Old School Romance Vs Hook-up Culture

I am a normal millennial yet with regards to sentiment, I’m what you call an old school sentimental. I feel that adoration happens just face to face. I trust that first dates ought to be throughout the entire about discussions and sparkles.

Charming motions like purchasing your accomplice chocolate when they have an awful day or taking them to your most loved spot in the city as an approach to release them into your life far in gaining exceptional experiences. Talking through a battle or a misconception as opposed to separating and proceeding onward to the following individual is the thing that gives love the genuine quality.


I trust that affection accompanies every one of the embellishments like the passing on of things through the eyes, long strolls which are taken while clasping hands and continually having a craving for something is missing when you’re extraordinary somebody isn’t anywhere near.





In any case, I additionally realize that becoming hopelessly enamored accompanies the need of a ton of solidarity to endure the intense occasions, to work through the issues that appear to be unsolvable and being there with your accomplice regardless of whether you can’t be with them physically.

In any case, it’s marginally hard to get by in this present reality where the fundamental thought of affection is currently swiping right or left on a versatile application. I see my companions meeting individuals at a bistro, occasion or club and as opposed to seeing where it goes, they end up connecting and failing to see each other once more. At first, when we were in school, it was tied in with being ‘cool’ and testing however as time has advanced, it appears as though being in such a stage has given individuals responsibility issues.


No one needs to put completely in someone else. They simply need to meet, hookup, leave and rehash which extremely just implies that the entire thought of unrestricted love where emotions are authentic and the solace of realizing that your accomplice is dependably there for you has been flipped around.



This distorted thought of affection implies everything should be brief. Nothing keeps going long and as opposed to abandoning yourself defenseless for the individual you adore, you ensure yourself with all that you have. You would prefer not to gain any genuine experiences and henceforth, genuine dates are not by any means required when you can simply get serious. While I’m not contradicted to the general population who favor the connecting model as opposed to undying affection since that is their decision, all I’m stating is that it makes an old school sentimental like me feel like it would be a genuine battle to discover intimate romance in this lifetime.


Discovering a love for an old school sentimental like me in the hookup culture appears appealing to God for a supernatural occurrence yet I’m trusting there is another old school sentimental reasoning only this and possibly, one day we’ll meet and fall in the sort of adoration I’ve generally longed for.









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89 thoughts on “Old School Romance Vs Hook-up Culture”

  1. My idea of love and relationships has changed over time. It’s because whenever I choose to love somebody, it’s almost always the wrong one for me. So I stop dating for a while, before I’ll have a go at it again.

  2. In my world I.e. the gay world it’s much more easy to just have fun so to speak. By my age I have to learnt compartmentalization and find ease in that . But I think when u really like someone , rules dont apply and u have to let go

  3. I definitely think that the hook up culture has always been there, it just wasn’t as public as it is now. I think that could be due to social media, internet and hook up apps.

  4. I appreciate you sharing your sentiments. Well, we have our own ways really and respecting them diff perspectives is key.. unless its obviously falling into sin already.

  5. As someone in my 30s who is single, I still believe in old school romance as you call it. I don’t understand this so-called hook-up culture. In “Someone Like You”, Ashley Judd’s character says that Hugh Jackman’s character is whoring is way through women like ATMs. I quite agree with that interpretation of casual sex.

  6. I’m kind of old school and was married before the emergence of these apps. Yet hooking up was still a thing, it just happened via weekend parties. I’d say if you are looking for that kind of lasting love try other routes as these apps seem primarily for that reason. Then again, I’ve gone to a few weddings where the couple met on tinder, so who knows.

  7. I think everyone falls on a continuum of these feelings at different points throughout their lives. Emotions and connections can be so individual based on why someone is looking for love and what they hope to get from that relationship.

  8. There are so many studies out now talking about the harm done to people caught up in the “hook up culture.” I think people have no idea the damage that will be done to them emotionally and physically over time. Sue Johnson is a psychologist in Canada (originally from Europe) that has such a healthy perspective on relationships and growing in emotional maturity. I wish people read about that before they went out and acted without thinking. Thank you for talking about such an important topic.

  9. I never understood hook-up culture either and I’m a Millennial lol. Though, many long-term relationships have spurred from hook-ups and old school romances don’t result in marriage…so it really depends on the people and their expectations.

  10. You can call it old school, but not feeling my love’s presence with me doesn’t bring confidence for me in that relation. I love being taken out for a quiet walk hand in hand in a park or sit and have an ice cream together. It may sound kiddish but I like that thought that affection. Loved your topic and your ideas. About hook up culture, it was there in different form only that now generations are tied up with social media and online dating sites to express their emotions or feelings.

  11. Wow it’s really very interesting old school romance vs Hook-up Culture I think people have no idea the damage that will be done them emotionally and physically over time. Thanks for talking about this topic.

  12. Very nicely written and remember that even though sometimes it seems like society is moving in one direction, there are always outliers! While the whole hookup and move on act gets dull and dangerous, love will never die.

  13. I think this has always existed back then we called it summer flings or summer camp romance etc today it seems more prominent because of online dating. It really comes down to each individual and whether or not they are ready to commit. We all get there at our own pace.
    XO, MJ

  14. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I still go for a meaningful old school romance. A relationship where couples understand and respect each other has a more solid foundation than a casual hook up. Just my thoughts though.

  15. I’m not going to lie, there was a part of me that gave into the culture when I was younger and enjoying my University days. That being said – I grew up and realized the magic of developing a true connection with someone… I’ve now been married since 2012.

    I will say that ‘hook up culture’ has it’s benefits, but that’s not going to lead to long-term love.

  16. I personally don’t understand why people would prefer hookups over old school romance but what can I say? A lot has changed over the years and unrealistic things have suddenly become the order of the day. Yet, I believe that there are people out there who are genuine and are out to do the right things.

  17. Though I believe in love at first sight, I’m not a fan of a one night stand or hook up. Though I heard there are some relationships that became successful with that kind of start.

  18. I think the hook-up culture has always been around – now it is readily available by swiping our phones. That culture doesn’t appeal to me because I believe relationships need time to develop.

  19. I have this theory that after the pandemic, old school romance will be back in-style. It is a disaster if you are with someone in hook-up and ended up in a crisis like this.

  20. Yes. Hookup culture has taken over in so many different ways. And it’s not like before where there were social stigmas against it. And when you engaged in it you were betraying your community. The internet has made it so there’s almost no social cost whatsoever since this person isn’t connected to you in any way at all. It’s definitely better long term to find someone in an old school romance kind of way.

  21. I’m all about old school romance.
    There was a time I was into finding partners and friends online but things have now changed.
    I’ve realised that I no longer like chatting with people online.

  22. I’ve been out the dating game a LONG time, but I hope old school romance is still there. I believe the whole “date around” has always been done, it’s just more blantent now that there is less judgement.

  23. catherine santiago jose

    I am an old school romance person, I love everything about it and I am just so happy meeting a person who is also an old school romance like me.

  24. Lovely post. You reminded me of a lot of great old school sentiments that people can do for one another, as long as they’re willing to go down that road.

  25. I am in 50s and I never had any idea about casual sex or as you refer it as hook-up culture, until I read this article. I am old-school so I prefer long courtship because it is more romantic.

  26. I still prefer the old school romance. I guess I am sentimental but I find it more authentic. The spark, magic, and genuine feelings that develop over time is what makes it special.

  27. When it comes to love and romance, I am pure old school. Yes I love to be wooed, I love little notes and even a letter. I know the technology has taken over but letters are a great reminder of what one thought of you. I have a letter my hubby wrote to me when we started dating. It is almost 10years now I still love reading it.

  28. I’m definitely old-school when it comes to dating. I like going on dates, chatting until the early hours of the morning, and surprising each other with little tokens of appreciation. There’s nothing nicer!

    Louise x

  29. Love is such a complicated feeling. It’s a high risk, high reward experience.
    And oh it is such a wonderful feeling to find someone who loves you as much as you love them.

  30. Celebrate Woman Today

    I think that love the way it happens with respect and caring is always a classy way to do it. No matter what time, age, and conditions are.

  31. I am in old romance school. and I think we should continue this kind of tradition. Love at first sight and ended up in married romance. But everyone has their own choices.

  32. I will definitely go for the old school culture rather than hook up culture. Any way I look at it, it’s better to be with someone who wants to be with me for the long and winding road.

  33. Maartje van Sandwijk

    Old school romance is the best – I’ve always thought that. But if anyone wants to take part in the hook up culture, I’m completely fine with that as well. Whatever you want <3

  34. I am definitely still all about the old school way of romance. So much of that has gotten lost in today’s world of ‘hookups’ and shallow dating.

  35. I glad i read this article. Now I am in the memories of my old school and college days. Thanks for sharing.

  36. This was very interesting to read, thank you for sharing your perspective on it. I personally think that at the end of the day if any of the mentioned types of romances makes people genuinely happy and nobody has negative intentions towards each other, then it’s what matters.

  37. blair villanueva

    I did try both and there are pros and cons. But I admit the fact that I found my “true love” from hooked-up so I am not sorry for it. I am actually grateful!

  38. Loved the insight on the article. I think it takes a certain maturity to have old school romance compared to hooking up culture. Hook up culture is also not fulfilling even though it may seem like it is in the moment.

  39. I think both options are fine. I love a good hookup from time to time, that feeling of carefree fun, and the freedom of having no expectations. But, sometimes, it happens: I find someone with whom I feel at home, and we have all the sparks and we take it to the next step. One thing doesn’t cancel the other. I have had tons of one-night-stands and then longer relationships (never overlapping) and I trust that soon I’ll find my forever one. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the ride while I’m on it…


    The world of dating has changed so much since I was doing it. I prefer the old version, the new doesn’t always work so well as many people I know will agree.

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