You Don’t Hurt People You Love

“She did everything for him. She left her family, left her blooming career, and took up a job that paid her a meager amount. She left her luxurious life for him. Everything which no one would ever do for him.

But now after a year of being together, she gets to know that he won’t marry her. He could never get over her ex. Moreover, he was so coward that he never had the guts to tell her the truth.

However, now that she has realized that she had just been an option for him, a sex toy for him she didn’t know what to do, where to go. She had nothing or no one left. He never loved her, he used her and exploited her.”

Amit stopped writing and looked at Meera, who was eagerly looking at his screen.

Amit: What do you think she should do now?

Meera: Should or will?

Amit: Should…

Go Ahead, I’m all ears…

Meera: Ok, I must say that she had been an idiot. She should have left that miserable piece of shit a long time back. It’s not hard to understand that a man who had chosen his ex thrice over her would never choose her. He will choose anyone and make their life a living hell but he won’t choose her. He will put his blames on her because his reputation is way important to him, it had always been. He did not even spare his ex. Also, another point that should be taken into consideration is, that we live in a patriarchal society also his family is rich so everyone will believe him. She’s no one for him no matter whatever she does. He always used her, and exploited her but never loved her.

Amit: I hear you, but Meera people change too. Maybe someday he will love her more than his ex. He will choose her over everything and everyone.

Meera: He won’t. She had given him more than his ex would or could. People who do things for others are always taken granted for.

Amit: But maybe if she leaves him he will realize her worth.

Meera: He never realized her worth in spite of knowing that she gave him more than he deserved. He wasn’t even worth it. He tortured her physically and mentally. You don’t hurt people you love.

Amit: So you are saying then…

Aksh: Hey, I’m done with my call. What are you guys discussing so intensely?


Amit and Meera both exchanged a glance and smiled back at him.



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44 thoughts on “You Don’t Hurt People You Love”

  1. Your tales are very nicely written. Enjoyed reading this one too. Specially, the way you have portrayed a scene of our society. The more we will be vocal about them the more it’s better.

  2. “He never realized her worth in spite of knowing that she gave him more than he deserved. He wasn’t even worth it. He tortured her physically and mentally. You don’t hurt people you love.” This is very intense and yes!!!! You don’t hurt people that you love….

  3. Great post! If you love someone you do everything not to hurt him or her. Some people tend to think otherwise: “I say I love someone so it means everything I do with this person is out of love and thus is positive”

    1. I also wanted to mention how much I love your writing style! it is so easy and pleasing to read your works, I always feel captured and loose the tract of time

  4. This is very true! But not so accurate. Hurting someone you love doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Some times, hurting them is out of saving them from hurt they don’t deserve to come into contact with!

  5. Great reminder!! Sometimes we dont intend to hurt the ones we love but because they’re so close to us, we do at times. We should always value someone’s worth!

  6. Flavia Cutinho

    When I was reading, I was like this post definitely belong to one of the persons whose posts I love reading and I was right, again this time I enjoyed the kahani mein twist and definitely I second that you don’t hurt people you love.

  7. Meera echoed my thoughts 🙂 Although I have an interesting take on the last line, one doesn’t hurt the people they love but you only feel hurt by the people whom you know or love. Did it make any sense? I am done reading the “bechari-zone” dedicated to women in books and glad that Meera is saying all of it out loud. Loved reading this story.

  8. Love this storyline! You are off to a great start I want to read more stories from you
    One does not hurt the one we love for sure. Also we should realize when someone is using us and let them go so we can get on with our life. I guess it’s Stockholm syndrome that makes us take the BS and dream things will improve…

  9. Nice fictional dialog! A story in a story. Meera was right in her thinking and you have shown her as a very strong character and I loved that. Women should stop being victims and take hold of their lives and that starts with self respect and self love.

  10. You sure have the skill to keep your reader hooked. Although it is unfair to judge, it is at times difficult to move away even when things are pretty obvious.

  11. She is an idiot but she is in love with him and thats the reason she is being fool. We don’t hurt one when we love them. Their torutue do not seem us the torture or else you can say pyar andha hota hain.

  12. I love all your stories, microtales, they are grasping, keeps my eyes glued to screen and mind to the story. Always looking forward for your posts.

  13. Kaveri Chhetri

    I like the way you come up with creative ideas for your short tales Moni. I really need to brush up on my comprehending skills when I read your stories cuz they turn out to be diff from what I think they are… keep them coming

  14. I think there should be a shift in mentality. Women should be treated with humanity rather than the words that put them down. Wow, a short but interesting tale.

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