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Hey everyone I am back after a long time. Yes on this new website but the contents would remain interesting as usual. Today on Interview zone I have Katherine Wallace from Katherine is a known fashion blogger and in her blogs she explains the products very well. So I shall proceed to the interview.

Me: Hi Katherine. Thank you for accepting my invitation for interview zone. So shall I proceed with the interview?
Kat: My pleasure. Sure. Go ahead.

Me: So how did you decide to become a fashion blogger? Was it a thoughtful choice?
Kat: I decided to become a fashion blogger because I love all things related to fashion and beauty, they have always inspired me. One evening I suggested starting a blog to my husband as a way to harness my creativity and share it with family, friends and whoever else stumbled across it. My husband was super supportive and now I have been blogging for about 4 months. I would say it was both a thoughtful, and spontaneous choice. Thoughtful in the sense that I knew this was something I was passionate about and had a drive to do. Yet spontaneous because it was a very spur of the moment choice to actually start my blog.

Me: Wow that’s awesome, So How was the response initially? Share some moments with us please.
Kat: I feel that the initial response was everything I could have hoped for. All of my family and friends were very supportive and couldn’t wait to see the content I was creating. I found it very touching that so many people in my life were interested in reading what I had to say. I have a hard time pinpointing any specific moments, because the whole experience has been so overwhelmingly positive.

Me: Do you think Organized Stores keep an eye of the fashion bloggers?
Kat: I definitely think that brands keep an eye on what bloggers are posting and saying about their products. However, in the past I believe brands have focused mainly on bloggers with larger followings. In the past year or so it seems that brands are starting to see the importance of micro-influencers when it comes to marketing. Micro-influencers (1,000 – over 10,000 followers, subscribers) can drive a lot of traffic to a store if they give a positive review of a product, or wear a brands clothing often. Personally, I have had brands interact with my posts on social media (likes, comments, ect.). Therefore I think it is safe to say that they are very aware about what bloggers are saying about their products and how even small bloggers can have an overall impact.

Me: Whom do you envision as your target reader?
Kat: I envision my target reader being a young professional or entrepreneur between the ages of 18-35. But in all honesty I think that anyone who has a love for fashion and beauty will enjoy reading my blog.

Me: There are a lot of people following you on your fashion blog. How do you manage this huge number of followers?
Kat: Other forms of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are major factors as to why I have the following that I do. By putting myself out there on all of those social media platforms I am able to reach a larger number of people on a daily basis.

Me: What motivates you to blog?
Kat: Other beauty and fashion bloggers really motivate me. Every time I go on Instagram, Pinterest or WordPress I see the content that is being put out by other bloggers. Sometimes I’ll see an outfit on someone with pieces I would never have thought to put together, but it looks amazing. This makes me look a bit closer at my own closet and try to look for pieces that I thought wouldn’t go well together before and make an outfit with them.
The same goes for the beauty side of my blog. I will see a colourful makeup look on Instagram and be inspired to try something similar. I think that is one of the amazing things about being a part of the blogger community, it is always so inspiring.

Me: That’s great to know. So my last question for you would be would you like to give any Any advice for all our fashionable readers?
Kat: Use fashion trends as guidelines, not rules. Find your own personal style and rock it, regardless of what the current trends are.

Katherine, that was a lovely advice

So readers this was Katherine for you today.

And I really hope you enjoyed reading.

Keep following, Keep reading. And Keep Rocking..

83 thoughts on “Interview With the Fashion Blogger

  1. Asheli says:

    This was really interesting. I do agree that micro-influencers are being utilized much more so than in the past and I can totally see why. Their followings are often smaller but so much more engaged and involved!

  2. GiGi Eats says:

    It’s interesting to get into the minds of people who like genres that don’t interest me what so ever. I like to see what they’re thinking because I certainly don’t think that way at all! hahaha!

  3. Geraline Batarra says:

    Wow, that is such a great experience to have a chance to interview a well known fashion blogger and I do agree with her advise that we need to use fashion trends us guidelines and not rules.

  4. Lyosha says:

    As a fellow fashion Blogger I agree on most points. The interview is very well done and easy to read. Thank you for sharing such a valuable piece!

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    It was really nice to read about Katherine and her fashion blog. She gave some great advice that will be really helpful for a lot of people

  6. emily says:

    It was really fun to hear about Katherine and her journey with her fashion blog and I loved all the advice she had!

  7. Tonya Tardiff says:

    Really loved reading this post as I can completely relate to it! My fiancé was also very supportive of me starting my blog 🙂

  8. Ann Snook says:

    I like that she “shops” her own closet to make new outfits from her older clothes. I hate seeing fashion bloggers that are always wearing new pieces, as if regular people can afford to buy new clothes all the time like that!

  9. Ann Snook-Moreau says:

    It’s refreshing to hear a fashion blogger encourage people to use trends as guidelines only. I feel like some get way too into trendy fashion rather than building a personal style.

  10. Emma Riley says:

    Wow, this is such an interesting interview and I do love her advice that you need to use fashion trends as your guideline not a rules.

  11. Megan says:

    I always love reading interviews because it can really give such great insight into so many lives. Fashion blogging must be so fun. I thought it was interesting that Katherine said that other bloggers inspire her to to blog, I related to her saying that she sees how other people put things together that she wouldn’t have thought would work but they do.

  12. Terri Beavers says:

    What a great way to get to know this remarkable fashion blogger. I have to say that other bloggers inspire me as well as seeing new fashion trends. I started my blog as a fashion blog but it’s expanded well beyond that. There are times I still wish I hadn’t expanded but overall I’m happy where I’m at. I headed on over to now.

  13. Jennifer Prince says:

    Such a fun read! I love that she finds inspiration in others instead of considering them competition. That’s the way to go!!

  14. says:

    I find this post very inspirational. It’s such a blessing for new bloggers to have the support of loved ones in their blogging journey. My darling bf has been super supportive too. There’s no way I could have launched my blog without his encouragement and support. Thanks a lot for the post. I’m inspired to take my blog more seriously! 🙂

  15. Kiwi says:

    What a great professional interview. i think brands are still looking at numbers for influencers and bloggers but the smart ones know microbloggers have huge impacts a well!

  16. Amy Dong says:

    I love her take on fashion. Especially to use fashion as a guideline but go with what works for you! Each person’s fashion experience is so different, which makes it fun and unique!

  17. Ruth I. says:

    This is interesting! I like it when she said that fashion trends are guidelines and not rules. We can choose our own style.

  18. Marie Kait says:

    I could definitely get into reading more about fashion. I’ll have to check out her blog! I like to think that I’m a trendsetter, but I’m just a little bit eccentric I think. I could definitely tone it down.

  19. Jean Exum Sauban says:

    I certainly appreciate your courage and determination to pursue your passion, in addition to your post itself, of course. I think it’s cool that you’ve decided on one specific thing to blog about, AND that you’ve defined your target audience.

  20. sammi says:

    It’s great to see bloggers support each other. We don’t get to read about blogging experiences. Your blog allows bloggers to share and learn from each other. Got to know a lot from the interview.

  21. Claire Justine says:

    What a great read and lovely interview. I love seeing what other fashion bloggers wear and it does give you ideas of what to put together in your own wardrobe that you might have never thought of before 🙂


    It’s interesting to hear a fashion bloggers perspective about stores and how they look at fashion bloggers. It’s not easy to get the followers and interaction without lots of hard work.

  23. Nicole says:

    It’s always so great hearing about some one that takes their interests and passions and turning it into what they do everyday. I like her advice of finding whatever styles you love the most and rocking them regardless of the current trends!

  24. Becca Wilson says:

    This is such a great interview with someone who knows a ton about fashion. I love to see what other people’s thoughts are, so this was awesome!

  25. Recheal says:

    I totally relate to her story. I think it’s a great blessing to have the full support of loved ones when you start your blogging journey. Thanks for this inspirational post.

  26. Jennifer Prince says:

    I love hearing about women and their stories. And fashion blogging looks like it would be so much fun to do!

  27. August says:

    I feel the same way about my starting a blog– I had been thinking about it for years, and then one day I just made it like it was no big deal! It has been two years in August! The time has flown by.

  28. Tiffany Yong says:

    Fashion is something pretty foreign to me as I hardly do that due to the lack of budget. But now as I go into financial planning, this has become pretty important to me….

  29. Daisy says:

    I really don’t know much at all about fashion so I really loved reading this and getting insight from this interview.

  30. Jake says:

    Wow! This is an interesting interview. Fashion is really something we need to learn. Even with the lack of money, i can still buy Fashion Clothes with so cheap prices.

  31. Dalene Ekirapa says:

    It was so nice learning about Katherine. I think she was lucky when she got huge initial support from her close ones, something I never got God knows why!Haha! Anyway, I love that brands are also seeking to work with micro-influencers as compared to some time back where only huge influencers had the say!

  32. Michele Dennis says:

    What a wonderful interview you had with Katherine. I loved reading about her journey and where she finds her inspiration. Thank you for introducing us to a new beauty blogger, I’m heading over to Aurelia Beauty now.

  33. Nora says:

    Lovely post! It’s always interesting to hear the motives and backgrounds why other people blog. 🙂 And that tip to create your own style irrespective of trends is great. Thanks for sharing the interview!

  34. mommy b says:

    Interesting post! I love her advice. Somewhat doing it on my end, trends are not the rules just guidelines. I prefer my own fashion choices, of course, with the help of the guidelines to execute them.

  35. Sigrid Says says:

    I have deep admiration for fashion bloggers! Their work is too tedious, mostly because I don’t really know how to pose in front of the camera. I would rather work behind the scenes. She is so successful!

  36. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I am going to learn a lot from her. I am pretty much content with my fashion style which is casual. Haha. However, there are times when I need to level up and this is where I need help badly. Katherine is an inspiration to aspiring fashion bloggers. I am her latest fan.

  37. Lena Juice says:

    you did a great job! I like the interview and it’s always interesting to meet new faces in blogging especially in fashion since I’m also a fashion blogger 😉

  38. The Panicked Foodie says:

    Great interview! I really like the part where she talks about what motivates her. I have the same kind of motivation in food blogging. There are just so many different and interesting combinations of food that really inspire me.

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