Redmi Note 9 Review as With Love Moni Turns 4

I started this blog With Love Moni officially on 13th October 2016. I must say that this is my 3rd blog. I had 2 blogs earlier, which were free but had faced problems.

Even the previous year, if many readers might remember my blog had been MIA because it was hacked and I faced a lot of difficulties in getting it back. I was not ready to let this one go.

With Love, Moni has come a long way and hopefully, we still have a long way to go.




This year I thought of pampering myself. I desperately needed a new mobile phone, so I got one.


Until my terrible accident on the 25th of May, I used to use an iPhone. My last used iPhone handset was iPhone 7. I actually loved iPhone and every time it released a new model, I used to get it. But after my accident, it took a long time for me to recover. I didn’t have a phone then. After a

month or so, when I was discharged from the hospital and I came back home in a wheelchair, when I wanted to know about my phone my cousin showed me a crushed phone which broke my heart. I decided that I won’t be using an iPhone anymore ever.

Lame… Right?

Anyways, I got an Oppo Phone which gave me a good service. I never realized how 4 years had passed but yes the version had been old, not upgraded. Many things didn’t support that phone, but I loved it.

My nieces forced me to get a new phone for myself. After browsing several phones, I decided to buy MI.

I know I could have bought Samsung too, but this one looked better to me.


Finally, I bought MI Note 9, Arctic White. Although Black is my favorite, I wanted a bit of change this time.


Its features are really upstanding.

Camera-wise, it has a 48MP ultra-high-resolution AI Quad Camera as a Rear Camera. The lenses are outstanding.

It has a 13 MP AI Selfie Camera in Front.

It has an Octa-core Processor and MIUI 11 + Android 10 as OS.

I chose 6 GB+128 GB.

The display is 16.58cm (6.53) FHD along with DotDisplay.

The battery is Built-in and Charging is really awesome.

Network Connectivity supports 2G, 3G, 4G, VoWIFI, and others.

It has 2 slim slots like every other phone and both the slots require a Nano sim.

For Navigation and Positioning, it supports GPS/ A-GPS / GLONASS/ Beidou.

Everything is good about this phone, and its weight is 199g.

As many of you know, my right side is partially damaged, so I find it pretty much heavy while taking selfies. But I’ll get used to it.


All over I can say, this phone is worth the money.


MI Note 9, Arctic White
The Indian Express




Anyways, I have been writing less, because I am exceptionally busy these days, but I’ll try to update more as typing on the phone has become easier for me.


See you soon…

64 thoughts on “Redmi Note 9 Review as With Love Moni Turns 4”

  1. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Good review on your new phone. I am still an iPhone fan though, cant get out of it. But yes many of my friends use redmi.

  2. I’ve always fancied androids over iphones but I’m thinking of converting because most androids I’ve had had low battery longevity . But good luck with your new phone

  3. Redmi Note 9 is a good-looking budget smartphone with a capable camera and excellent battery life. My sister is using the same phone and she is happy with the performance.

  4. I’m a realme phone user, i love it and there are so many android phones coming up and I’ve heard about Redmi too. The important thing is that it provide us the service we’ve paid it for.

  5. hi
    I wish you good health and cheer in the days ahead along with greater achievements with ut blog. Congrats on a great choice, I am sure you will grow to love it a lot

  6. Great review and I’m sorry to hear about your accident! I was thinking about getting Redmi next but I think I’m going to get a FairPhone. Have you reviewed this phone before?

  7. Sad to hear about your accident and your phone crash, I too have an older version of REDMI Note which I absolutely love, was planning to buy the new Samsung Monster series bt this looks better, Thanks for sharing deetails.

  8. Looks like the MI Note 9 is a great investment for anyone looking for a phone with a great camera. Loved that you finally upgraded and I cant wait to see what kind of pics you capture with this new technology! This may be a great tool to help your 3rd blog grow!

  9. Since the festive season is around the corner, I really think that Redmi Note 9 will be a good phone for the purpose of gifting. Personally, I prefer OnePlus phones for its cool set of features but I might have a change of heart for Redmi. Thanks for the wonderful review!

  10. samsung user eversince…i cant imagine my self using any other brand..if i want to upgrade i just look for a newer model that i can afford and fits me

  11. Kimberly Caines

    Thanks for sharing this redmi note9 review. It’s great to know how special the features and specs of the gadgets.

  12. This is a very informative review of Redmi Note 9. It really has some good state of the art features. I have not used Redmi yet, but reading your review am tempted to reach out for one.

  13. blair villanueva

    Thanks for sharing your review and experience using this new phone. It looks good and the camera looks decent! You got good taste.

  14. Knycx Journeying

    simple love the pastel colors and the sturdy quality of the product, thanks for the review and I enjoyed reading it.

  15. Congratulations on your progress with this blog, excited to see more in the future! And your new phone is absolutely gorgeous, with really solid specs too. Hope you’ll share some photos taken with it so that we can see the picture quality.

  16. Wow! Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, one of the great phone release by MI. It’s also my choice when I will replace my old phone. Nice review, it’s very informative and detail.

  17. What a cool phone! I am getting the new iPhone but my hubby is anti Apple. This looks like something he would love. I loved reading about it and discovering something new. Thank you so much for sharing!

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