the person we become. I have learned through each one. Now, I am happily married and know that each heartbreak has helped me get to this place.

  32. Heartache is inevitable. But I think your ways of overcoming it is terrific, because that’s what is important. How to deal with something not so great and turning it around into something positive.

  33. Before getting married I had my heart broken several times. I like Dalene’s advice that girls must keep going on with their routine. I wish I had this post around during my heartbreaks because you all gave some good advice.

    The heartbreaks I endured only helped me become stronger for the person that I now call my husband. 🙂

  34. Heartbreak is never fun and I agree can hurt like hell… your list of how to move on is definitely spot on. I find that music helps me a lot, and learning to accept your feelings and allow time to heal the heart.

  35. Being heartbroken can suck, and we all handle it differently. I cry, feel sad, and then figure out a way to make whatever happened a learning experience. I embrace my negative emotions for a bit, but then move forward. I can’t seem to stop moving forward, no matter what happens in life.

  36. Being heartbroken feels like the end of the world. But it’s important to know that these feelings like all things pass. Not only will you know yourself better, but the events that unfolded will make you a stronger person.

  37. Wow as in! I felt so much heartbreak back then when I was young when I fell in love with a certain guy I was dating and he was just out to have fun. That really broke my heart. But I am happy now. Looking back I can’t imagine if he became my husband. My husband is such a wonderful man. Now, I can say that it’s good that he broke my heart.

  38. Great info on how to deal with heartbreak. We all suffer heartbreak throughout out lives, so the better prepared, the easier it is to get through it. Thank you for sharing to let others know they aren’t the only ones.

  39. Heartbreak is never easy to deal with, but the important thing to keep in mind is that everyone is different, there will be someone else and you won’t have to keep your guard up forever.

  40. This is such a deep and meaningful post. I think we can all experience heartbreak in a different way, it is a very hard thing to deal with and it’s OK to allow that process to happen.

  41. Heartbreak is terrible sometimes you life such being mess up with someone. It’s hard to moving forward especially when that person who give a lot of time and effort. I’ve been through that before. You think something that you feel okay even if it’s not. Oh anyway I don’t want to mention I’ll just share my side such a great post!

  42. Heartbreak is such a tough thing to go through. There’s so much good advice here. I think it’s good to take it one day at a time, allow yourself to feel everything, cry, talk to others, and most importantly, take care of yourself.

  43. I just went through a sudden breakup of a boyfriend who was previous a super close friend first. It could of been an ugly break up but I transmuted that energy and just decided that I learned from our dating and sending him peace and love energy and it gives me motivating energy to move on gracefully. Can’t keep dwelling or sickness will kick in and unproductiveness but all is well. Its a mindset.

  44. I can still remember my first heartbreak. It was painful and I don’t know how to deal with it. This is such a great topic and this should be really discussed.

  45. What a wonderful post! A heartbreak can be difficult both for a girl, and for a boy. The most important thing is to move on, and start another journey.

  46. Everyone experiences heartbreak differently and for different reasons, I just experienced a non-romantic one last week when my father said I should grow up and move back the US eve though I love Japan. I cried for a whole day.

  47. Heartbreak is definitely one of the worst pains to experience. I also don’t want to ever go through it again. I loved the remedies and advice you provide about going through it, because the process, as painful as it is, is also very important.

  48. Konstantina Antoniadou

    I couldn’t have said it any better. It’s definely emotional chaos! Having people around you who care is so important.

  49. I feel it’s important to accept your emotions after a heartbreak, cry it off or take out the anger/frustration through something like punching a bag or kickboxing or anything that works for you. But, the important thing is to not stay wallowing in your sorrow. Seek help if need be, but pick yourself up, take your lesson learnt and move on…life is too short to be wasted in regrets.
    – Nandita

  50. Someone wrote that heartbreak will make you stronger, I truly believe those words. While I don’t have firsthand experience, I have watched my friends mature after heartbreaking relationships.

  51. Did you change the look of your blog? It looks great, and I am loving this font. So fun! And yes – breakups are so hard. 🙁

  52. I love what everyone shared here! It is so true that heartbreak can really take a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally. I like that you gave a good list to try and get through it, such as staying in your routine. Thanks for sharing!

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