I Am Not A Patient

“Don’t you think you read too much”, Maya asked Viraj endearingly. “I don’t know, maybe”, he replied with a smile.

“It’s good to read but do not forget about your real life too, sometimes we get so much involved in fantasy that we forget about the reality”, Maya caressed his cheek as she stood up to leave the asylum. She was already late for work.

As she was walking towards the exit she received a text from Viraj which said, “You read books too, so does that mean I’m your imagination or…. *wink “. Something clicked inside her as she remembered that Viraj never had a mobile phone. She ran back to the room where she had just left him.

She entered the room and found it empty. As she ran out of the room she found a nurse just outside whom she asked frantically about Viraj who was just in there a few moments back. The nurse looked at her and said, “There had been no patient admitted in this room since last 6 years, except you.”

“I… I came here today to admit my boyfriend… What rubbish are you saying?”, Maya said clenching her jaws. Suddenly she saw three ward boys walking towards her.

“No stop. I am not a patient… I can prove it”, She again said and took out her phone to show his picture but neither there was any picture of Viraj nor his message. Everything was blank.

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54 thoughts on “I Am Not A Patient”

  1. Kaveri Chhetri

    Woah! Excellent twist n climax… so creative your are Moni to think of these twists n tales n to be able to put so much in such few words… amazing truly n way to go!
    Loved the story!

  2. Flavia Cutinho

    I really need to put this question, how do you come up with such posts, I always get to read something totally different from you.

  3. This reminded me of Shutter Island. Patients never know they’re sick, right? Your stories are always have a unique quality. Love reading them!

  4. This was totally unexpected… I’m intrigued, what happens next? I’m pretty blown away with hoe you crafted an entire story in such few words – wow!

  5. Moni, I felt as if I am living this story. I went through similar hallucinations last month. It was as if I was hypnotised by a lunatic, mad healer. I have goosebumps all over. So scary.

  6. Zenobia Merchant

    Another superb nanotale that leaves so much to the imagination and keeps us wanting for more. The topic of mental illness is so well and sophisticatedly depicted, without the cleache screams and tearing of hair.

  7. This is both sad and scary in equal measure. Sad because the lady seems to be in love. Scary because her mental health doesn’t seem to be good. I’d love to know more, especially what happens to Maya later.

  8. Bedabrata Chakraborty

    Reading the same author becomes almost like a habit. And now I am addicted to your stories. Each one has such a twist at the end. Look forward to reading the next post.

  9. Wow! Such short story but packed with thriller. I could picture the entire episode while reading it. It was like being lost in a thriller novel. Great writing. Keep going!

  10. Oh wow! What a twist once again!!! I must truly applaud you for your style of writing where you get people hooked on your story then suddenly…bam!!!!You get us all left clueless not knowing what to ponder about. Amazing story writing!

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