How do I Tell Her?

Her husband is cheating on her. Whenever she is out on work trips, he brings in another girl. And now he is planning to kill her and get all her inheritance.

I tried telling her this many times. But whenever she sees me in the mirror or on the window pane, she screams and runs away. She thinks I’m an intruder.

How do I tell her now that I’m not an intruder, I live here since last 90 years.

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19 thoughts on “How do I Tell Her?”

  1. Kaveri Chhetri

    another one of your spoooooky tales Moni… now I prepare myself in advance cuz I know anything is possible… keep them coming.

  2. Hey, moni, how do you get such idea yaar. You are really brilliant. Anyone can scream by seeing a woman in a mirror. Do you have any eBook of yours story ? I would love to read.

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