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Hello everyone. How have you all been? I guess great. Today I am back on Interview Zone with the interview of Miss Charlene Lowe Kemp from UK. As the title suggests Charlene is a Paranormal Investigator and a ferocious one. As everyone who reads my interviews might know I do a lot of investigation before updating anything. It took me a long time to find her. Anyways I won’t bore you all anymore and skip to the interview directly.



Moni: Hello Charlene, welcome to Interview Zone. So shall we start?

Charlene: You are welcome. Yes sure.

Moni: So Charlene is paranormal investigating your profession or is it a time pass for you?

Charlene: Paranormal investigating for me is a passion. I think everyone within the paranormal knows that to class it as a profession it would have to be a full time job and it would have to pay the bills at least to do it full time. Paranormal investigating as no professional tag to it as such, there is no set guidelines or qualifications you can take to be classed as a ‘professional within the field, I think people sometimes get the tag as a professional investigator when they have a certain amount of experience (this is normally based on years) and what you present as your findings. The key is to earn respect to be at least a creditable investigator within the community.

Moni: While investigating a place or house if you do not find anything on an investigation, does that mean the place is not haunted?

Charlene: No, activity can come in what I call waves. So people can experience a surge of activity for a number of days or weeks and things will just stop, weeks later activity can increase again. Locations that are alleged to be haunted I feel can be over worked with paranormal investigators investigating daily or every Friday or Saturday, which o think can affect the alleged haunting. Locations that aren’t investigated that much or have never been investigated seem to provide better evidence to put forward to suggest it may be haunted.

Moni: Do you take guests on your investigations?

Charlene: No I privately investigate, I used to run events where guests would attend but I found that by doing this I was just overlooking what was happening and wasn’t actually actively involved in the investigating. Many event teams won’t let their employees properly participant with the guests such as on the Ouija board in the fear that it may be suggested it was moved by the employee. It’s understandable why event teams do this but it takes the spark out of the investigator who wants to be involved I think.

Moni: You do not charge for an investigation so how do you make money?

Charlene: We don’t make any, a lot of people are in this field because they have a passion for it and something at some point triggered the fascination off in that person and I find that people do this for their own personal journey to gain the answers they need. There is ways which you can try and find for example writing books etc. but the total cost of your incoming would never amount to the money you have to pay out to do it for equipment, petrol, locations and so on.

Moni: Why do you not post all of the evidence you find at investigations?

Charlene: Facebook lives are a massive thing at the moment, it is a way of interacting with the public while you investigate and as well as yourself being there you have another set of eyes behind the camera to help. Facebook lives can be a good thing and they can provide good results for evidence but to me taking a camera and filming is a better way to investigate, you have better concentration and can review the footage much easier. If I have filmed an investigation I will post up my findings whether anything happened or not but reviewing footage and making an actual video of what happened is timely sometimes especially if you are the only one who does it. You also have to consider person consent too, if you are investigating a house the owner may not want to have it made public and that is completely understandable and their choice.

Moni: Can you help me with my psychic abilities – I have some questions?

Charlene: I can try to answer on possible ways to try and enhance your psychic abilities and offer things you could try and couldn’t promise they would work though.

Moni: Do you investigate every case reported to you?

Charlene: I offer advice to every case reported to me. I have found that 9 times out of 10 if a person reports activity they generally don’t want an investigation or they tend to back out on the last minute.

Moni: Do you do radio interviews or lectures?

Charlene: I was on pulse radio on the 22nd of May with Tom Warrington talking about all things paranormal. I have been asked to go to lectures at universities where I have said I would and their projects have fallen through and I was no longer needed to go, but in the future I would be happy to go and help out with lectures and projects, I see it as helping the field.

Moni: Are you currently adding members?

Charlene: I am currently recruiting in my team Yes, there is a certain way I think Every investigator works and I am looking closely and hand picking who I think would potentially be a credit to my team and who I can trust. Trust within the team is a massive thing.

Moni: Have you encountered any fake or fraud people in your field?

Charlene: I have worked with mediums who obviously do charge for readings and such for private readings and if the person agrees to pay this for a reading as long as the person is happy with paying for that reading and I can’t see a problem. I have seen other investigators con money from their following and fans before now. There is two incidents which stick in my mind and both investigators highly depend on donates to fund their investigations via YouTube. What each of these people did was go to YouTube and ask for money when they was experiencing personal issues within their life. They played on their following and their fans made them feel sad about their personal issues and sadly those who were blind to what they were doing and donated. The first time I saw it the person more or less said he was going to quit the paranormal then proceeded to ask for donations and even got his son involved on it (he stated he was homeless) Myself I wouldn’t go to my paranormal YouTube to tell my followers my personal life and to beg, I don’t see it being professional in the slightest. but these people know their following love them and hang on everything they say and people become threatened why they won’t provide them with the paranormal anymore…but what gets me is in the week that followed he got 2k in donations if not more and posted a brand new niche watch up….only weeks later, his friend who he works with did the exact same and for me I just don’t believe it and anyone in a personal situation like they say they were in should not be relying on their following, there is professional help they know and could have sought instead therefore I have to question their motives.

Moni: Any Particular case which had a severe impact on you? If yes please do tell us the story.

Charlene: Not a case as such but a specific haunting Yes, I recently went on the search for a haunting of a lady named Elizabeth Sheppard, who was killed in 1817 on her way back from Mansfield after trying to find work. She was only 17 at the time and she had been brutally murdered. Her killer was named as Charles Rotherham but after plenty of research on the case I found that it could be possible that he never actually did killed her and he may have been framed for it. His name has been placed on her memorial stone as the killer but the evidence suggested now strongly suggests that he never actually did it.

The haunting is of this memorial stone, it is placed where she is murdered and the hauntings of this lady is normally if this stone has to be moved.

I don’t no why but travelling to and from the locations of this case and looking into the research more, I felt a certain attachment to get this story out there and I came back and wrote a piece of it which can be found here

A Sad HAUNTING – The Tale of Elizabeth Sheppard

I am not the only one that has felt a strong connection to this case some have spent 30 odd years looking into it to find the answers. It’s like Elizabeth may haunt the area due to maybe the wrong person being convicted and it isn’t just myself like I say feels like that, it is a case that has seem to play on a lot of people and pull every ones heart strings.

Moni: Wow! Well moving on to the last question I am thinking of starting my own group. What advice can you give me?

Charlene: My advice would be to go out weekly, look at all the different theories and concepts that make up the paranormal and explore them to find your own style of investigation. There is no right or wrong way, the paranormal hasn’t even been proven to exist but I think you have to find your own style on how you want to come across whether that be spiritual, scientific or extremely skeptical.

My personal advice to anyone starting out is be open minded….never dismiss something completely without fully looking at the whole situation and analyzing it first and never think you are an expert because there is no experts in this field just people with more knowledge!

Moni: Charlene, I will end the interview here. It was a great conversation and it was lovely having you here.

Charlene: I loved it as well. Thank you.

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So everyone, this was Charlene. I know it was a intense conversation but I hope you will love it.. So see you again..

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67 thoughts on “Interview Zone: The Paranormal Investigator”

  1. I’ve never heard of a paranormal investigator. So interesting to read about her and about what this really means. So interesting that she doesn’t charge for this. Would imagine that most would for such services.

  2. Paranormal investigator? Well, that definitely sounds new to me and I’m very curious about it. I know parnormals from vampire and werewolf movies so this definitely sounds like one hell of a profession. And since I love spooky…I’d love to explore such./ Nice interview though…

  3. Tricia | The Healthy(ish) Home

    Great interview! Oh man Paranormal Investigator is a job I would never want to do. Her experiences are so interesting though and it seems like she really loves what she does.

  4. What a lovely interview and about such a fascinating subject. I think we all do need to be more open-minded to more existing than what we can explain.

  5. Sigrid Says Blog

    Wow! So I guess you have to have a trust fund or a high paying job to do this, as they are not earning from this.

  6. What an interesting read. I didn’t know that people did this and had teams as well. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Interesting interview. I’ve seen paranormal investigators on tv shows, but didn’t really know it was a profession. It’s interesting to hear that paranormal activity comes and goes. I don’t know if I believe in ghosts or not, but I really hope to never meet one!

  8. Very interesting to read this interview. I am amazed that she doesn’t charge for her service but does make sense of why she doesn’t. Also good to know! I am already reading the article of Elizabeth Sheppard. I have always been interested in those stories.

  9. This is a breathe of fresh air. I mean, I enjoy watching documentaries about ghosts but I’ve never read an interview about a paranormal investigator. Kudos to you! I’m looking forward to read more of your interviews.

  10. I’m a bit confused – is the lady a detective? But how about these ‘ghost’ – is that meant like metaphorically?

  11. This is so interesting. I love topics that are related to the paranormal. It must be exciting to come face to face and speak to a paranormal investigator.

  12. How do you choose who you interview? Do you interview those who interest you or who readers would like interviewed? This is a fascinating read I have never meet anyone in the paranormal field and was intrigued to read the answers to the questions you asked! Great interview skills.

  13. Paranormal Investigator? Sorry but I don’t really know what is it all about and what are they doin on this job. Are they talking to a ghost? It sounds interesting but well scary for me. Are they the one who can see a ghost or other things that normal people can? Oh sorry for asking too much.. I never met this kind of people.

    1. Don’t be sorry for asking questions. Paranormal investigator is also known as ghost hunter. They can’t see ghosts they hunt ghosts with the help of scientific objects. They get investigation requests either from church or the people who feel that their place is haunted.

  14. I loved this! once again a brilliant post. I love things about paranormal activity and the after life. I deffo believe there is something after death

  15. Although I have read a little about paranormal investigators, I didn’t really know much about them. Charlene has given a lot of interesting information about her job and I am really excited to know more about it. Great interview!

    1. Being a medical person I also shouldn’t but ofcourse there must be something. And I believe in that something. The links i have mentioned in the post you can check them out

  16. So interesting to read about her and . Would imagine that most would for services.really enjoyed while reading…

  17. What an interesting person to interview! I love what she does, and I am sure there is always a sense of adventure. So so fun!!

  18. Part of me thinks this is hokey. There are no real qualifications other than experience as you said. But I do know there are demons, and they can be conjured. Totally biblical. Saul conjured Samuel in the Bible. I just wonder how many people have doctored their video and taken people’s money.

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