All’s Well That Ends Well

The title sounds cheesy, isn’t it? 

Ah, I know what you are thinking… Where has this girl been? And how come she’s back after a long time. Isn’t it?

I had been gone for 8 months from this site because my website had yellow fever, but this site of mine is fine now and so I am back. 


These 8 months have been a roll3r coaster ride for me and it had been absolute terrifying.

I still remember we were in a middle of an award show competition and one fine morning I woke up just to realize that my site is gone. Like really gone. I went all crazy. I contacted my site partner and everyone with IT knowledge, the hosting partners, and literally every one.

I must thank Aarav Infotech and everyone who had worked tirelessly to get this website back.

Now while my site was recovering what did I do?

Ummmm, some of my daily readers know that I had shifted to Sanand, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India last year. So for clarification it is a rural area and I am still here. 

Now before my comment section is busted, let me tell you…. I had been all busy busy with my work (job), my PhD studies annnnnndddd I have started writing something big (novel type) not on Wattpad but real book. 

So, near my apartment in June or July a restaurant has opened which had helped me to maintain my sanity. 

Y’all know that at some point it becomes impossible to work at home no matter how

much workaholic you are.

So almost every evening I used to sit in there, either reading or writing or working on my PhD stuff. The restaurant is known as Delhi Delights.

Staying alone in a rural area that too in India is a big deal itself. A girl sitting out in a cafe without any guy all by herself is enough to raise eyebrows especially if it is a male dominated area. But you know, I had always felt safe sitting and working in Delhi Delights. People over there are respectful, trustworthy and good.

There had been times I didn’t feel like cooking and neither going to the city to get something for me but Delhi Delights had always been there to my rescue. Their food although vegetarian (not their fault, in this place non vegetarian food is restricted) is darn good. They cook really well. I fell in love with their ginger tea. From the perspective of a coffee lover I’ll tell you, it just took their ginger tea to make me fall in love with them. Their food came next.

Being a fantastic cook myself I am telling you their food quality is fabulous. I love it. Not that I did not have options of going elsewhere, to other restaurants but the staff is not only good and welcoming but the food is absolutely delicious. (I’ll get back on Delhi Delights topic later).

So all was going good but you know nothing stays good for me forever. So since this mercury retrograde started since February, my life started going haywire.

Now stop, if you are thinking that being a Psychological Counselor how can I start believing in these stuff and you’re about to give me lecture in my comment box or via e-mail then do not, first hear me out atleast. At some point we all need to blame something or someone for issues going on in our life, right? I’m not blaming anyone (Never in my entire life I have ever done that) but I can blame the astrological mumbo jumbo. Right?

Picture by Google

(Coming back to the story) From February I started getting emotional. Almost about everything. Now, I always say, I never get attached and I always push away people from myself, even they do not realize that and leave. The one who fight with me, argue with me get to stay forever. And they are the real and only friends I have till now.

So during this certain weeks I pushed away many people including my best friend and it led me to this painful loneliness and excruciating pain which caused 4 severe anxiety attacks in mere 2 weeks. On 21st February I was harassed by police man in my area while I was coming back a little bit late from work; nothing serious happened but it led me to a major breakdown.

Luckily after that I controlled my head. 

Now I am back again just like the way everyone knew me. Again I have successfully taken control over my life and my emotions and I’m back to business. I also recently got featured on Receptix, which is a website on jobs. I was glad to know that they featured me. You can check out there site here, they are really good.

Yes, I am still here in Gujarat but I guess I will be leaving soon

(although I don’t want to and I am literally praying that someone would stop me).








I must say that the owners of this restaurant Delhi Delights have brought colours in this rural area. People here had no place to hang out with their friends but now even at 9 or 10 pm they do. The owners really do have a positive outlook and that is the only reason they could start transforming this place. If you ever come down to Ahmedabad Gujarat and as I know many are there who adore good food, visit Sanand, visit Delhi Delights and I bet you would love their food, their ambience.

If I can be overwhelmed then I bet lovelies you’ll love it too. And if you don’t then we’ll see. But do not end up knocking on my door as I won’t open it. 

However, I guess I have described how I had been. To be honest I missed you all. And by the way last but not the least congratulations to all the winners of Infinity Bloggers Awards of 2019. I know I’m late but now that I have given an update about everything I hope you will understand.

And, that was all for today. I promise to be back soon here and keep writing because more exciting things are about to come on this site very soon. So keep reading and if you are not yet a subscriber please subscribe.

See you soon again. I guess I’ll need a coffee now. And you all have a great day/night. 











Photo Courtesy:

Delhi Delights, Harvard Health, Mr. Valentin Muller and World Atlas









129 thoughts on “All’s Well That Ends Well”

  1. Wow! I would not now what to do either if I lost my website or if it crashes. Thanks for the reassurance that there are ways and means of getting it back. I can only imagine what you’ve went through. I’ve went through a lot this year as well. It’s always encouraging to see a bounce-back stiry. So, thanks!

  2. It looks like you are working on getting your life together and achieve the things you dream of. Good for you! Good luck with your book.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I think a lot of us have been through difficult times, we’re all healing in some way or another. I look forward to reading more!

  4. Wow…..what a story! I cannot believe it took 8 months to get your site back. I would freak out….seriously all that work whoosh….just gone. I am so glad it is resolved and will be back to check out more 🙂

  5. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Glad to know that you are feeling and doing better. I had a similar experience during the last few weeks of February. I want to go back and see my psychologist but my area is on lock down due to the virus. I hope I don’t lapse into another episode of depression. I will keep checking back on your blog and find inspiration to keep moving forward.

  6. You inspire me in so many ways. I love writing. You make me want to work harder on my craft. I wish you used a different background fir your page so I could read your post better though. But good stuff!!!

  7. glad you are getting better and healing from anxiety. It takes a pure heart to admit pushing people away and working on it.

    I look forward to reading more from you!

  8. Happy to know that you got your site back. It’s scary to learn that it’s possible to lose it that easily. Anyway, thank you for sharing updates about you. All I can say is that welcome back and I am looking forward to more of your posts.

  9. Wow! Welcome back, it’s so good to hear from you again.
    And I’m happy to see you have managed to bounce back from it all. You even made good use of the time it took your site to get well.
    Hope to read from you more.

  10. Celebrate Woman Today

    Writing it out does help to point where the beginning point to a balance is. Sharing this story contributes to the awareness process for others as well.

  11. Often, food enthusiasts understand the food because they know for themselves how to prepare it. I also love rit when dining in, the staff are nice. It adds to the overall ambiance

  12. It seems that life hoisted you by your feet and swung you around like crazy. I am happy to see that you are back to the blogosphere and that you are stronger despite your intense life experiences.

  13. The place has a serene feel about it, and I can see why you love it. If they make good food – it wouldn’t bother me that it is vegetarian.

  14. catherine santiago jose

    Such an amazing story you’ve shared to us. It’s very encouraging and inspirational. It’s like saying whatever happen don’t ever give up and just continue life.

  15. Having a place outside the home that you can go work is SO important for those of us who work from home. I know that I have really enjoyed a small cafe here in our small town – I’m missing it right now with everything in the area shut down. I can’t wait until things open back up and I can go work there again.

  16. So sorry to hear about all the drama with the website… and then about your other struggles during the Mercury Retrograde Phase. Good to know that all is looking better again. Good luck with writing your novel!

  17. I think we all go through phases of feeling inspired and feeling drained and sometimes we need things to happen so we can break from the vicious cycle, reevaluate the situation and come back stronger than before!

  18. Wow, 8 months to get your site back. I can’t imagine the frustration you must’ve felt. But I’m glad that you’ve got everything under control now. Also congrats on starting your book!

  19. This kind of post is so timely right now. I’m trying hard to keep positive even though good news is limited these days.

  20. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Very glad to know you are publishing a book. I feel those who are extremely creative, innovative and strong have the capability to write a book. You are among those elite class. Great to know about you.

  21. Wow it sounds like you’ve had quite a year. That’s crazy that in some parts of India people would raise an eyebrow at a woman alone in a restaurant. It’s quite a shame.

  22. I’m glad you’re feeling better. If I’m ever in the area, I’ll take your recommendation and go to Delhi delights. In the meantime, good luck on the book!

  23. Thank goodness your site is back, I can’t even imagine what I would have done if it was my site. Welcome and congrats on your book.

  24. Ma’am after your review our group started going their, but now the restaurant has closed. Do you know if they will open again?

  25. I visited the restaurant twice since you had written about it. Their food was superb. My mother liked it. But alas! they are gone. I went there yesterday but theire board is not their too.

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