In The Hope Of Yes

No one loves to feel negative about themselves. No want wants to suffer from insecurity. No one wants anxiety. Every human wants to love and to be loved. Everyone wants someone whom they can trust but what would you do if you were continuously betrayed, backstabbed by people who called them your own, your friends?



Maya rubbed off her tears and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wanted Z (Zan) to love her as she loved him. And somewhere she had the hope that he will love him, maybe someday.


Maya had noticed something, she was always the first to initiate a conversation with Zan. She always texted him first, called him. She was getting tired of this game, which made her decide that she will not text or call him anymore. If he wants her in his life, he will have to come now.


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8 days later, around 1:00 am, she got a message on WhatsApp from Zan out of blue.


Zan: What time do you sleep?

Maya was reading a book but as she got the text she opened it and looked at it for a while and then replied, “Why do you want to know that?”

Zan: I am lonely. I wasn’t a bad person you know. People made me like this.


Previously on The Chronicles of Maya: Care…..matters!


Maya realized that Zan was drunk, yet she decided to try and understand if he was alright so she continued the conversation with him.

Maya: Is everything ok?

Zan: You know, everyone hurts me. My friends, my ex-girlfriend. Everyone called me a trouble maker. No one loved me. NO ONE.

Maya: You might be a trouble maker once when you were not working but now you are in a different city, you have your own business. You are a better person now.

Zan: Yeah, you are right.

Maya: And you know I love you right? I am always there for you, by your side.

Zan: 😀 😀 you know I am going home.

Maya: Rohtak?

(Note: Rohtak is a city in Haryana State, in India)

Zan: Yup, for mom’s birthday.

Maya: When are you leaving?

Zan: On 6th March

Maya: 5 days from now…

Zan: Let’s meet up before that. I haven’t seen you in a long time.

Maya: I’m pretty much busy, but will try to make time and let you know. By the way, you haven’t answered me yet.

Zan: About what?

Maya: About me being in love…

Zan: We will talk about that when we meet.

Maya: Sure. Goodnight then…


You can read the previous chapters here: The Chronicles of Maya



Zan saw the message but he didn’t reply. Maya had butterflies in her stomach. She hoped for him to say yes.


Maya messaged Anil about the conversation she had with Z. Anil replied to it with the smile emoji.



On the other side that same night Anil was staying at Z’s place (obviously Maya didn’t know that). Z told him too about what Maya had just told him. Anil ignored it and poured himself another drink.




Did Z love Maya? What was Anil up to?





<img src="img_whiskey.jpg" alt="Anil sitting and pouring whiskey in glass from bottle" width="500" height="600">



                                                                                                                                     to be continued…..




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132 thoughts on “In The Hope Of Yes”

  1. More to come… I don’t know why but I have an uncanny feeling that Maya will become negative in future. And I’m sure Z or zan won’t say yes atleast not so soon because writers never make things easy. Do they?

  2. Writing a suspense story is a tough task and u ace that skill. You make sure the reader comes back to your blog just to know if Anil is a friend or foe! or if Z loves Maya? or if Maya would be bluffed or crossed over! gosh.. m waiting for the next blog.. when is it coming? Monday or before that?

  3. the story is becoming more and more interesting! I waiting for the next part of the story and I really want to know more! What Anil is up to? so curious!
    P.S. I do hope Zan loves Maya!

  4. Great writing. I think that Maya will wake up one day and move on the find her Mr. Right…or maybe her Mrs. Right. I do believe that there is someone out there that we are supposed to be with and when you find that person it is no longer work. The problem is after relationships like that we often close ourselves off from the possibilities. Keep it up!

  5. very interesting! I am going to go back to your previous posts and see what I have been missing because it seems like I just stumbled into the middle of a story! Looking forward to more! Blessings!

  6. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    I saw the date 6th march, and its bit significant day in my life. Anil seems to be a tricky person, would want to know what is his role in between Maya and Z.

  7. I can’t stand how much Z is yanking her chain. I know he has been hurt but she is putting herself out there and not getting anything in return. I hope she gets the answers she so desperately needs.

  8. This is such a fascinating read. It isn’t one of those readings that you can predict the end of. There were so many things I didn’t see coming. Thank you for sharing this, I hope this all has a happy ending.

  9. I am reading this story for the first time, very interesting story. Waiting for the next part. I will love to read see what happens.

  10. They say he’s a trouble maker, also likes to drink – those should be her red flags right there. I personally think this gal needs to get over him and move on. We’ll see what happens

  11. If you have to ask, the answer is no. You need to constantly be asking someone for reassurance, the right person will. Seems to be that she needs to learn how to love herself and build more self worth

  12. Iam now getting suspicious of this Anil guy. Is he playing both of them for his benefit? And i think Maya maybe better off without Z as he clearly has issues – jumping from one topic to another, cribbing one instant and talking of travelling the next.

  13. Oh wow can’t wait to know what happens I think Z may forget he talked to Maya due to the drinking but Anil may just end up spoiling it for Maya. Waiting for the next.

  14. So Maya confessed, but Z was so normal when he heard her, and Anil at Z’s place? I hope he is helping Maya.. or maybe he is having some feeling for Maya.. You have kept us hooked girl 🙂

  15. Glad that you are here in February to in Blogabeerrydazzle. The story is getting more and more interesting. Would Maya become more negative in future?

  16. I want to tell Maya that, ‘ Girl, give yourself more grace and don’t go behind him’ Being ignored so much is a red flag at the beginning of any relationship
    looking forward to reading more of the story

  17. I am glad Maya did not contact him first. It was great that he contacted first, but when she realized he was drunk… she should have cut it off and not brought up the “is he in love with me”. It is not her responsibility to make sure he is okay. If wants to feel bad about himself then that is his own situation to deal with. Why message Maya if he is at home with Anil. He could have brought up his problems with him… Something seems fishy about that situation.

  18. I am intrigued to know what happens with Maya! I don’t know why but I feel Anil is not the guy he portrays himself to be. Looking forward to reading more…

  19. I hope Maya moves on soon, it clearly isn’t going to end well for her.. I know everyone must go through this at least once, but the signs seem so clear from an outside perspective, and she’s just dragging it out and going to get hurt.

  20. Oh it’s becoming more interesting now. Waiting to read more and see how the story unfolds. Will look forward for Z’s answer.

  21. Wow. This is getting interest with each post… now I want to knw what will be Z’s reply. Though I doubt it will be a Yes. I knw writers don’t give in so easily so expecting a twist in the tale.

  22. Love is a very complicated emotion. I feel Maya should not have confessed during that phone call again. Sometimes, it hurts when you are the only person in love. It is ok to be heartbroken once and forever, than waiting for the other person to love you..

    Hoping the best for Maya

  23. I have been following along with this Chronicle for a while now and I can say it must really hurt to be Maya. Somehow I also associate it with the way women are taught to take all the pain and survive through it. It feels as though Zan is consciously in control of the narrative and the last word although this is all about Maya. The same way women are often secondary characters in their own story. What a raw and painful way of portraying the truth.

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