Jackie Chan Returns in ‘A Legend’ Sequel!

Hey there, fellow Jackie Chan fans and lovers of epic adventures! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. You know that amazing movie “The Myth” starring our favorite martial arts legend, Jackie Chan? Well, get ready to jump with joy because a sequel is on the horizon! Can I get a big “whoop whoop” for “A Legend“?

Now, let me tell you, “The Myth” holds a special place in my heart too. Released back in 2005, it took us on an exhilarating journey of martial arts, fantasy, and adventure. And now, after all these years, Jackie Chan himself has reportedly signed on to star in the sequel—talk about a dream come true!

In “A Legend,” Jackie Chan reprises his role as the brilliant archaeology expert, Professor Chen. I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled to see him back in action, cracking codes and unleashing his incredible martial arts skills. The story kicks off when Professor Chen makes a fascinating discovery. He notices that the texture of the artifacts his students found during a glacier expedition bears an uncanny resemblance to a jade pendant he’s been dreaming about.

Can you believe it? It’s like something straight out of a legendary tale! Professor Chen suspects that this jade pendant is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry. It might just be a mystical bridge connecting the realm of dreams and reality. And that’s when things get truly exciting.

Brace yourselves for a breathtaking adventure as Professor Chen and his team embark on a daring journey deep into the Glacier Temple. This is where the magic happens, my friends. We’re about to witness a fantastical blend of martial arts prowess, ancient secrets, and mind-bending encounters. Get ready to be on the edge of your seat as our heroes face thrilling challenges, solve enigmatic puzzles, and fight against formidable foes.

I don’t know about you, but my imagination is running wild with the possibilities. Will we see gravity-defying stunts? Ancient prophecies coming to life? Maybe even a touch of romance to tug at our hearts? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure—I can’t wait to see Jackie Chan kick some serious butt while delivering his signature humor and charm.

So mark your calendars, my fellow movie buffs. Keep your eyes peeled and your excitement levels soaring high for the upcoming release of “A Legend“. Let’s celebrate the fact that this incredible film franchise, which holds a special place in our hearts, is getting the sequel it truly deserves.

In the meantime, let’s gather around, rewatch “The Myth“, and reminisce about the thrilling moments that made us fall in love with Jackie Chan‘s epic adventure. And hey, if you’re like me and can’t get enough of his movies, maybe have a Jackie Chan movie marathon to keep the excitement alive.

Stay tuned for more updates, my friends, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that “A Legend” will be an unforgettable cinematic experience. It’s not just a movie; it’s a celebration of our favorite martial arts hero and the magical world he brings to life.

Until next time, let’s keep dreaming big and embracing the legend that is Jackie Chan!

P.S. Did I mention “The Myth” is my all-time favorite movie too? So, let’s geek out together and share our love for this remarkable cinematic masterpiece.

78 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Returns in ‘A Legend’ Sequel!”

  1. I do love Jackie Chan.. and not sure why I have not seen The Myth yet. His moves and comedic flair never fail to impress..will first look for The Myth before this new one is out

  2. I didn’t know Jackie Chan was doing a new movie. I’ve been watching his movies for years, too, and always enjoy them so I’ll have to try this one soon.

  3. Jackie Chan is one of those movie legends we all know and love. Thanks for the update on this sequel – I can always depend on this site to provide great movie reviews.

  4. Rhian Scammell

    I don’t know if I’ve seen the myth movie before, but I’ll need to check. I didn’t realise Jackie Chan was still making movies, but I have enjoyed a lot of his ones that I’ve seen x

  5. Marie Cris Angeles

    I’ve watched his few movies and no doubt Jackie Chan was the best doing what he’s doing. I’m always shouting when I watched his movies because of shock.

  6. Shane Cabuhat

    Yay! That’s exciting! I’m also a huge fan of Jackie Chan. Can’t wait to watch that movie!

  7. Richelle Milar

    Well for me Jackie Chan is already a living legend specially to those stunts he did without a double or edit. He is really cool

  8. I used to watch Jackie Chan movies when I was small with my father. It’s cool that he’s returning in this sequel. I will definitely be there to watch it, it sounds fantastic!

  9. Rose Ann Sales

    I really love all of Jackie Chan’s movies specially the Rush Hour. And the Karate Kid those two are the best! I know this is going to be awesome too

  10. Oh my goodness I loved the Rush Hour films when I was little…great movies. It was so amazing to see an Asian in major motion pictures I wish growing up I had more influences like that around me but it was one of the reasons I loved his films 🙂

  11. I really love Jackie Chan. My father was his number 1 fan. All their movies are the finest and most amazing!

  12. It has been years since I saw a Jackie Chan’s move, it sounds so interesting but it is not the kind of movie that i would watch thanks for sharing it.

  13. I love watching his movies. It’s been long I didn’t watch any of his movie. I will surely watch his movie.

  14. Wow wow wow! How awesome! I totally missed the news so I am very excited right now. Jackie Chang’s movies has always been my favorite

  15. I had no idea there was a sequel coming! That is so exciting. I know Jackie Chan might retire any day now, so I appreciate any new material he puts out! I can’t wait to watch.

  16. Jackie Chan is one of my all-time favorite actors! I’m so excited he’s back in a new adventure. Thank you for sharing this news!

  17. Heather klein

    Jackie Chan is the best. His movies never disappoint. Plus I just love a good mix of archeology and martial arts. Adding this to my must see list.

  18. Jackie Chan is a great actor, and my family and I love most of his movies! My daughter is most likely to get excited about this movie!

  19. Melissa Cushing

    I had no ides about this and will have to tell my husband as he loves his movies. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Wow, this is amazing news! As a huge fan of Jackie Chan and “The Myth,” I can’t wait to see what “A Legend” has in store for us. The premise of the jade pendant and the Glacier Temple sounds intriguing, and I can already imagine the action-packed adventure awaits us. And, of course, seeing Jackie Chan back in his element as Professor Chen is a dream come true. I’ll be marking my calendar for the release date and getting ready for a movie marathon to get even more hyped. Thanks for sharing this exciting update with us!

  21. Jennifer L Prince

    Oh wow! I love this for him. He’s had such a long career, and it will be great to see him in something new.

  22. I am excited to read this, he is a fantastic personality and recently I have seen a couple of his reels too which share the wisdom he gathered over the years. Looking forward to watch this.

  23. Nice to hear a new movie is coming out and he is a great entertainer and hard worker, just a shame that he has a daughter (from an affair) who he has no contact with, has never helped with and was homeless for a while – as a parent I find it really hard to get past that, unfortunately, it’s changed how I feel about him as an actor, despite him being a great entertainer and fantastic in films.

  24. Wow! will surely watch this legend. I love Jackie Chan, one of my favorite is Who Am I, uff he can ace both action and comedy with ease. Thanks for the update.

  25. I am not a Jacki chan fan and did not watch any of his movie so far. but your post has made me curious to watch this one. seems like he is making powerful comeback . no doubt, a great news for his fans.

  26. You created the curiosity and excitement further. I love his work too. The way you wrote is bringing back the memories of all his work

  27. Wow I would love to watch this movie with the family. It’s always fun to watch his moves and comedy most of the time. Not sure if I’ve watched a movie of his in a long time.

  28. Jackie chan was the only super hero for me before all these larger than life DC and Marvell. Thanks for bringing it to my notice, I will catch up this movie. Its been long since I saw Jackie chan on big screen.

  29. My husband is a die heart Jackie Chan fan and if I am not too wrong he watched almost all the movies of this actor. The surprising fact is that I dont know why my rather calm and over disciplined father was also a fan of him. If you ask me how I feel about him… I love the killer action moves of Chan and that look…. Uff I am flat… will check out this movie for sure

  30. Oh Jackie Chan was one of my favorite actors while growing up, I loved watching all his action comedy movies. He’s my mom’s fav too. Excited to watch his new movie.

  31. Hi Moni, I really loved the way you weaved the excitement buddy which has forced someone like me who has not even watched one Jackie Chan movie actually to be waiting for the myth, well done.

  32. I remember my friend was crazy for Jackie Chan and wondered I never watched his movies, this seems a great comeback for all fans who are waiting for a long to watch him.

  33. I have watched a few of Jackie Chan movies for his super fast martial arts fight scenes. I read in one of the magazines that he actually performs all his action stunts and sometimes without any safety precautions.

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