Let Me Do Something

Lucky: I don’t love Pari anymore, my love for her is dead. I’m there with her just because she’s my business partner. I love you, Misha, you gotta understand that. And if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t talk to u at 3 am.

Lucky kept on trying to convince Misha, as they were talking on Google Duo video call.

Misha: Ok. I understand. If you truly love me will you let me do something?

Lucky: Yes my love, anything you say. Anything.

Misha: I really wanna bite your neck. It looks juicy.

Lucky: What… What do you mean?

Lucky was baffled he didn’t know what to say and how to react.

Misha: You said that you love me, didn’t you? Then let me do something as it’s 3 am.

Lucky: You mean cybersex?

Misha winked and urged him to close his eyes.

As soon as Lucky closed his eyes, Misha pierced the screen, entered the room, and bit his neck, sucking out every drop of blood from his body.

Lucky opened his eyes as he fell to the ground. He was terrified to see Misha there as he was dying. Everything happened too fast for him to understand or react. But now that he was on the floor, he realized that he was dying. The last thing he saw was Misha laughing devilishly.

Lucky woke up sweating profusely in his bed and called Pari. She didn’t receive it at first but Lucky kept on calling.

Pari: What happened? Are you Okay?

Lucky: I love you baby. You are the love of my life. I realized you are the only one for me. I’ll never leave you no matter what.

Pari: Yeah… Ok… I love you too. It’s 2:50 am. Let me sleep and you too sleep.

As soon as Pari disconnected the call Lucky saw the notification of an incoming call on Duo from Misha. It was 2:55 am.



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51 thoughts on “Let Me Do Something”

  1. Ha Ha Ha.. beautifully narrated, All words expressed the story quite well, I am thinking if Lucky recieves the call or ignores and sleeps, May be sleeps for the night. Wonderfully written

  2. The story sure sounds scary. The twist in the tale is sudden as the first few paragraphs do not prepare the reader for what is coming up. A good narrative. Sandy N Vyjay

  3. Wow what a thriller. Absolutely loved your narration and story writing. It was surely gripping and I am glad it was a dream.

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