The Tale of Lily’s Dreams

Life is like a quiet, safe haven for introverted souls, where speaking up may feel like a distant storm. It’s a journey where sometimes, being heard is a challenge. But as I keep on telling people; life is our canvas, and our voice is a brush; even gentle strokes can create a masterpiece. We should embrace our unique strengths, our deep thoughts, and the beauty of solitude. Life is not just about shouting; it’s also about whispering wisdom to those who listen. We should cherish the moments of quiet reflection, for they can reveal your true power. We may be soft-spoken, but your spirit shines through your actions, kindness, and the beauty of your inner world.

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I had battled silent depression for several years, I am not good in talking about my inner troubles, yes I can easily tell you my problems in a easy way but I can’t just get into deeper details. I am not the only individual but there are many people like me, I am sure.

Honestly speaking, I have never written anything personal on my blog, I can’t frame words for that. However, I just have a small poem today that I’d like to share. I found it in my diary from 2014.

Beneath the silver moon’s tender gaze,
In a small, sleepy town where time moves slow,
Lived a girl named Lily, shy and quiet,
In a world that often felt too loud and bright.

She roamed through meadows, lost in thought,
Where wildflowers danced and secrets were sought,
Her heart a library of stories untold,
In a world of dreams, she found her gold.

Lily’s days were filled with gentle sighs,
As she watched the clouds paint the skies,
In whispers of wind and rustling leaves,
She found solace in what the world conceives.

Her friends were books with pages worn,
Their tales of courage, love, and morn,
And under the branches of an old oak tree,
She’d read them aloud, feeling wild and free.

The bustling town knew not her name,
But in her heart, she played a different game,
She painted sunsets with dreams in her eyes,
A world of wonder, beneath quiet skies.

In this tranquil haven, she held her sway,
Her dreams like stars that lit her way,
For Lily, the quiet, the dreamy, the sweet,
Found her home in silence, a world complete.


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64 thoughts on “The Tale of Lily’s Dreams”

  1. The poem is well written & powerful. Sometimes it is tricky to discuss our feelings. I know i struggle with it at times.

  2. It’s amazing what we can find when going through old diaries! I’m not the best at talking about my feelings either, but putting them into poetry form is a great therapy.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you have been struggling with depression. So many people seem to be suffering in silence with this and teh first step towards battling it is seeking help. I hope you can find the strength to do this. The poem has been beautifully written.

  4. I love your words in the beginning and your poem. I think like Lily we all need more quiet time for self-reflection. And I think it will make our world better.

  5. What a lovely poem. The words are so sweet and comforting…you’re a lovely writer! Thank you for deciding to share your words with us and I hope you continue to do so.

  6. What a beautifully written post! Life as a quiet haven for introverts is beautifully depicted here. Embracing our unique strengths, deep thoughts, and the beauty of solitude is a journey worth taking. Your words inspire us to cherish the power of quiet reflection and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Thank you for sharing this wisdom!

  7. I find that the poem has such deep meaning in it. There are times we just want to live in the dream because there is so much happiness and no problems to worry about.

  8. What a beautifully woven tale! “The Tale of Lily’s Dreams” is a heartwarming poem that resonates with hope and the power of dreams. Thanks for sharing this touching narrative that reminds us to chase our aspirations. Keep spreading the magic!

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  11. Life is about processing experiences and emotions. In retrospect, it all looks so clear. Depression is a silent setback. But Lily is a strong girl, whio has expressed herself in her gentle sighs. Beautiful poem, Monidipa. Even I prefer to keep personal stuff away from public plarforms, except for a here and there reference. It’s good to keep processing your emotions from time to time though.

  12. The souls that fight depression are brave. It is a tough battle when all seems lost and there seems to be no reason to go on. More power to you Moni !
    This a little poem, that talks about the beauty of solitude and the power of dreams is wonderful.

  13. This is absolutely beautiful! It’s amazing how you’ve captured the essence of finding solace in simplicity and the beauty of a quiet, dreamy existence. Kudos on sharing this piece, it’s a gem!

  14. Yes.. many of us are. No matter how extrovert we tend to show others but some emotions are buried deep within we don’t want to disturb it as we are afraid to face it. Your poem on Lily is so beautiful yet so real.

  15. Thank you for sharing the little Moni’s feelings. Its been 39 years of depression now. Right now going through a terrible episode. But I am very vocal and share all about me on my blogs.

  16. Moni Moni Moni… where was the poetess hiding till now? I am absolutely blown over by this poignant piece. This is your best ever work for me.
    Lily reminded me of my childhood… i was like her in many ways… i still am! I am feeling a host of emotions right now… can’t even describe in words.

  17. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and beautifully penned poem. It’s a poignant reminder of the inner battles many of us face, often silently. Your words resonate with those who may find solace and strength in knowing they are not alone in their struggles. Keep writing and sharing your thoughts; it can be a source of comfort and connection for others.

  18. To begin with first I will say that my first friend in childhood was Lily. Now we are distant apart but still our soul connects us even today… I think I have not seen her for almost 20 years now but this name LILY is very precious for me. Moni,I am somewhat like you when it comes to sharing the troubles going within. I too faced depression and the reason was something which I never want to talk about in public. But all thanks to my partner who stood beside me strong to give me the needed mental support. I am not too vocal about my personal problems and I just dont like doing that till the time its beyond my tolerance level. So far you too have noticed me in many groups where we both are members, i really talk very less in groups also, I love listening more as I believe it opens up more windows of new thoughts. Where I feel I can add something new in discussion I do. So dont worry Moni… who you are as a person be that, but if anytime you need someone to hear you patiently without stopping you feel free to connect with me. Finally coming to your poetry your art of expressing things always touched me. There is magic in your expressions, you play with words so easily to share your inner feelings and that what keeps you ahead as a creative soul. You are a wonderful person and I admire you. You nailed again with your poetry.

  19. I applaud you for being so brave posting that personal poem of yours. I may not truly understand what you’re feeling right now but I hope to remind you that being silent isn’t a problem, we don’t need to be always jolly. Wanting to be alone more isn’t a problem, if that’s where you find your happiness, why not. Being surrounded by a society which fixate in our minds that we need to be this or that certain kind to be happy is a lie. Inner happiness lies on what you feel you need. You don’t need to prove that to others nor need their approval. Just being you is enough.=)

  20. Beautiful poem. As always you surprise me the way you write Moni. Putting emotions in words is tough work in terms of poem. I had been such kind of girl. Introvert and happy in my own thoughts. Love your rales and now love your poem too.

  21. This is definitely hidden treasure! I must say that you really found a wonderful poem in your diary.. in fact, you should start digitalising your previous works by publishing them on your blog…

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