Paranormal Myths

In every country there are myths which everyone knows. There forefather’s have passed on these stories to the generations. Some say that these myths are real some say they are false or imagination of mind. Sometime back I was doing a research on it and I came through many countries spooky myths. They are frightening.

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Lipstick has many colors. Regardless of the time of modernization, lipstick will always be there. For a few days bright colors like red, orange and pink were running very fast. Brown, Maroon and Coffee Tone Lipstick are now running alongside them. The Pink Leap was very popular so long ago. Now Brown has replaced Pink

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Harmful Love

He had the sincere desire to infuse her life with vibrant hues, little realizing that in the process of painting her world, he was inadvertently draining the palette of colors from his own existence. It wasn’t until much later that he came to the poignant realization – his life had gradually turned monochrome, devoid of

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