How to Deal with a Broken Heart

We’re talking about relationships with narcissists and psychopaths today. These people aren’t good for relationships. They’ve been through deep trauma that they pass on to others. Being with them can be harmful, crushing you inside. But you can recover with effort.

It’s tough to realize the harm in these relationships until it’s too late. You might feel worthless, guilty, and blamed. The negative feelings they create can stick with you.

After leaving a narcissistic partner, you might:

1. Find it hard to trust anyone, becoming suspicious of others.
2. Struggle to love again, feeling like you’re not worthy.
3. Feel empty inside, missing them despite knowing they’re harmful.

But as time passes, you’ll learn:

1. Time heals wounds. It takes a while to recover from their toxicity.
2. Self-love is crucial for healing. You need to care for yourself first.
3. Believe in your strength. You can overcome tough times and become stronger.

Remember, even though it feels like the end, you can recover and move forward. Life goes on.

That’s all for now. Take care!

113 thoughts on “How to Deal with a Broken Heart”

  1. I have had my fair share of toxic relationships. While they were hurtful, I appreciate them all because they led me to my husband and to a loving, healthy relationship of over 13 years. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. It’s also good to remember that as much as you will feel so broken inside, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel so chin up and all will be fine.

  3. Awwwwww.. but yeah believe in yourself. Don’t be soooo attached after and move on. If it goes back, you decide but don’t hover all your life around it.

  4. Wow, what an awesome read! I had been through some bad relationships (and I guess people at my age or above must have been in at least one) and it caused me having a trust issue for quite a while. Time is the best healer indeed, and it’s important to always surround ourselves with positive environment.

  5. These are great tips. Broken hearts suck, for sure, but we all need to have our experiences, embrace them and continue on once healed to experience life in a different way.

  6. These are great tips for dealing with a broken heart! Most of us have gone through a bad relationship or two or more. These tips may help you get on with things instead of getting stuck. Thanks for the read!

  7. This is such a great post – informative and helpful. Dealing with broken heart is so hard, I am glad there is a helpful post for that!

  8. A broken heart changes the person temporarily or for permanent. But, finding the right person can heal the person. Yes, it does take the proper time to things fall in the right place again.

  9. Geraline Batarra

    Being heartbroken is really terrible. It can eventually lead to depression, so be strong always. Always think that time heals everything.

  10. Time is your friend in these situations and it is true that every experience can be a learning experience that makes you better and wiser.

  11. This is going to help so many people. Heartbreak of any kind – whether from breakups or death is so hard to get through. There are times when you think you’ll never recover.

  12. This is such a helpful post for everyone!

    Having your heart broken is definitely the worst, some people have a hard time accepting it and moving on and some people get over break ups in a blink of an eye.

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  14. You are brave to share this. People in a toxic relationship often don’t feel like it’s toxic because they are blinded by the warning signs. Loving yourself is key because if you don’t, how would you know what it feels like when you experience it

  15. Time is the biggest healer, this is not something for just saying. It actually is. A broken heart can either make you or break you, and that’s completely on us how we tackle the situation. Concentrating on yourself is the biggest motivation!

  16. This article is so helpful. I have met a narcissist or two. Once you know what to look for, you can spot them a mile away.

  17. Time truly is the best healer. You need to be able to heal and accept the things in your life which have hurt you and move away from them. It takes space and time. And rushing healing doesn’t help usually. Usually creates other problems.

  18. Alexandra Cook

    Pain does mean different things for everyone. just as the management of that pain can mean many things. We have to learn to surpass these pains because these are only trials of life.

  19. It’s difficult to have perspective while it’s happening, but time really is a great healer. Broken hearts build character and prepare you for better things.

  20. Everything happens for a reason, and most reasons are not made visible until later. We need reminders to learn to let go and let the process unfold.

  21. Most of us have been through a difficult relationship or a hurtful break-out, I had a few, and for me the best thing was time, be patient and give it time.

  22. It can take a while to heal, but it is useful to keep these things in mind. Everyone is different in how we handle grief, but it helps to have an understanding of ways that can help us move on.

  23. A broken heart can be one of the most painful experiences of one’s life, I know. I also know, that they don’t stay broken forever. I like how you emphasized learning to love yourself as a way to get over lost love. This is crucial. It may not completely erase the feeling of loss and pain, but it will get you to the place of know that you are worthwhile.

  24. I think every one of us (not all) have a story and experience to tell from one point of our lives. Time really is your healer, sometimes might also feel your adversary. But with the proper approach, like these great points you’ve mentioned, a broken will get there and whole again. 🙂

  25. I must say that time heals a broken heart. I believe that we heal, learn and grow from the painful experience of a breakup. Moving on from a relationship/broken heart involves going through a grief process. I enjoyed reading your post and thanks for the tips.

  26. A broken heart is one of those things that can sting for a while. Especially when it is your first time feeling this way, it can seem like it will last forever.

  27. You must be very unlucky to date both a narcissist and a psychopath. I do think that you don’t have to date someone toxic to have a broken heart though. Each relationship that ends breaks hearts.

  28. This is an interesting topic to talk about. I had a fair share of heartaches and I did not know how I went through them but I did and now I am stronger than ever.

  29. You’re definitely right that it is not easy to recognize the toxic or harmful relationship they are persevering until the point that their limit is reached. That results to a really painful heartbreak. Relationship is a gamble but you just need to know when to leave a toxic relationship.

  30. When I got divorced my broken heart spiraled into a dangerous depression and I really didn’t see much point in living anymore. I felt so undesirable, like I would never be whole again, I got through that with prayer, counseling and great BFF. It can be a slippery slope if you are already fragile.

  31. This is so sad but bad and hurtful relationships exist, unfortunately. But it is great that you’re resilient and learned from the experience. Amazing.

  32. This is always a depresssing situation and not so easy to come out. You gave such good advice and meditation is also a good way to heal yourself. Thanks for writing and sharing such sensitive topic.

  33. Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels, or at least I like to believe that is true. It does take time to get over a breakup and see things more clearly, so being kind to yourself and keeping busy can really help.

  34. Sadly a lot of people don’t take time to heal before the jump right back into dating and ultimately end up failing at what might have been a good relationship.,

  35. Nice post and I love your advice. I agree that it is so hard to recover or even love and trust again to somebody if you had a bad experience from the your past relationship.

  36. One time in my younger years, my heart was broken by a boy. But since we were not in a relationship, it was easy. I went to the theater, watched a sob story, and cried my heart out. I had a really bad headache when I went out and my eyes were puffy. But my heart was light and I moved on.

  37. I can imagine that it would be hard to get away from someone like this. They are good manipulators. This is a great resource for anyone dealing with this.

  38. You have great tips in your article! I honestly believe that time can heal all kind of wounds including a broken heart !

  39. I love reading this blog post. Heart breaks are painful, but when you fully recovered on it. It’s a new you! Thanks for the wonderful blog post.

  40. blair villanueva

    Time is another way for us to heal. During this moment, open yourself to be focus on things and activities you like most – travel, hobbies, etc.
    You will discover a new you eventually.

  41. thanks for creating awareness, I’ve experienced heartbreak but it wasn’t a toxic relationship and I ended up marrying him so I can only imagine the pain others are going through but I do agree that time heals all wounds.

  42. I absolutely love this post. I can recall the last time I felt broken hearted and trying to find my way out of that was a nightmare. Lousy glad that’s over.

  43. It was not easy for me. I remember feeling the hurt through my chest. It was as if my heart is really breaking into pieces.

  44. Time does heal wounds/broken hearts if the people deal with their emotions and do some soul searching. Be okay with being single and alone, learn from each relationship and let go of the past pain…
    Nice advice to lookout for when dating a narcissist.

  45. Matija Antonić

    Most of the people were left broken hearted a few times, and it’s sad when one relationship makes you mistrust and not open open up to new people out of fear of being hurt again, but that happens, it’s all something that defines you as a human being. And besides when that right person comes along it will be more special.

  46. It takes a lot to realise when love becomes toxic. I know I’ve learnt the hard way, life is a constant battle of life lessons and applying the new knowledge. Great post also x

  47. Heartache is unexplainable pain. I think we are all heartbroken at least once in our life. Some people can move on some are not, and that is the worst part. it takes time to heal it. But I do believe that every person has a match made in heaven.

  48. Narcissists and Psychopaths are the absolute worst. They tend to wear down their partners over time and make them feel worthless. I am so glad that you addressed how to cope after the relationship ends. I agree with you so much. I truly do believe that time is the best way of dealing with a breakup.

  49. A broken heart is a tough one to deal with. It feels like your world is coming to an end! Time is defo the best healer and surrounding yourself with good people

  50. I only had one relationship before my husband and it lasted for seven years. It hurt so badly I thought that was the end of me. However, the sun shines after darkness. Very insightful post!

  51. Great read. Time is definitely a good healer. I like that you mention believing in yourself. After a heartbreak it’s so easy to feel down on yourself or blame yourself. It’s important to work on your self-esteem to bounce back before the next relationship.

  52. I think I would rather deal with any kind of physical pain than a broken heart. Time seems to help the healing process.

  53. Thank you. Heart break can come in many forms other than relationships and the pointers you gave out will help as well. I appreciate it as I am currently dealing with my own

  54. I was in this relationship a year ago. I was broken in so many pieces, I don’t know how to put myself back together. Glad time indeed healed me.

  55. blair villanueva

    When I first felt this, I knew I have to feel and experience the pain in order to move on. I am happy that I am surrounded with family and good friends that motivates me to move faster!

  56. It is so amazing to me how someone we loved so much and would do anything for, turns into someone we never want to see again at some point. How does that even happen??? It’s common though, and one person usually ends up quite bent up for a bit when it does.

  57. Heartbreaks are the norm of life but when it hits you, no words or action makes sense and sometimes you do reach out on the internet for help so your post is so helpful to others and will reach out to the ones in need

  58. This is a pretty sensitive matter to discuss. It just feels terrible to be in this type of chapter. But with a helping hand, it is going to be easy.

  59. i really appreciate how honest and open you are talking about your feelings, because this is definitely a difficult and delicate topic!

  60. I love your final tip. It is a part of life that shall too pass and at least we are away from danger. It’s always helpful to know we are not alone in these situations. Thanks for sharing.

  61. OMG! I remember same month last year I’m being broken heart and I really don’ know how can I motivate myself. It’s not easy to moving forward especially when you remember the past memories it can be bittersweet but in the end I decide let to go and accept the fact that he’s not coming back anymore OMG HAHAHA! heartache s”cks.

  62. No matter how awful or terrible a relationship is, whether its romantic, a friend, or family member, there’s always insight to take away. We must learn from these situations in order to not let history repeat itself. I’m all about the self-love before you can love others.

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